Closed. Sold. Castro. Track & Trail…The Week Ahead 6.29.20

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As you’ve likely heard, the Contra Costa County Health Director has delayed Phase 3 business openings, which includes gyms. After consulting with several people, including conversations with a Deputy District Attorney, we have decided to close our facility until Monday, July 13th. Please note, if the County extends openings again, we will likely need to remain closed. And, if they decide to allow gyms to open, we will immediately open.

Your Membership Options!

You have generously supported Diablo CrossFit thus far and we are very grateful. However, we know that these are challenging times for everyone. If you wish to suspend your membership, please respond to this email as soon as possible and we will take care of it. And, we completely understand.

Keep Your Fitness – Outdoor Classes Enhanced!

Head Coach Jamie and Coach Andrew are putting together some very cool workouts for the next few weeks that will include equipment from the gym and new, fun locations. Jamie will be posting details to our Diablo Member Facebook Group and Sugarwod. We’ll make this fun and your fitness will improve!

As always, thank you for your continuing support and love. We’ll make it through stronger than ever.

CROSSFIT SOLD! & A NEW CEO: Wow, what a week! The biggest news was the announcement of a sale of CrossFit to Eric Roza, who will become the new CEO. If you’re interested in learning more about Eric and his priorities, check out his YouTube interview with Dave Castro. Here’s what I know so far about Eric:

  • 52 years old, 9 year CrossFitter (Level 2 Trainer) and successful venture capitalist.
  • Owns a very nice box in Colorado, CrossFit Sanitas with his wife.
  • Sold his company, Datalogix to Oracle in 2015.
  • Owns TruCoach software (app for individual fitness client mgt) and TRIIB – gym mgt software.
  • Interested in creating value for the affiliates, their members, L1 trainers and athletes.
  • Intends to follow through on Dave Castro’s diversity initiatives and making CrossFit very inclusive.

“The end goal here is to be the most important force in the world in spreading health and fitness and happiness.”

WHAT’S DAVE GONNA DO? Dave Castro has really been put to the test these last few weeks, but he has risen to the challenge and quickly implemented initiatives to right the ship. He’s going to stay at CrossFit and be the Director of the CrossFit Games – his passion. Check out his great podcast with the Talking Elite Fitness guys on Saturday to get some insight to Dave and the future of the Games!

WHAT MIGHT BE CHANGING? In the Talking Elite Fitness Podcast, Dave hinted the following:

  • Nicole Carrol might be coming back to run training!
  • The 2020 Games are tentatively scheduled for September because of permits, CV19 & travel issues.
  • If athletes boycott the Games, Dave will backfill.
  • The 2021 Open will be moving to February/March!!
  • Sanctionals & Qualifying for the Games will be changed in 2021. Dave said the current format is too confusing. “Something needs to be in between the Open & the Games” is all he would say.
  • The CEO of Loud N’ Live (Wodapalooza, Granite Games, West Coast Classic..) dis-associated with CrossFit last week. His (5) events are no longer officially Sanctioned.

TRACK, TRAIL, PARK & HOME WODS  – Check Sugarwod for the latest details!

ANREW’S BRUTAL DAILY CHALLENGES – Coach Andrew is still posting his brutal At-Home body weight challenge workouts. There’s 3 levels, Hard, Medium and Easy. And, “Easy” ain’t easy. Give ‘em a shot!

CRAIG’S LIST (stuff I’m reading or listening to.. or talking about)

The House Servant Who Pioneered The Franchising Business Model – The Hustle. I loved reading this one! It is an incredibly inspirational story of the first franchisor, born in 1857 – a woman and a hairdresser, who started her career as a house servant. Her success came from hard work and a little luck – much like businesses today. Check it out. Btw, subscribe to the Hustle daily email – its a really well-written, to-the-point email that provides awesome business success stories and investment ideas.

CrossFit – Matt Bickel’s Story –  at one point in his life, Matt weighed as much as 450lbs. In 2016 he walked into a CrossFit gym and it changed his life. This is an incredible story.

Stay healthy. Stay Happy. And, make it an awesome week!