The Week Ahead 12.29.19

“A year from now you will wish you had started today.”  Karen Lamb

HOLIDAY SCHEDULE: Regular Hours on Mon, 1/30. New Years Eve, early close (1PM). Jan 1: 8A – 12P (4 classes).  Jan 2 – 5: regular hours. Click here for the full Holiday Schedule

POST-HOLIDAY PARTAY AT BACK FORTY – JAN 25TH!! Come celebrate an amazing year and party with your Diablo Family. We’ve got the banquet room, including a dance floor and dedicated bar. Bring your significant other!  Reservations and information.


Jamie & Craig review Jan Programming
Jan Progressions calendar

Jan Progressions

√ Primary: Front Squat
√ Secondary: Tempo Power Clean
√ Skill: Handstand Push Ups

Jan Notable Workouts

√ CrossFit Girl: Fran!
√ Metcons: Filthy 50 & Fight Gone Bad
√ Lift: Squat Clean Test & Front Squat 2RM


For this week’s workouts & scaling, please visit our website or Sugarwod

⚬ Mon: DL Max out. Death by 10m.
⚬ Tue: AMRAP14m: 9 Power Cleans #95/135, 6 Front Squats, 3 S2OH, 200m Run
Wed: HSPU Progressions. 3RFT: 30/40c Row, 15 Pull-ups, 9 Burpees
⚬ Thu: E4MOM x 5: 12/17 cal Bike, 12 HPSnatch #65/95, 40 DUs
⚬ Fri:  Front Squat 6×6. 4RFT: 16SA DB Strict Press, 12 Suitcase Lunges
⚬ Sat: Tempo Power Clean. AMRAP9m: 6 T2B, 9 KB SDHP #53/70, 12 BJs
⚬ Sun: AMRAP16m: 200m Sandbag, 40′ HSW, 6 BMUps, 8 S2OH #95/135

“FIT OVER FIFTY” FOR MOM & DAD?: The biggest things holding back the 50+ person is usually fear and ignorance. Yet, proper functional movement, strength, endurance, flexibility and balance are essential to an active, long life. If your Mom & Dad are thinking about exercise in the New Year, have them join our 4-week, Fit-Over-50 program beginning January 20th. This program will meet 3x a week and is designed as a gradual and custom introduction to CrossFit. Our goal is to improve strength, fitness, endurance, flexibility and thus, the overall quality of life of everyone who joins.

100,000 METER CHALLENGE UPDATE: Diablo members accumulated 4,152,194 meters from Nov 26 – Dec 24th. We finished in 8th overall, based upon average meters per person entered. Based upon total meters, Diablo finished in 5th overall and was the 2nd place gym. THANK YOU to Katya Hoogerhuis for organizing our crew and Coach Chad for coordinating the movie nights!

100,000 meter club: Congratulations to Nicole Rogers (402,788m), Kim Hilen, Lynn Silverfoote, Jason Willis, Chad Svoboda, Ellen Fletcher, Dana Maiorana, Carol Wu, Amanda Moore, Kelley Williams, Hayden Hughes, Linda McCampbell, Robert Dawson, Kelsey Sakaida, Jeff Gustafi, Katya Hoogerhuis, Herald Hernandez, Brad Barnett, Natalie Wade, Mary Vera, Ian Luna, Jill Thompson, Matt Snyder, Anthony Haraguchi, Mark Mooney, Paul Noceti, Elaine Reyes, Carly Ogata, Carolyn Saputo, Ted Peterson

ROW’D ROYALTY 2020 BEGINS JANUARY 16th! 4 Weeks, 4 Cool Workouts. Age Groups. Standard & Tall Categories. Register now for our amazing online rowing competiton

CRAIG’S LIST (stuff I’m reading or listening to)

Defining CrossFit, Pt. 1: Functional Movements – One of the reasons I love CrossFit is because it is evidence-based fitness. CrossFit relies on science and transparency to prove it’s effectiveness. It does not make up theories or rely upon sweat volume. It is real. From the article: “CrossFit chooses to prioritize functional movements. In a similar vein, we also deem functional movements ‘essential.’ These are the movements life demands — whether we practice them or not — which makes them essential to independent living. When we lose the ability to perform functional movements, we also lose the ability to live independently. This is called decrepitude, and by practicing these essential movements, we can stave off that outcome and keep ourselves and our loved ones out of the nursing home.”

New England Journal of Medicine – Effects of Intermittent Fasting on Health and Aging  – Evidence is accumulating that eating in a 6-hour period and fasting for 18 hours can trigger a metabolic switch from glucose-based to ketone-based energy.

CrossFit Health Conference – 40 Misconceptions About The Ketogenic Diet – This was one of my favorite presentations at the CrossFit Health DDC in October this year.  James McCarter, MD turned his own health around with a ketogenic diet. In this video he focuses on correcting some of these misconceptions about nutrition and metabolic health, particularly misconceptions about nutritional ketosis. He notes several benefits of ketosis, explaining ketones provide an alternative form of energy to glucose in individuals with insulin resistance (ketones provide about 60% of the brain’s energy during fasting). Ketosis also lowers insulin levels, which improves insulin sensitivity, and ketones provide a signal for the body to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation.

An Entire Year’s Reading All In One Place!  I compiled all of my 2019 Craig’s List recommendations to one webpage. Check it out!

Make it an awesome week, year and decade!