The Week Ahead 5.04.19

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Quick Recap: 

  • Tough week of wods last week! Welcome to the new beast: the “Devil Press
    LOTS of Deadlift PR’s. Noon class regular Tim Adams almost broke into the “500 club!”
  • The CrossFit Games Age Group Online Qualifier happened this weekend – 5 workouts in 4 days! Diablo’s Masters’ Yvonne Howard (55-59) and Joby Aranda (50-54) connected with Diablo OG She-Devil and CrossFit Games Masters Athlete, Hylie Thompson to knock out these tough workouts. We’ll know the results by Wednesday, May 8th.
  • Devil Mountain Run: Congratulations to Hayden Hughes who took FIRST PLACE in the 5K (20:51) in her age-group (20-29) and FOURTH PLACE overall! And congrats to: Alessandra Pichelli (21:42) who took 2ND Place in the 5K in her age group (30-39). It’s always nice to see Diablo on the podium…no matter where it is! Thank you to all the Diablo members who volunteered to help set up, manage and take down the event.
  • CONGRATULATIONS to Diablo Athletes, Alessandra Pichelli (Italy), Payam Saljoughian (Iran) and Lara Erlank (Namibia) who ALL qualified for the 2019 CrossFit Games as National Champions for their respective countries! Get the details here.

New STRONG format & class schedule changes!

  • The first 30 minutes of STRONG will be “Instructor led” or, a class format. The coach will lead the warm-up and provide group movement instruction. For the next 60 minutes, athletes will lift on their own (Club format) – following the Strong programming for the day. The Strong Coach will be on hand during this time to provide one-on-one coaching, tips and cues.
  • Tuesdays will typically be “Snatch” day and Thursdays will be “Clean & Jerk”.
  • Saturdays will be a combination of lifts and will include new and unique strength-building lifts and accessory work (think: axle bars, stones, sleds, odd-objects..).
  • Strong Class Schedule:
    > Tue & Thu:  5:30A – 7:00 / 9:00A – 10:30 / 6:00P – 7:30
    > Sat: 9:00A – 10:30
  • Check out Coach Jamie Lee’s recap of the changes.

Notable Programming Stuff This Week: (be sure to check Sugarwod for the details)

  • May Progressions: (1) Back Squat (2) Horizontal Press (3) Murph skills
  • Mon: Murph Prep
  • Tue: 1RM Clean & Jerk! Then a cool C&J + Burp-over-bar wod.
  • Thu: Back Squat. Metcon: return of the Devil Press
  • Fri: Floor press & Rope Rows, then a Row, Pull-up, Box Jump metcon.
  • Sat: Long Metcon- Run, DB Snatches, Rope Climb, Run
  • Sun: Looong Chipper!


  • May 27: ‘Murph at Diablo (BBQ to follow)
  • June 1: Diablo Adventure Club, American River Rafting Trip – email Coach Jennifer
  • June 15: Diablo Intra Gym Comp (DATE CHANGE!!)
  • June 28: Nor Cal Classic Competition in Sacramento

Craig’s List:

Fasting before exercise and the effect on endurance, aerobic, and strength training | Rhonda Patrick. More great insight from Dr. Patrick. I’ve been asked the questions many times: “is it ok to train on an empty stomach?” According to Rhonda Patrick, it is perfectly ok to train while fasted -and it might even be better for you, if you’re doing interval training (CrossFit) and/or lifting weights!

Sapiens: A brief history of human kind: Yuval Noah Harari (Audible). This book is on many people’s “must-read” lists, so I thought I’d give it a listen. It’s a very fascinating and detailed look at the development of homo-sapiens up to our present self. Harari attempts to answer the question: “how did Homo sapiens evolve from an unexceptional savannah-dwelling primate to become the dominant force on the planet, emerging as the lone survivor out of six distinct, competing hominid species?” He explores genealogy & diet as well as cultural & societal developments that have led to our current state. It’s a very good read (listen) but, not necessarily uplifting.