The Week Ahead 8.19.19

“I surround myself with good people who make me feel great and give me positive energy.”  Ali Krieger, Team USA Soccer, FIFA World Cup Champion

650,000 FISTBUMPS!

Diablo CrossFit began using Sugarwod in October, 2016. Since then our community has logged:

  • 134,112 Workouts
  • 649,491 Fistbumps

At our current pace, we should hit 1 MILLION FISTBUMPS in July, 2021.


These are getting fun!  Welcome to:


There’s a couple fun comps that you may want to participate in before the Open in October. Check ‘em out:

PROGRAMMING – Check Sugarwod for details & athlete notes.

And, have you seen the new Progressive Programming website? Check it out at


Strength: Clean & Jerk 6×2.  Metcon: AMRAP 8m – 12KB, 12 Suitcase Lunges, 12 Hand-release Push ups


Chipper!: 100 DUs, 80 WBs, 60 Alt DB Snatch, 40 Box Jumps, 20 Strict Pull Ups


Metcon: 5 Rounds for time – 6 DL (155/225), 12 DB Push Press (35/50), 400m Run


Skill: T2 Bar Core work. Metcon: 10,9,8…  Pull-ups & Thrusters


Strength: OHS 6×1.  Metcon: AMRAP 8m – 200m MedBall Run + 12 WBs


Metcon: AMRAP 3m x 5 (1m rest) – 3 Deadlifts, 6 Burpee Box Jump Over, 9 Knees to Elbow


Metcon: AMRAP 22m – 20/25 Cal Bike, ⅗ Strict HSPU, 40 DUs, 2 Rope Climbs



  • Sat, Aug 24: Napa Zipline – please indicate interest ASAP
  • Sat, Aug 31: Tahoe Flume Trail Mountain Bike Trip – If you’re in Tahoe over Labor Day, post to the Diablo Community group! Watch for details.


The CrossFit Email of the Day has had some fantastic articles lately. I’m really enjoying how they are taking on traditionally accepted data and research and giving a real perspective. PLEASE(!!) read the two articles below – they are scary and very important reading.

  • Overuse of heartburn drugs linked to heart, kidney disease, cancer – Tauren Dyson, UPI. “More than 15 million people are prescribed PPIs each year, while millions more purchase them over-the-counter, the researchers say. Heartburn, ulcer and acid reflux medicine may bring relief, but over time, they could also increase a person’s risk of early death, new findings show. Researchers have linked popular drugs like Prevacid, Prilosec, Nexium, Protonix and other proton pump inhibitors to a higher risk of death by cardiovascular and chronic kidney disease, as well as upper gastrointestinal cancer, according to a study published in The BMJ.”
  • Statins – What Are The Benefits?  Dr. Malcolm Kendrick. Statins are the most widely prescribed medications worldwide. It is a billion dollar industry.  In the U.S., around 40 million people take statins. So what is the impact? Well, according to Dr. Kendrick, statins (i.e., Lipator, Crestor)  improve life expectancy by only .6 – .75 days for each year of use! That’s 18-22 days of life expectancy for 30 years of daily use.
  • CrossFit Games Day 3 & 4 – James Cooper.  What’s it like hanging out with Diablo CrossFit athletes at the CrossFit Games? Well, its kinda like hangin’ out with your CrossFit friends anywhere: fun stories, good laughs, great workouts and maybe a challege or two.
Make it an awesome week!!