The Week Ahead 5.12.19

“If evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands?” Milton Berle

Happy Mother’s Day Diablo Moms!

Please read this awesome “Mom perspective” from Jessica Danger at the Morning Chalk Up:

“I can remember, quite distinctly, sitting in a crowded room and hearing my youngest son brag to his friends, “My mom can do that. She’s the strongest person on the whole planet.

I can also remember, still quite distinctly, someone who loved me very much telling me that training as much as I do is selfish. That I was doing my children a disservice. That I should sit down and really reconsider my priorities.[…]

But I am a better person when I am training regularly. A better mother. A better partner. A better friend. A better coach, teacher, and writer. A better community member. A better servant.

When I demand the best of myself, I am able to offer it to those that require it of me.  My children deserve that.”

Read the whole post here.

A Quick Look Back
Programming (Check SugarWOD for all the Details)

Heads up! Going forward, Reposado & Blanco workouts will be listed as separate workouts in Sugarwod. Thank you for your feedback.

May Progressions: Back squat, Horizontal Press/Pull, Murph Prep.

  • Mon: Bench press! Then a 1,2,3,4.. Metcon of Burp Box Jump Overs & Knees-to-elbow
  • Tue: Rowing & Core – pretty much, crush your backside, then your front side!
  • Wed: Murph prep, then a metcon with Sandbag carries, rope climbs & hang squat cleans
  • Thu: TGU practics. Metcon: Sumo Deadlift High Pulls, Push Press & 400m runs.
  • Fri: BACK SQUATS. Then Wall balls & Sit ups.
  • Sat: AMRAP 22m (!) – Power Snatch, 200m Run, Bar Muscle Ups
  • Sun: AMRAP 14m – Row, Dumbbell Strict Press, L-Sits
New In The ProShop 
  • FNX Supplements! – Feedback on FNX so far has been great. Their protein flavors are outstanding (blueberry muffin!) – including the CRICKET Protein. Their AM Protein has a little kick (Green Tea extract) and “Recover” has the BCAAs.
  • New Stance Socks & UNDERWEAR! – Simply the best socks and incredible underwear – seriously. Get these for your husband for Fathers Day – he’ll never wear another brand.
  • Rock Sauce: Fire & Ice are back in stock. Pick your pleasure.
  • May 27: ‘Murph at Diablo (BBQ to follow) – HEATS & REGISTRATION INFORMATION
  • June 1: Diablo Adventure Club, American River Rafting Trip – email Coach Jennifer
  • June 15: Diablo Intra Gym Comp (DATE CHANGE!!)
  • June 28: Nor Cal Classic Competition in Sacramento
Craig’s List

Chemical Suncreens absorbed into the bloodstreamDr. Rhonda Patrick on Twitter:  “A randomized controlled trial found 4 common chemical sunscreens were absorbed into the bloodstream at concentrations above the FDA’s potential toxicological threshold.”  Link is to the study.

“Keto Crotch” Is NOT A Thing:  I attended the latest CrossFit Health Conference in Scotts Valley, mingled with L1 MDs, and listened to 3 fantastic nutrition & exercise physiologist speaker presentations. Two of them are Keto experts. I’ll post up more details later this week on everything I learned – it was fantastic and very enlightening! Here’s one little irritating snippet:

The Ketogenic Diet is PROVEN via several clinical trials to cure Type 2 Diabetes by dramatically lowering blood sugar via carbohydrate reduction. It is fast becoming one of the most popular diets in America. However, the Ketogenic diet has also become a threat to traditional American nutrition and other diets, including the corporate giant, Weight Watchers, who invested heavily into a marketing campaign to discredit competitors, relying heavily on Social Media and SM influencers. Their Ad Agency created the term “Keto Crotch” (a change in vaginal odor in women who convert to a ketogenic diet) and began disseminating “news” stories on social media and elsewhere. There are no clinical studies, nor any clinical evidence of this “syndrome”.

The Ketogenic Diet and similar diets (Paleo, Atkins) face a MASSIVE uphill battle to win acceptance among nutritionists, Doctors and the public – despite significant clinical proof of their effectiveness.

Make it an awesome week!