The Week Ahead 6.19.19


“You can’t expect to hit the jackpot if you don’t put a few nickels in the machine.”  Flip Wilson



This is the “2nd Step” for our impressive women who recently completed Coach Jennifer’s “Success Rx’d” program. This class will be Tue & Thu at 7PM and Sat at 10:30. Be sure to say hello and congratulate our SRX’D crew on their success so far.


PROGRAMMING – Check Sugarwod for details & athlete notes.

MON CINDY! Pay attention to range of motion.
TUE Strength: Power Cleans. Metcon: 4RFT- 8DLs (#95/135), 6HPC, 14 BoxJ, 24 Sit Ups
WED Strongman: Press & Carry. Metcon: Couplet (!!) S2OH+200m Run
THU 4x4min intervals w/2m rest: 400/500m Row, 12 T2B, 8HP Snatch
FRI Strength: Pause FSquat. Metcon: AMRAP10 -DBOH Walking Lunge, Single-Arm Alt Box Step Ups, Push Ups
SAT E5MOMx5: 15/20C Bike, 12 Devil Press (#35/50), 100m FC
SUN 200m Run, 20K2E, 400m Run, 40 PPress (#65/95), 600m Run, 60 WB!, 800m Run, 80 DUs


Recently there have been several announcements of athlete drug sanctions by CrossFit. The athletes were tested at recent CF Sanctional events and found to have trace amounts of banned substances in their systems. You can read about the incidents on the Morning Chalk Up website.

My position – Diablo’s position – is one of “zero tolerance”. Banned substances are not permitted and it is our athletes’ responsibility to know what goes into their bodies. I firmly repeat this message every year to every athlete who competes at Diablo – and to all others who train with them. There is no place for PEDs in CrossFit.

That said, with the plethora of available supplements and the use of hormones in livestock management, it is incredibly challenging for athletes to be 100% certain of what is going into their bodies. They must be diligent and paranoid at all times. Testing positive for the unknown ingestion of a banned substance would be a career & life-damaging event for an athlete. Thus, all athletes must be given full due-process before full-disclosure in the event of a positive test.


Why You Don’t Need To Be Super Productive, Brad Stulberg, Outside Online. Social media success gurus seem obsessed with the “work harder”, “get up earlier”, “do more” mentality. The side-effect of “work harder” is typically less sleep, more stress and family sacrifice. I’ve been reading a lot on the health benefits of sleep and reduced stress and they are numerous and easily achieved. Brad delves into that in his article. If you like what you read, follow him on Twitter – his daily messages are on point – and read his book, “The Passion Paradox” – available on Audible.