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It was a busy competition weekend for our Diablo fam! Congratulations Richard, Alan & AJ on your 1st Place finish at Festivus, and Coach Amy on qualifying for Senior Nationals, and Amy and Candise on your 2nd Place finishes at Festivus!

“What you do every day matters more than what you do once in a while.”  Gretchen Rubin

This is a formula for longevity and effective weight management, in my opinion. Here’s the breakdown: 

N.E.A.T. is an acronym for Non-Exercise Energy Activity Thermogenesis. refers to that portion of daily energy expenditure resulting from spontaneous physical activity that is not specially the result of voluntary exercise. If you’re interested in weight management (loss or gain), you should learn about NEAT. For most people, including people who exercise, NEAT accounts for the majority of our daily caloric burn. If you spend the day laying down in bed, you’ll likely have a low NEAT expenditure. If you move frequently throughout the day, varying your position from sitting to standing, you’ll likely have a higher NEAT expenditure.

Walking extends life. And, it doesn’t have to be as much as many experts claim. Multiple studies confirm this, including a recent cohort study published by the JAMA Network. In the study of 3100 participants, a strong association was found between the number of days taking 8000 steps and a lower risk of all-cause and cardiovascular mortality at 10 years. The science behind this is sound especially relating to blood glucose expenditure & cardiovascular response. Personally, I like to think about it like this: we tend to consume calories when we STOP moving: sitting on the couch, at the table, in our cars or at our desks. If you’re moving you’re not eating.

Finally, CrossFit covers all the bases for longevity not covered by NEAT and Moving: strength, agility, endurance, flexibility, balance, etc. A leading cause of death for people over 60, is falling. A lack of balance initiates the fall, a lack of flexibility, agility and foot speed, prevent a save, and finally, a lack of bone density and muscle, allows for severe injury, often a broken hip, ankle, arm or shoulder. And, to make matters worse, poor cardiovascular health extends the recovery.

So, if you want to maximize your daily caloric burn and extend your life by several years: (1) Stay active throughout your day – alternate sitting and standing often, (2) take walks, ideally 2 a day and (3), do CrossFit. 

COACH ALESSANDRA IS NEXT ON OUR PODCAST!  Watch it live on YouTube, Monday at 11AM PT. We’ll talk new Games format, the challenge of competition retirement, coaching life and more!

In powerful validation of CrossFIt and the CrossFit methodology, the US Army recently added CrossFit Courses to the Army Credentialing Assistance program—ArmyIgnitED. With financial support, Army personnel can now work toward becoming CrossFit coaches or Affiliate owners. Most importantly, they learn an incredible fitness methodology for their personal fitness and long-term health. CrossFit is forging elite soldiers.

The CrossFit Age-Group Semi-Finals begins Friday, April 28th. In each age-group, the top 30 athletes from around the world will compete for 10 invitations to the CrossFit Games. Diablo owner, Yvonne Howard will be participating in the 60-64yo category, vying for a 5th trip to the big stage. She’ll likely be doing two workouts on Fri & Sat and one on Sunday morning. Times will be announced in our FB Group.

Over the last 2 years, many of our operating costs have risen substantially. Our last rate change was almost 4 years ago and affected new memberships only – which is unsustainable for longevity. Now it is time to level the load. Over the next few months, legacy membership rates will be raised to our current membership rate: $228 monthly or, $2280 for annuals (married, or living together Couples: $348/mo or $3480 annual). If your membership rate is affected, we’ll notify you in advance via email. Thank you for your support and understanding. 

Every year, Diablo seeks business partners for sponsorship of our competition athletes and membership scholarships. Participation in the CrossFit Games and SemiFinals is an important endeavor for Diablo CrossFit and significant part of our legacy. We support the “Sport of Fitness” as a way to promote the CrossFit methodology and CrossFit training & certifications. However, like most sports, participation at the highest level as an athlete is an expensive endeavor: travel, housing, and registration costs can be overwhelming for young athletes. Likewise, memberships to CrossFit affiliates, are out of reach for many lower-income individuals, or those individuals affected by job loss or other financial burdens. Our Partner Sponsorship Contributions go a long way toward incentivizing our athlete community and helping those in our community who are in a difficult place financially. 

In 2023 Diablo is making available 6 Business Partner Sponsorships. For a contribution of $1500, sponsors will receive:

  • Recognition as a BPS on a Diablo banner in our facility.
  • Dedicated logo placement and recognition on 6 PRsAllDay / Diablo weekly podcasts
  • Business recognition in Diablo’s member FB group
  • Business recognition in Diablo’s weekly email (5k subscribers)
  • Athlete social media tags & mentions

If you or your company are interested in supporting our competition & scholarship athletes, send me an email to


  • Mobilize under the awning! We have a large Rogue tumble mat in the alcove next to the front door. If you’d like to roll out, stretch or mobilize before or after class, just pull it out and enjoy the sunshine!
  • Pre-Class Warm-Up Area on the Turf. We moved some bikes to create more access and put some foam rollers out for your pre-class warm-up. If you arrive a little early, jump on a C2 bike or Assault bike and get the blood flowing!
  • Reggie’s Detailing – OG Member Reggie Soares is an accomplished DJ, outstanding photographer/videographer AND owns his own on-site detailing business!

TWEET OF THE WEEK: “A path to self-fulfillment: Be good. Do good. Pass it on”

April Focus:  (1) Back Squat + DB Floor Press, (2) Loaded Carry, (Skill) Balance & Stability
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Research (via IG): Wod Science: “Why your kids should do resistance exercise!”  Starting your kids on resistance exercise (i.e. weightlifting) confers massive advantages later in life.

Article: WebMD: Rethinking the Goal of 10,000 Steps a DayThe bottom line is that most benefits peak at 8,000 steps AND even a 1000 a day has health benefits. MOVE!

Podcast: Rhonda Patrick PhD – Aliquot #85: The Science of Wrinkle Prevention ⎯ Building Resilient SkinDr. Patrick has amazing skin herself. In this episode she shares skin care and wrinkle prevention techniques backed by science. 

Podcast: PRsAllDay #29.  Amanda Hari, above average CrossFitter, YouTubber and professional News Reporter joined us on our PRsAllDay podcast last week for a very funny discussion about all things CrossFit. 

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Make it an awesome week!