Scaled Murph!, Fresh New Look, Elements is Back, Time for Fiction..the Week Ahead 5.25.20

“The future depends on what we do in the present.” Mahatma Gandhi

GOVERNOR’S PLAN SOON!  Governor Newsom said on Friday that he is days away from announcing a plan to reopen barbershops, salons, churches & gyms. 

SCALED MURPH IS OK!  ‘Murph on Memorial Day is a tradition for most of us. This year, however, many of us have not prepared for the volume of Pull Ups, Push Ups and Squats of this grueling workout. So, please remember, common sense is more important than tradition.

If you are planning to do ‘Murph on Memorial Day, please remember, it’s ok to scale. If you have not been doing pull-ups regularly, you should not be doing 100 on a hot day. And, you should definitely not be doing ‘Murph with a weight vest. If your hand tears on pull-ups, please stop – switch to sit-ups or Ring Rows.

Some options for ‘Murph include:

“The Comeback” Murph:  800m Run, 25 Pull-Ups (or Ring Rows), 50 Push-Ups, 75 Squats, 800m Run

½ Murph:  1mi Run, 50 Pull-ups (or Ring Rows), 100 Push-ups, 150 Squats, 1mi Run. Many would say that this is actually a better workout, since you can keep intensity up.

Sit-Up Murph: 1mi Run, 100 Sit-Ups, 200 Push-ups, 300 Squats, 1mi Run.

Beat the heat, reduce the sweat:  It’s ok to begin Murph with some pull-ups, push-ups and squats, prior to the 1st Mile Run. It’s not RX, but you’ll get a great workout and learn a little about how the mile run affects performance. 

WEBSITE & GYM A FRESH NEW LOOK  Diablo’s website has been updated with a fresh new look! And, we’ve freshened up the inside of the gym as well!

ELEMENTS IS BACK!!  As a result of the demand for new memberships, we have brought back our very successful “Elements” class program: 6 introductory classes offered at various times during the week which can be completed in any order. We color code each class: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange and Black – and keep class size to a maximum of 4 students. This is an awesome and fun way to learn CrossFit and be ready for class. Our Elements program is only $98 for 6 classes with the purchase of a Monthly or Annual Membership. Check it out!

SUGARWOD AT-HOME We are still publishing At-Home workouts and tutorials for all of our members – 7 days in advance. Check it out on the “At-Home Track” on Sugarwod!

CRAIG’S LIST (stuff I’m reading or listening to.. or talking about)

Fiction Time: The Terminal List (Jack Carr)  – Honestly, I needed some “distraction literature” this week and I’ve been really enjoying this one. This is definitely a “bro-book” – Navy Seal scapegoat embroiled in a major Corporate / Government power-play scheme. Jack Carr is an entertaining author.

The B+ Lifestyle: How To Live a Pretty Damn Good Life – Ayodeji Awosika.  For years I’ve thought about this same topic – and even considered a book about it. Social media is overrun with Gary V. motivational hype about how to achieve success, when the reality is that success does not always correlate with happiness. This article is more “real-life” than the traditional success hype and puts happiness into proper perspective.

Make it an awesome week!