The Week Ahead 7.28.19

“Consistent fitness happens when you crave the feelings of a hard effort, the satisfaction of completing the workout, the endorphins. Find the immediate gratification. Make it a drug.”


  • Best way to watch online:  THE ROGUE IRON GAME
  • Daily Schedule – its shorter and Madison is Central Standard time.
  • Diablo athletes competing: Payam Saljoughian (Iran) / Lara Erlank (Namibia) / Alessandra Pichelli (Open Qualifier & Italy)
  • Alessandra Pichelli is ranked 10th in the world.
  • The Games is ONLY 4 days! The field will be cut to 10 athletes by Satuday. Read about the new scoring here.  More scoring analysis here: Morning Chalk Up


PROGRAMMING – Check Sugarwod for details & athlete notes.

LOTS of PRs last week! The board is literally full. More this week?

August Progressions

  • Primary: Clean & Jerk
  • Secondary: Overhead Squat
  • Skill: Toes-to-Bar
MON AMRAP 17m – 3 Rope Climbs, 40 DUs, 6 DL (#155/225), 10 T2B
TUE E4MOM x 5: 15/20 Cal Bike, 12 Push Ups, 200m Run
WED Strength: 1RM C&J.   Metcon: 500m Row Max Effort
THU AMRAP 20m – 800m Run, 21KB Swings, 12 Pull Ups, Rest 1m 
FRI Strength: Snatch + OHS complex.  Metcon: 3RFT – 12 Wall Balls, 8PPress (#85/135), 4 Thrusters
SAT E5MOM x 4: Row 600/750, 25 Situps
SUN 5RFT: 6 BMUs, 42 DUs, 7 Burpees


  • Sat, Aug 24: Napa Zipline – please indicate interest ASAP


Talking Elite Fitness Roadtrip #2 with Rich Froning – I really enjoyed this talk with Rich about his training and life-balance (says he’s in the best shape in 4yrs), his nutrition (he’s an intermittent faster!) and the recent changes to the Games. Rich also talks about PEDs and his opinion of “cheaters.”  Good listen!

New York Times: How Weight Training Changes The Brain – Lifting weights makes you stronger AND smarter. I’ve been predicting that the next “big thing” in fitness will be strength training, especially given the benefits for an aging population: protection against injury, improved mobility, increasing bone density and now: improved brain function.

300mg EGCT (found in Green Tea) daily increased calmness and reduced stress – Dr. Rhonda Patrick tweeted this study recently. 300mg EGCT is about 2 cups of Green Tea.