Under the Big Top, Get Ripped, Get Jacked, Games Update, Mass Incarceration. The Week Ahead 8.10.20

“The secret to your success is found in your daily routine.” John C. Maxwell

WE’RE GONNA NEED A BIGGER BOAT!  Our pop-up and party tents were not providing enough coverage for classes and they were taking a beating in the wind, so we leveled up – bigtime. C&M Party Rentals came through with two 15’x40’ tents with 15’ ceilings! These things are amazing and provide a ton of coverage. Add a couple of evaporative coolers, a few fans and it’s comfort city. #noexcuses

GET RIPPED! WITH JASON FALCON – UPDATE! – Diablo CrossFit is the first affiliate partner with the amazing nutrition coach, Jason Falcon: Falcon Fitness & Nutrition. Jason uses macro programming and has worked with many CF athletes and endurance athletes. Current Diablo members will get preferred pricing and access to dedicated content from Jason. If you’re interested in getting started, email us at info@diablocrossfit.com for more information. We’ll have our website up soon!

GET JACKED! SCHEDULE UPDATES (Note: beginning this week, we’ll be closing at 8:30P)

 COACH JAMIE’S PARKING LOT WORKOUTS – Check Sugarwod for Details 

  • Mon: 5RFT – 10/15c Bike, 40 DUs, 6 PSnatch #95/135
  • Tue: Strength – C&J 5×3. Then, AMRAP6m – 5 FSquat & 10 Push Ups #95/135
  • Wed: 5RFT – 25 Sit-ups, 15 BJs, 1 Min Rest, 500m Row, 1 Min Rest
  • Thu: 5RFT – 4 DB RRow + FCBox Step Up #35/50, 6 DB Cluster, 8 DB DLs, 15/20c Bike
  • Fri: Unknown time domain AMRAP – 8 Burpee, 15KB Swings, 30 Dus
  • Sat: 4xE3MOM w/ 1m rest – A) 25 WB & Max Pull-ups, B) 200m MB Run, Max Cal Row
  • Sun: 4Rnds 1m on/off – max PCleans, T2B, S2OH #105/155

CRAIG’S LIST (stuff I’m reading or listening to.. or talking about):

The Games Format Has Been Announced! Online + Aromas:  The 2020 Games are going to happen – albeit in a different format. The top 30 men & women will compete online over 4 days, then the top 5 men & women will fly to Aromas for a 2 day event to determine the Fittest in the World!  It looks like Sep 14 will begin the online competition.

13th – Netflix – Highly recommend. This was an excellent, eye-opening documentary on the issue of mass-incarceration in the United States. Our “tough-on-crime” policies and “war on drugs” have taken an incredible toll on low-income, minority communities. We have the highest per capita incarceration rate in the world – at an incredible financial cost to our government. Change is needed.

Joe Rogan Experience #1521 – Josh Dubin & Jason Flom – This episode was heart-wrenching & a must-listen for everyone. Josh and Jason are advocates for wrongfully convicted inmates in America – many on death row. Their stories will make you sad and angry – for change. I was blown away.

(REPOST – Correct Link) Nike: You Can’t Stop Us: This is an absolute masterpiece of video editing. The message is awesome – and inspiring. But, I’m most blown away by the hours of searching and editing it took to make this video.