NorCal Affiliates Unite! Keepin’ it in the family. Fall Classic is back. Evo biology. The Week Ahead 8.16.21

“Happiness is not a goal; it is a by-product.”  Eleanor Roosevelt

NORCAL AFFILIATE GATHERING  2 years ago, I was at a CrossFit Health Conference and had a conversation with CF Livermore owner Matt Souza about the value of bringing affiliate owners together. At that time I pledged to host a gathering for NorCal owners so we could come together, share experiences, ideas and strategies. Today I was able to fulfil that pledge – with a LOT of help & support from Yvonne and our Diablo Team and members.

More than 50 affiliate owners showed up today! We printed some cool shirts for them and had some awesome news from CrossFit including a hard copy of the not-yet-released 139 page CrossFit Affiliate Owners Handbook. We shared our mistakes and our successes and exchanged ideas and most importantly, contact information. It was very reassuring to speak with peers who have had similar experiences – especially over the last 18 months when so many gyms closed their doors forever.

The new CrossFit management team has done some amazing things for affiliates that will benefit them and their members including, owner support roundtables, online coach development, daily & weekly email updates & success stories, Affiliate Programming & Affiliate Playbooks. And, there’s more coming to help affiliates earn new members, deliver better training for their members, become better operators and improve the brand image. Stay tuned!

I think the affiliates walked away from this with more confidence knowing that they have a support crew behind them. And, hopefully, they left with a few contacts and ideas to help them in the future.

DIABLO BUSINESS MIXER On Friday the 13th, about 15 Diablo members got together and talked about their businesses and traded contact information. This was a lot of fun – and as it turns out, many are doing business with each other or will be soon. Contractors, Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Brokers, Financial Mindset Coaches, Bookkeepers, Chiropractic Doctors, Physical Therapists, Restaurant owners… Diablo has it all. And, when we can keep it in the family, it’s kinda cool. Next one in September!

DIABLO FALL CLASSIC – IN-HOUSE OLY COMP  Competitions are coming back! Head Oly Coach Carrie Olson will be directing our Fall Classic Olympic Lifting Competition on Sunday, September 26th. All athletes welcome! This is a very fun event and a great experience for everyone. If you’ve ever thought about doing an official event, come test your mettle at this in-house event with your Diablo family. You’ll get 3 attempts at the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk. Registration will be on the app soon.

RR SUMMER SPLASH STARTS AUG 28!  RR Summer Splash begins August 26! Summer Splash is only 1 weekend – but, we’ll be announcing 3 total workouts that must be completed by Monday, Aug 30th. Registration is only $10. Cash prizes will be awarded for the top three athletes in all age groups and divisions. You can register here!

TWEET OF THE WEEK:  “At what point will our Govt also strongly recommend healthy nutrition & exercise? At what point will people decide to take action themselves?”

The week ahead:

CRAIG’S LIST (Stuff I’m Reading, Hearing, Watching, Using or Buying)

Back to the books! I’ve got 3 in my Audible Library, but here’s the 2 I’m enjoying right now:

Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors – Carl Sagan & Ann Druyan This is so relevant to our current health crisis. Knowing the history of our key traits, self awareness, technology, family ties and submission to authority and how they are rooted in the deep past is really enlightening but not surprising.

What Doesn’t Kill Us – Scott Carney  This is another evolutionary biology story about how we have adapted to our environment. Our ancestors accomplished some amazing physical feats without any of the comfort and technology of modern times. The author talks about how our body positively responds to environmental stressors and even craves them in order to operate normally. Great read.

Make it an awesome week!