The Saga of SIP, OG Outdoor CF, Workouts, Good Data ….The Week Ahead 7.20.20

“For every minute you remain angry, you give up sixty seconds of peace of mind.” Ralph Waldo Emerson


On June 30th, the Governor announced a delay for reopenings of many businesses, including gym. Many gyms in Contra Costa County have resorted to outdoor classes in response. Our landlord turned down my first request to do classes in our parking area, but relented two weeks later when we showed our detailed plans to keep members safe (and committed to pay rent). After our first day of parking lot classes on Wednesday last week, the City of Pleasant Hill notified us that we needed to file for a “Temporary Use Permit”, which required detailed plans with diagrams and measurements of our facilities, parking area and street to be signed by our landlord. I filed our completed application on Thursday with the City and was told that they would respond promptly.

Yvonne and I, and your Diablo coaches are fully committed to continue providing our members with an awesome CrossFit workout experience outdoors or indoors – and we’ll do whatever it takes to be the best CrossFit gym in the world. We have stall mats, tents and fans to minimize the sun and heat.

If you haven’t tried a Parking Lot WOD yet, come give it a shot. After my first Parking Lot class, I was energized – it was a lot like the early days of CrossFit. Grinding out a great CrossFit workout wherever we could. And working out outdoors is invigorating for sure. Coach Jamie has done an awesome job creating great parking lot workouts for us.I think you’re going to love it. 


We have really beefed up our class schedule starting on Monday. We’ve added Open Gym times, Aerobic Capacity classes, F!T classes, Functional BB and Strong! Early AM classes start at 5:30 and our last class is at 6:30. We’ll have chunks of Open Gym access throughout the day.

Click here to see the new schedule.

Everyone MUST have a reservation for class or Open Gym! All classes and Open Gym are outside with very limited access to pull-up structures.

OUTDOOR PROTOCOLS (I’m starting to hate this word):

  • Maintain safe distance+ – at all times! 6’ is acceptable. 8’ is better.
  • Wear a mask when congregating with others before or after the workout.
  • BYOC: bring your own chalk!
  • Post workout: lay out your equipment for cleaning.
  • Bring a yoga mat or towel – the surfaces get hot
  • Bring water!
  • Help your coach set up and clean up.
  • If you want to wear a mask during your workout – no problem!


We are permitting our employee coaches to workout indoors during very limited hours in order to maintain their fitness and skills – and so that they do not take space from our employees in class or Open Gym.


This week, we’ll roll out our T-Shirt racks so you can purchase our new T’s and Tanks. Just write it down on the “Put It On My Tab” sheet and we’ll charge your account. If you want supplements, accessories, food or drinks The ProShop is open for business – only 4 people in the store at once, please!


JAMIE’S PARKING LOT WORKOUTS – Check Sugarwod for Details! 

  • Mon – 5RFT: 400/500m Row, 12 DB FSquat #35/50, 15 DBl PPress
  • Tue – AMRAP16m: 8 PClean #95/135, 12 BJump, 15 Strict Sit-up, 200m Run
  • Wed – Jerk EMOM. Metcon: AMRAP8m – 10/15c Bike, 12 Alt DB Squat Snatch
  • Thu – AMRFQ15m: 16 DBRenRows, 12 Tri Ext, 10 DL, 12 HRPush-ups. Metcon: Tabata Row
  • Fri – Lift: 4x 4HSCleans, 6Rev Lunge. Metcon: 3RFT 10SPress #75/115, 15ASquats, 20Sit-ups
  • Sat – E3MOMx3: A)15 T2B, 15 PSnatch #75/115 – B) 400m Run, 15 Burpees
  • Sun – E2MOMx4: A) 8-12 Chin Ups, 7/10c Bike – B) 35 DUs, 12 DB Thruster

CRAIG’S LIST (stuff I’m reading or listening to.. or talking about):

I’ve been pouring over Covid-19 data to try to get an idea of when we’ll be allowed to open. Like most people, I want to know:

  • Are we flattening the curve?
  • How many people are dying?
  • What are the demographics?
  • What do hospitalizations look like?
  • What are the statistical risks?

I’m impressed with the data that is available, though admittedly, the initial data (Feb-Mar) is understandably skewed by non-uniform reporting standards. Nonetheless there is ample data to provide a good picture of the statistical risks of Covid19 – for the US and for our County.

The good news is that despite increasing cases, death rates are not rising concurrently, even with a time lag. And, according to the National CDC data, as of July 15th, only 0.23% (point 23) of CV19 cases under age 65 have died – or, the inverse, 99.77% of CV19 cases under the age of 65 have survived. Additionally, vaccine development seems to be progressing rapidly, with several companies entering Phase 3 of testing trials.

In CCC, our positive test case numbers appear to be leveling off after a week of increases. Hospitalizations in the County (89) appear to be stabilizing as well. And, the important marker: “7-day avg % of positive tests” has been below 8% (the Governor’s #) for almost a week.

CDC Data – CDC Website

Contra Costa County Data – CoCo Health 

Vaccines Status  Motley Fool

We’re making progress in Contra Costa County. And, we can do better. Wearing a mask is important, especially indoors, as is maintaining safe distance.

Make it an awesome outdoor week!