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Diablo Media Director, Stephen Stover, is putting the finishing touches on a cool biopic of Diablo’s Chris Pagano.

“No disease that can be treated by diet should be treated with any other means.”  Maimonides (1138-1204)

DON’T FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER  I’ve increased all of my social media over the last several months primarily to help promote the value of fitness for physical and mental health during the pandemic, and to garner support for the protocols we put in place to open safely. The bulk of my posts are on Instagram – especially IG stories. I’ve received quite a few messages of support from our community and from other small businesses, especially CrossFit affiliates, other gyms and restaurants. Twitter, on the other hand, is a place where I’m a little more blunt about media, policies and opinions related to health, fitness, and nutrition. I am sometimes intentionally provocative especially when it’s a subject I’m passionate about. That said, I’m always open to debate, and I remain open-minded to opposing opinions. Fortunately, my Twitter audience is miniscule and the reality is that I’m likely not influencing anyone, though it’s fun to pretend I am.

THE OPEN IS NOW!  The 2021 CrossFit Games Open is here. Want to know more? Watch this. For the next 3 weeks, CrossFit will release 1 workout on Thursday beginning March 11th. You’ll have until Monday, March 15th to complete the workout. Scaled and no-equipment versions are available. Diablo CrossFit has a long history of participating in the Open and the CrossFit Games (57 athlete appearances!). In recent years, we host an Open event where everyone can come and complete the workout together and cheer each other on. But, we’re in a pandemic. So, here’s how it’s gonna go down this year:

Warrior Weekends: we’ll be doing the CrossFit Open workouts as the Workout of the Day at Diablo on Saturdays and Sundays! Classes will be extended to 90 minutes to ensure that everyone has the chance to do the workout with a judge to make it official.

If you are unable to make it to a weekend class, either on Saturday or Sunday, you must complete the Open workout in Open Gym. You’ll need to schedule a time and make sure that you have a judge available. We have a large list of judges on the whiteboard in the main gym next to the PRs board. Judges are always around and available.

  • Register for the Open now!
  • Reserve a class time for Saturday or Sunday (not both days!)
  • Do the workout
  • Immediately submit your score online on the CrossFit Games website or app
  • If you can’t make Sat or Sun, please book an Open Gym time!
  • Re-dos are only permissible for competition athletes attempting qualification for the next stage

If you are an Open individual or team athlete trying to make it to the Quarterfinals, or a Master’s or Teen trying to make the online qualifications, please be sure to video your performance and watch these:

 IS NOBULL READY? High-end, boutique shoe company, NOBULL was announced as the lead sponsor for the CrossFit Games for the next three years, supplanting Reebok. This is an impressive opportunity for NOBULL, but also an extremely challenging situation for them as well. Reebok set an incredible standard by providing a comprehensive custom athlete uniform package for all Games athletes and releasing new models of their popular Nano shoe every year for 10 years. According to Tommy Marquez, it can take a shoe company up to 18 months to design, test, produce and deliver a new shoe. And, demand from the CrossFit community is expected to be high.

Fortunately, according to public disclosures, NOBULL received a cash investment of $27 million on January 29th, likely a prelude (or a requirement?) to the CrossFit deal. They’ll need it all (and maybe more) in order to fulfill their sponsorship obligations to CrossFit and to build out their design, production, distribution and customer service divisions to meet the demands of an affluent, global CrossFit community.

I speculate that sponsorship year 1 is going to be a little rough at NOBULL, but years 2 & 3 should be more on par with Reebok.

NEW! LARA’S OPEN WORKOUT PREP CLINICS – Coach Lara is back with Open Workout Prep Clinics! Given the success of Lara’s skill clinics, every Friday Lara will be hosting “Open Wod Prep” clinics to help you plan your Open workout and fine tune the movements of the week. Lara will host 2 clinics on Fridays with limited space. Check your Diablo app for times.

WORKOUTS THIS WEEK (check Sugarwod Track “Workout Of The Day”)  Check out the videos on Sugarwod or on YouTube (PRsAllDay)

The week ahead:

  1. Mon: Amrap 14m – 700m Row, 25 Air Squats, 8 HSPU, 60s L-Sit
  2. Tue: DUs & Snatch – 90s x 5.  Metcon: 5RFT – 10 KB Swings & 6 Strict Chin Ups
  3. Wed: Amrap 3m x 4 (1m rest) – 3 S Snatch #95/135, 6 Ring Dips, 9 T2B
  4. Thu: HStand Hold. Metcon: E2MOMx4 – 20/30c Bike, 20/30c Row, 200m Medball Run
  5. Fri: 4RFT – 100m DB Front Rack Carry, 12 DBHSC, 2 Rope Climbs
  6. Sat & Sun: CrossFit Games Open 21.1

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Make it an awesome week!