You Suck Get Better. Memberships. Diablo United! Lumber$$. Sandy talks. The Week Ahead 6.14.21

“Never let success get to your head, and never let failure get to your heart.” Drake

“YOU SUCK. GET BETTER.”  This blunt message was written on the whiteboard in the open gym area a few years back. It was directed to Diablo competitor athletes. The humorous message, written by a fellow athlete, was intended to keep Diablo athletes humble and continuing to fight every day for improvement. They did – by showing up, committing themselves fully to their workouts, recovery & nutrition, and training their weaknesses. Their experiences are the roadmap for success for our everyday members.

  1. Show up. If you want to improve your fitness (increase your work capacity) you have to show up at least 3 days each week – to class. In class you will be coached, challenged and pushed to higher levels of performance than you would on your own.
  2. Commit to the process. Tremendous gains happen when you push yourself to discomfort – for strength and skills training and especially during conditioning workouts. Sleep and days off serve as rejuvenation. Your body is rebuilding itself to a new, higher level of fitness. Nutrition is the fuel for the rejuvenative effort.
  3. Train Your Weaknesses. Seek out workouts that have movements that challenge you or are beyond your capabilities. Learn from our coaches on how to make progressions. And, take extra time in the gym, or at home to practice the skills you lack.

Accelerated Learning: Here are some tips for overcoming plateaus in your fitness (& nutrition) performance

  1. Kill it in class! Scale appropriately (down OR up!) to meet the desired stimulus of the workout. Your coach will help.
  2. Go to Strong class and/or F!T or Aerobic Capacity. These specialized classes can help you improve in specific areas of your fitness.
  3. Sign up for skills clinics. You’ll be surprised by the improvement you make while walking away with a plan for more improvement.
  4. Get regular, one-on-one coaching. All of our coaches are available for private coaching sessions to help improve your skills, strength & conditioning. And, Jason Falcon Nutrition provides amazing one-on-one coaching for managing your nutrition.

MEMBERSHIP CHANGES  Beginning July 1st, prices for NEW memberships will be increasing modestly. We lowered our prices in 2020 in response to the pandemic and our limited class offerings. Now that we’re at full class capacity, we are experiencing exceptional demand upon our space, our equipment, and our staff. Higher prices for new memberships will help us maintain a competitive wage for our employees and provide the best equipment and service for our members.

Included in our changes, Diablo will begin testing a higher tier membership that allows for more frequent use of our facilities. Our goal is to match the demand for space with availability – so that we do not impact members during our busiest times.

Finally, we will also be adding more variety of classes during our busiest times to increase availability for all members. 

DIABLO UNITED! Welcome to Diablo Gabe Vasquez, our 4th Diablo United Scholarship Member. Gabe was referred to Diablo via Youth Homes in Concord – an amazing organization who’s mission is to help young adults transition out of the foster care system.

TWEET OF THE WEEK:  “We cannot be saved if we do not save ourselves.”  – From my friend Sevan Matossian who was speaking about the obesity crisis in our Country.

The week ahead:

CRAIG’S LIST (Stuff I’m Reading, Listening To or Watching

Why Is Lumber So Damn Expensive?  The Hustle. This is a must-read article (and your teens). It’s a very important lesson in economics in our Country. Our supply chains are more fragile than we believe, as evidenced by the recent ransom-ware attacks on oil and meat. Add $2 trillion to the economy that has been shut down for months and you get a perfect storm of inadequate supply in the face of irrational demand. More industries to follow..

Joe Rogan & Neil deGrasse Tyson – I love it when Neil is on Joe Rogan’s podcast. Neil deGrasse Tyson is a well known and entertaining astrophysicist. He explains space and science with mind blowing simplicity that make it easy to understand and fun to listen. This episode is especially good as he talks about questions that cannot be answered, the definition of science, planetary discovery, the age & size of the universe, and more.


Sugar Shortens Lifespan – Rhonda Patrick drops some truth bombs on sugar in studies with mice and its effect on fertility and longevity.

Alessandra Pichelli with Travis Mayer on Training Think Tank – We miss Sandy, but it has been really cool to watch her progress while training with the Training Think Tank crew in Atlanta. This is a fun podcast with some awesome insight to her performance at the Granite Games. As usual she is very charming and fun to listen to.

Make it an awesome week!