A Record Night! Next? Resolution II. Obesity Drug Concerns. Sleep. Sugar. Viral Alzheimers. The Week Ahead 2.20.23

“Have patience. All things are difficult before they become easy.” Saadi

OH WHAT A NIGHT!  Diablo’s 13th Open began with a bang as more than 150 members came together to do the workout and cheer for friends & family at our Friday Night Lights event. It was one of the largest Open crowds in history at Diablo. Our Intramural Teams came prepared with banners, hand-held signs, costumes, colors and fully-stocked party tables. The energy was amazing – and so were the performances. Many of our newer members were awe-struck by the spectacle and excitement. It was an absolute blast and, a fantastic way to put the last 2 years of chaos behind us. 

Thank you to our team captains: Coach Chad Svobda, Member Deb Koepke, Coach Corey Mendoza, Member Kat Patterson, Coach Herald Hernandez and Member Dean Quiambaio for rallying our community to new participation & attendance heights! This year will be a tough one to beat. 

Please: join us for FNL 23.2 – this Friday from 4PM – 8PM – to do the workout, or just cheer on your Diablo friends & fam. And, if you haven’t signed up yet, you can click here to Register For The Open

** IMPORTANT!! ** If you completed the workout, be sure to submit your score ONLINE on the CrossFit Games website! This is important – it contributes to your intramural team score. If you want to know how the intramural open works, please, click here for full details on our 2023 Intramural Open competition. 

TWEET OF THE WEEK: By now, 70% of New Year’s Resolutions have failed. Attempt 2 starts today!  And, when that fails, attempt 3 begins. Eventually one will stick. Now, get after it.

February Progressions: 1. Squats. 2. Push Press. Skill: Accessory Strength


Article: Fat Loss Drugs: More Than Fat.  Peter Attia, MD –  There’s been a LOT of discussion about the use of new Diabetes drugs for weight loss and they appear to be making the rounds in Hollywood. However, as Peter Attia notes in this article and on his IG post, the drugs are not discriminatory – up to 40% of lost weight is lean body mass, ie, muscle – and THAT is not beneficial for longterm health. 

Article – 40 Years Too Late: High Sugar Intake Linked To Elevated Risk of Heart Disease – High sugar intake linked to elevated risk of heart disease and stroke, study finds. New research suggests the more one’s energy comes from sugar, the higher the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Research: Alzheimers Caused By Herpes Virus? – A fascinating recent research report co-published by Oxford, Tufts and the University of Manchester suggests that the amyloid plaque accumulation in the brain that causes Alzheimers may be the result of a protection response against a virus – specifically Herpes Simplex Virus Type-1. Thus, it may be possible that anti-viral drugs could be used to prevent or delay onset of Alzheimers.  

Podcast: You Cannot Sleep Too Much – Dr. Gina Poe: Using Sleep to Enhance Learning, Memory & Emotional State  I hate Sleep Podcasts (’cause I need to do better) – but this one is outstanding. Gina Poe, PhD, is a Biology professor at UCLA. She talks about how sleep impacts learning, memory, hormones and emotions. She discusses tools to enhance your quality of sleep, increase deep sleep, rapid eye movement sleep and growth hormone release. She also explains sleep’s vital role in opiate addiction recovery and how anyone can determine their optimal sleep timing and duration. 

Make it an awesome week!

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