Don’t Relax! Nutrition w/Jason, More Classes, Diablo United, Affiliate Teams, Alzheimers Test, Gut Check, The Week Ahead 8.03.20

“You have succeeded in life when all you really want is only what you really need.” Vernon Howard

DON’T RELAX! Positive testing rates are increasing in CCC and California, indicating a “2nd wave” of COVID-19 infections. Our objective is ZERO transmissions of COVID-19 at Diablo.. Obviously, no one should come to the gym if experiencing symptoms. And, when you do come, please remember to bring a mask (in case you need to come into the lobby) and:

  • Maintain safe distance+ – at all times! 6’ is acceptable. 8’ is better.
  • Wear a mask in our lobby and when congregating with others before or after the workout.
  • BYOC: bring your own chalk!

Thank you for your help in keeping our community healthy.

COMING SOON: NUTRITION COACHING PARTNERSHIP WITH JASON FALCON! – Jason Falcon was one of the founding coaches for the very successful “StrongerU” nutrition coaching program. Jason parted ways with the StrongerU team a few months back and launched his own nutrition coaching business: Falcon Fitness & Nutrition. Jason is an experienced CrossFit & endurance athlete and understands the importance of macro-nutrients for fitness & weight management. He has worked with many Diablo athletes. We’re finalizing the details of our partnership and look forward to an official announcement soon.

MORE CLASSES PLANNED (OUT BACK) – We’re adding a 3:30PM CrossFit class and we have already begun to conduct Elements classes out back. We’ll be adding more specialty classes soon to help lighten the load on our CrossFit classes. Look for more Functional Bodybuilding and Aerobic Capacity classes.

ELEMENTS CLASSES ARE FULL! – People are eager to get started at Diablo CrossFit. We’re going to cap our memberships soon, since our classes are filling up. If you have a friend or family member that wants to join – they need to sign up soon.

TEEN SUMMER STRONG II  (AUG 5th) IS FULL – Summer Strong 2.0 begins on Wed Aug 5th at it’s new time: 4:30PM. This class is full. We are creating a “waitlist” for interested teen athletes and will launch a 2nd class if we have enough demand. 

“DIABLO UNITED” – SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM – Diablo CrossFit was recently awarded a $2500 Grant from Facebook. We’re contributing that Grant to our “Diablo United” Minority Scholarship program for interested participants who do not have the financial means to participate. More details and our application will be published this week!


Why the A/B workouts on the weekend? Coach Jamie Lee wants to make sure that we are working our gymnastic pull movements – while keeping people safely distant from each other. So, we split our classes in half with A/B workouts to minimize the number of people on each pull-up rig. 

  • Mon: EMOMx3 – 4 stations. Metcon: 21,15,9 DB Snatch, cals Bike
  • Tue: AMRAP16 – Cal Row, 15 Push ups, 16 Goblet Lunges, 35 DUs, 20 Alt V-Ups
  • Wed: AMRepsAP- 1m ea: SCleans & Push Jerks, 2m ea, 3m ea. (#95/135)
  • Thu: AMRAP15m – 20/25c Bike, 12 Push-up RenRows, 100m FCarry, 10 BJumps
  • Fri: 4RFT – 6 SSn #75/115, 12 DL, 400m Run
  • Sat: A)10 T2B + Pull-up Complex, Max Cal Bike B) 15 Burpee BJumps, Max Cal Bike
  • Sun: E2MOMx5- A) 15 Jump C2Bar Pull-ups & Max DB HSquat Cleans
    B) 200m Run + Max DB Thrusters

CRAIG’S LIST (stuff I’m reading or listening to.. or talking about):  

Nike: You Can’t Stop Us: This is an absolute masterpiece of video editing. The message is awesome – and inspiring. But, I’m most blown away by the hours of searching and editing it took to make this video.

Dave Castro speaks out on the Masters Fitness Collective Podcast.  Some snippets:

  • The 2020 Games are NOT guaranteed to happen (lots of variables to fall in place)
  • The Open will be in February & March in 2021
  • The Affiliates will be represented at the CrossFit Games. (Huge!!)
  • Castro on Games programming: “I don’t program for any athlete that exists right now. I program for the ultimate CrossFitter. I program for the athlete that can win every f***ng event.” 

Acute Exercise Has Beneficial Effects On The Immune System During Prostate Cancer: “Moderate physical activity caused a beneficial response in prostate cancer patients by redistributing specialized immune cells that kill cancer cells to tissues that have tumors” (Dr. Rhonda Patrick via Twitter).

‘Amazing, Isn’t It?’ Long-Sought Blood Test for Alzheimer’s in Reach – NY Times.  New test might detect pathology up to 20 years before symptoms!

Bacteria in the gut have a direct line to the brain – Katherine Fenz, The Rockefeller University. ““We describe how microbes can regulate a neuronal circuit that starts in the gut, goes to the brain, and comes back to the gut,” says Rockefeller’s Daniel Mucida,”

Make it an awesome outdoor week!