Lead By Example. Bonus Class. Brice & Kendra. Ravenous. O3’s. The Week Ahead 7.12.21

“We must build dikes of courage to hold back the flood of fear.”  Martin Luther King, Jr.
Lead by Example You can’t force family & friends to start working out or eating healthier. But, you can influence them by your actions. They see you: 
  • Heading out to go for a run
  • Leaving or returning from the gym with your gym bag over your shoulder
  • Playing with your children – running, jumping, throwing, climbing..
  • Limiting your alcohol & sugar consumption at parties & events
  • Looking good in your summer clothes
  • Talking about exercise, CrossFit or a recent PR
  • Posting your workout on social media
  • Smiling and happy
Your lifestyle will influence others, even if just a little. Soon enough, they’ll ask you about it. Keep it up. Together we can change many lives.
Extra Class or Open Gym  In an effort to make sure that everyone gets to workout each day, we’ve made some slight adjustments to our policies & software. We no longer allow advanced reservations for more than 1 class a day. However, if you still want to double dip, you may if there is space available in the 2nd class when it begins. Here’s how.
Take a 2nd class (ie, FBB, Aerobic Capacity, etc)
  • Reserve in advance on the app and pay $15 for a “Member Bonus Class”
  • No Fee: Wait until the class begins & if there is room, notify our front desk and they’ll sign you in.
Open Gym Before/After class
  • Register for the Open Gym slot on the Diablo App
  • Select “Open Gym Pre/Post Class – $0
Brice & Kendra  Brice & Kendra both sustained injuries requiring a boot on the same foot/ankle – within a week of each other. They kept coming in, joined classes and scaled and substituted! They stayed fit – physically & mentally. If you have an injury, or need to scale, just ask your coach. They’re all prepared to help you adjust as needed so that your fitness doesn’t suffer during your recovery.
JUNE PRs! (July..) What an amazing month it was. Members are embracing Coach Jamie’s awesome progressions and it shows. Well done everyone!
OLY MASTERY SERIES – COACH JAMIE LEE STARTS TUESDAY!  July 13 – Aug 5. Coach Jamie is back in the EARLY AM on Tue & Thu with a 4 Week Olympic Lifting Mastery Series. Jamie will be working with a small group of members who are interested in taking their lifting to the next level. You must be able to attend all 8 sessions: Tue/Thu, 5:30A – 7AM. If interested, sign up on the app.
TWEET OF THE WEEK:  If Americans won’t change their eating and exercise habits to prevent 1.2 million cancer and heart disease deaths every year, then it is not surprising they will not change their habits to avoid dying from CV19 which contributed to 650k deaths in a year.
The week ahead:CRAIG’S LIST (Stuff I’m Reading, Listening To or Watching)
Otto Warburg, the Nazis, and the Search for the Cancer-Diet Connection – Sam Apple. This is an amazing biography of Otto Warburg, a German Nobel-Prize winning scientist who made incredible discoveries in cell biology that lead to a better understanding of cancer and how it is fueled (sugar). Most of Otto’s notable work was accomplished during the Nazi regime – remarkable because he was a Jewish homosexual. I’m almost through this book and it has been very educational and equally entertaining. Highly recommend.
Staggering Doubling Of Type2 Diabetes in Kids During Pandemic –  Diabetes is a much larger and more serious threat to the health of our children than CV19. This data breaks my heart. We must set our children free from the fear-driven burdens of the pandemic.
Meta-Analysis Finds that Omega-3 Supplements Improve Cardiovascular Outcomes – “Results, now published in eClinical Medicine, showed a significantly greater reduction in cardiovascular risk in studies of EPA alone rather than EPA+DHA supplements.”

Make it an awesome week!