The Week Ahead 8.12.19

“By doing what you love you inspire and awaken the hearts of others.” Satsuki Shibuya

THE 2020 OPEN BEGINS OCT 10, 2019!

Get ready! The Open is coming. Our friends at the Morning Chalk Up got the scoop on the next CrossFit Games Open

  • Start date: Thu, 10/10
  • End date: Mon, 11/11

Diablo will be hosting Friday Night Lights! More details next week.


We were very fortunate to have two awesome cameramen on site to grab some great shots of our crew:

Payam and Lara were cut after the 1st workout, as they both expected. More importantly, they were part of the parade of Nations introduction and the athlete dinner and events. The entire CFG community and athletes were very welcoming of the new National Champions. It was an awesome and rewarding experience for both.

Alessandra narrowly missed the final cut to 10 athletes – by about .3 seconds in the Sprint workouts. Sadly, she was not able to participate in the lift-off event in the arena which is a great event for her. Sandy finished 14th overall – impressive, but not a good indication of her overall fitness. Had Sandy made the cut to the top 10, she likely would have placed even higher given the final workouts. 

Opinion: CrossFit delivered an amazing Games for athletes and fans at a fraction of their former budget. The city and weather were amazing. The online broadcasts look awesome. And, while it was disheartening to see the aggressive cuts, the fittest athletes in the world survived and succeeded in making the podium. Next year, I hope that they are able to keep the 20 athletes through Saturday, which would be more entertaining for the fans and perhaps yield a more balanced field for the final workouts. 

PROGRAMMING – Check Sugarwod for details & athlete notes.

MON 2 AMRAPs: A) 6 min – 15 SDHigh Pulls & 15 Burpees over bar. Rest 3m.  B) 7 min- 15 PPress & 7/8 Strict Pull-ups 
TUE Skill: Toes-2-bar progressions. MetCon: 3xE4MOM – 12/18 Calorie Bike, 9 T2B,  12 Push Ups
WED Strength: C&J complex. Metcon: AMRAP6m – 8 DB Clusters & 10 Box Jumps 20″/24″
THU MetCon: 5RFT – 450/500m Row,  60′ HS Walk, 30 Sit Ups
FRI MetCon: AMRAP14m –  3 RingMUps, 9 Push Ups, 15 Wall Balls, 30 Double Unders
SAT Strength: OHS 5×3. MetCon: AMRAP9m – 8 PSnatch, 200m Run, 12 FSquat, 200m Run
SUN 3rnds x 1min ea. for max reps: T2B, DB Box Step Up, Burpees, Cal Row, Rest



  • Sat, Aug 24: Napa Zipline – please indicate interest ASAP
  • Sat, Aug 31: Tahoe Flume Trail Mountain Bike Trip


Joe Rogan with Bernie Sanders #1330  – This is not a political opinion. After listening to Bernie Sanders talk with Joe Rogan – I think ALL Presidential candidates should go on his show. Joe asks great questions and challenges his guests. I really enjoyed this conversation and feel like I know Bernie and his objectives much better. This was far superior to the silly nationally televised debates. 

We’ve Reached Peak Wellness. Most of It Is Nonsense. Brad Stulberg for Outside Magazine.  There are a lot of “hacks’ out there – and most of them just don’t do anything. Stick to the basics: don’t eat crap, move, talk out your emotions.

Why We Sleep (Audible) by Matthew Walker. I’ve listened to Matthew on Joe Rogan and Rhonda Patrick’s podcasts – he is amazing. A research scientist at UC Berkeley, Matthew spent 20 years studying human sleep, and the findings are mind-blowing. I’m only a few chapters in, so I’ll give you more on this later. In the meantime, you should know that caffeine from coffee has a “half-life” of 6-8 hours in the body. In other words, after drinking a cup of coffee, 6-8 hours later, 50% of the caffeine is still in your system!

Make it an awesome week!