The Week Ahead 9.09.19

“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I intended to be.” Douglas Adams

This week the weightlifting community was stunned to learn of the passing of legendary weightlifting coach, Glenn Pendelay. Glenn, age 48, was a force in the American Olympic Lifting community and loved by all. He was very influential in the growth and prominence of Cal Strength and his barbells and plates are still preferred by many lifters. RIP, Glenn.

One of my teen-age heroes and fitness inspirations, Franco Columbo passed away at age 78, on Aug 30th. Franco was a good friend of Arnold Schwarzenegger and a 2-time Mr. Olympia and a World’s Strongest Man competitor. He never took himself too seriously, and was featured in the OG bodybuilding movie, Pumping Iron.

CrossFit Games Open, Oct 10th – Nov 11th.

For the October Open, Diablo will be hosting Friday Night Lights and organizing another epic “Intramural Open” with 3 Teams. Captains for the 3 teams have been selected by the Commissioner’s office:

Congratulations to our Intramural Open Team Captain “volunteers”!

  • Andrew Gleason & Hayden Hughes
  • Chad Svobda & Cynthia Pammet
  • Chelsea Martin & Travis Moody

Team Captains will be assembling next week for a totally unofficial Draft Party to select team members based upon past appearances & performances in the Open. They’ll be looking for teammates who can help their team score points by:

  • Showing up & supporting our Friday Night Lights Events
  • Judging athlete workouts
  • Killing the workouts: Open, Scaled & Masters!

Each week, we’ll have a different theme (and party) to celebrate the Open workout and our community. Theme ideas should be submitted to Yvonne.

If you’re using our shower facilities, PLEASE remember, someone else will likely be using the shower after you! And, we do not have a janitor on staff during the day. Please, be courteous and:

  • Dry the floor outside your shower (with a used towel or paper towels!). A wet floor sucks.
  • Minimize your towel usage. 1 towel is preferred, 2 is ok, 3 is excessive.
  • Be quick during busy hours! There is likely someone waiting.

Also: if it gets humid in the shower area, turn on the fan at the doorway and make sure the a/c is on – ask the Front Desk staff for help, if needed. 

We’ve been a little busy during morning and late afternoon hours, especially weekend mornings. Please, make sure you are committed to attending class prior to reserving a space in class. Also, please do not reserve more than 1 class per day on our app (except F!T & Core & Accessory). Hedging your attendance prevents another member from reserving a space in class.

NEW GEAR: Ropes & Bikes
We’ve replaced several climbing ropes with top-of-the-line hemp ropes of different diameters (1.25” & 1.5”). They’ll feel slick for a few weeks until they break in.

We’ve also added 2 new Assault Bikes, bringing our total to 11! This allows us to run bigger heats when the bike is programmed into workouts.

PULL-UP CLINIC: Sep 10 – Oct 4, Tue & Fri @ 6PM
“From none-to-one” – Coach Chad is running a very cool pull-up progression clinic every Tue & Fri at 6PM for 4 weeks. This clinic is designed to get you a strict pull-up, even if you have none.  It’s $45 for all four weeks – with lots of one-on-one attention. Coach Chad spends a lot of time learning and practicing his skill sets and progressions, so this clinic promises to be a great one.

PROGRAMMING – For this week’s workouts & scaling, please visit Sugarwod!

  • MON – 800m Run, 25 Pull Ups, 25 PPress #65/95, 50 Box Jumps, 25 PPress, 25 Pull Ups, 800m Run
  • TUE – Strength: Snatch Complex. Metcon: 3RFT – 18 Single Arm KB Swings, 100m Suitcase Carry
  • WED – Strength: Lunges & RRows. Metcon: AMRAP7m – 3 x 30’ Sandbag Carries, 30’ Bear Crawl, 30’ Lunges
  • THU – Metcon: AMRAP 16min – 6 DLift #165/255, 450/500m Row, 15 Hand Release Push Ups
  • FRI – Metcon: 5 RFT, EMOM – 30-60 DUnders, 12 Toes-to-bar, 16 SArm DB Hang Clean & Press + Core Blast!
  • SAT – Metcon: 5 RFT, 10/15 CalBike, 5/7 S.HSPU, 20 WBs, Rest 1 minute
  • SUN – Metcon: AMRAP14m – 6 BMUps, 200m Run, 6 PCleans #95/135

MOXIE’S KETTLEBELL CLASSIC 19.1 SCORES ARE DUE ON MON AT 5PM PT!  Sep 5 – 30: Kettlebell Classic by CrossFit Moxie – Online Competition


The Scourge of Worker Wellness Programs – Lena Sollow, The New Republic.  Data is showing that Corporate Wellness Programs have not benefited employees. In a large-scale study, 33,000 employees at BJ’s Wholesale Club were randomly assigned to be in a group taking part in the BJ’s wellness plan or a control group that was not. The study, published in JAMA in April, found that while workers showed a bump in a few self-reported health activities, there were no significant changes in clinical measures of health, absenteeism, or work performance—all supposed money-savers for employers.

Now, companies and organizations are incentivizing and requiring employees to wear fitness tracking devices & monitoring systems. But, do they work? And, will they be used to benefit employees or, punish those who do not comply – thereby saving corporate costs?

Counting Calories Is A Ridiculous Way To Lose Weight – Dr. Jason Fung – Medium. The energy balance equation does NOT support the Eat Less, Move More approach. The reason is simple: “your body is very smart and does not want to die.”  This is a fascinating article on how weight loss really happens – and why you might want to focus on insulin reduction vs. calories. 

Make it an awesome week!