Bested a Games Athlete. Badass members. Sep Focus. Stress, HRV, TikTok & Coda. The Week Ahead 9.06.21

“If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.” Booker T. Washington
DEB KOEPKE BEAT A GAMES ATHLETE!  Last Monday night, Yvonne & I were sitting on the couch scrolling through social media and she excitedly said to me: “Deb Koepke beat me in Row’d Royalty!” We both took in the news with amazement and tremendous pride. In December, 2019, Deb’s husband of 18 years passed away unexpectedly. After getting her life settled and organized, Deb redoubled her efforts to get her fitness and health in order. She partnered with Falcon Nutrition and has lost more than 60 pounds! Her performances in class workouts improved rapidly and she did workouts as prescribed. Finally, as a testament to her amazing progress, Deb Koepke tied a CrossFit Games veteran athlete in her age group in the Row’d Royalty Summer Smash competition! Her 3rd place finish put her ON THE PODIUM and earned her a cash prize. Well done, Deb!! We look forward to watching your continued growth and fitness success.

  • Teen Strong graduates Taylor Madge & Kennedy Kissack traveled to Michigan to compete in the CrossFit Elite Teen Pit Throwdown. This was their first in-person competition ever and they both stepped up. Kennedy took 10th overall and Taylor stood on the podium with a 2nd place finish! Watch out for these future Diablo She-Devils.
  • Diablo Members Crushed Row’d Royalty Summer Smash! On the Podium:
    • Teresa Brown – Women Tall 18-29yo: 3rd Place
    • Nicole Rogers – Women Tall 50-59yo: 3rd Place
    • Deb Koepke – Women Standard 50-59yo: 3rd Place
    • Yvonne Howard – Women Standard 50-59yo: 3rd Place
    • Julie Sodestrom – Women Standard 60+yo: 3rd Place

      And, a shout out to former Diablo Member: Dale Hetherton, Men Tall, 60+: First Place!
  • Diablo members Carol Wu, Mary Vera and Janis Roe all PR’d their Half-Marathon times last week at the Santa Rosa Half Marathon.
  • And, about 15 Diablo members & coaches headed to Sonoma for a Tough Mudder! It was a brutal course, but they made it through the mud & obstacles.

DIABLO FALL CLASSIC- IN-HOUSE OLY COMP SEP 26 – First timers and experienced lifters ALL encouraged to participate. This is a fun weightlifting experience. Coaches Jamie Lee and Carrie Olson will be leading our Fall Classic Olympic Lifting Competition on Sunday, September 26th. All athletes are welcome. Registration is OPEN on the Diablo app.
TWEET OF THE WEEK: “The sooner an athlete is able to hear and digest a coach’s unfiltered assessment without getting butt-hurt, the faster the athlete will improve.”
September Focus:

  • Primary: Olympic Lifting Totals – Snatch + Clean & Jerk
  • Secondary: Back Squat
  • Skill: Bar Muscle Ups

The week ahead:

CRAIG’S LIST (Stuff I’m Reading, Hearing, Watching, Using or Buying)
Found My Fitness #006 Dr. Mark Mattson on the Benefits of Stress, Metabolic Switching, Fasting & Hormesis  I loved this episode with Dr. Rhonda Patrick! Dr. Mattson is a professor of neuroscience at Johns Hopkins. He really digs into our genetic traits & tendencies and how they affect our current mental & physical conditions. This is a MUST listen if you’re curious about intermittent fasting, high intensity exercise, and mental health.
Pursuing Health with Julie Foucher, MD – HRV + Pregnancy with Dr.Shon – Can you predict pregnancy with a Whoop? It’s very likely.  If you have a Whoop wearable, this is a fantastic episode which explains HRV and talks about what it means to your health and how it can be used as a predictor of health. Dr. Shon is a board certified MD in Obstetrics & Gynecology.
Investigation: How TikTok’s Algorithm Figures Out Your Deepest Desires – The WSJ set up dozens of bogus accounts to gather the data on what TikTok measures. You’re probably not surprised: every tap and every second of video views are in the mix. Ok? Or, not?
More Than “Lucky”:  Physical activity and the risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection, severe illness and mortality – The results of a 5 month study (Jan-May 2021) of 200,000+ Korean adults show that individuals who exercised had measurably lower infection rates, less severe illness incidents and lower mortality rates than those who were inactive. This data seems intuitive given that we know CV is more lethal for people with metabolic diseases.
Coda (Apple TV) – Recommended! Very touching story about a talented young highschool singer whose entire family is deaf and dependent upon her for interpretation.
 Make it an awesome week!