Indoors-ish, SF busted, Falcon Live, Lifts are back, The Big Dilemma – The Week Ahead 9.14.20

“The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thoughts about it.”  Eckhart Tolle

OUTDOORS-ISH  The terrible fires in California have created a smokey haze in the Bay Area that has affected air quality. Even when the AQI index is safe, floating ash has been a hazard. And, we could see a storm later this week. So, we’re moving classes safely indoors: limiting attendance and spacing everyone at least 10’ apart. We’ll have fans blowing and we’ll clean equipment and fog the gym with an anti-viral solution in between classes.

WE’RE NEXT?  The City of San Francisco has allowed gyms to open! After being called out for keeping City Government gyms open during the lockdown, Mayor Libby Schaaf lifted the ban on gyms beginning Monday! Several of my CrossFit Affiliate owner friends were on the edge of failure – with no solution in site, including Danielle Rabkin, owner of CF Golden Gate. Watch her awesome interview on Fox News!

So, is Contra Costa County next? This is likely. The County is currently rated “Purple” (Widespread – no new openings) according to the Governor’s new 4-Tier metric system (7-day avg case rate per 100k & daily positive test %). However, according to the County Health website, our positive test numbers are falling fast – and we’re now in the Moderate category (Widespread>Substantial>Moderate>Minimal). This means: gyms can open indoors with restrictions. But, the County will have to give approval first.

WHAT ARE THE NUMBERS?  I pour over Contra Costa County Covid numbers every day. It’s important as a business owner with customers to protect. Here’s the data that I use to make decisions:

  • Current Positive Test Rate: 4.1% (see graph) – down from a high of 18.9% on 7/15
  • Current CV19 Patients In CCC Hospitals: 69 (see graph) – down from a high of 110 on 7/30.
  • Deaths: 3 in September.
  • Total deaths: 192 Age Breakdown: <31yo=0 deaths. 81yo+= 50%,  71yo+=71%,  61yo+=86% (notable: according to CDC data 94% of all CV19 deaths had an average of 2.6 comorbidities)

JASON FALCON FB LIVE – SEP 14 @ 7PM:  The amazing & popular nutrition coach, Jason Falcon, will be in our Diablo Members FB Group on Monday evening at 7PM to talk nutrition, macros, training & success strategies. Login into our member group at 7PM. More info on Jason Falcon

ROW’D ROYALTY SUMMER SMASH!  Row’d Royalty is back with a Free! one-week only competition beginning Sep 17th. This one’s a repeat workout: 20.2 – Out & Back. Get signed up and get ready to row again. We’ve got cash prizes for the top rowers and masters rowers. Check it out at

 THIS WEEK’S WORKOUTS (check Sugarwod Track “Workout Of The Day”) – Check the videos!!

For the last few months, Head Coach Jamie Lee and Coach and Diablo Media Director Stephen Stover have produced DAILY workout videos for our Progressive Programming that we use in our gym and used by many other gyms around the world. Unfortunately, Covid-19 forced Jamie to change his game plan and also create At-Home workouts and then, Parking Lot workouts. So, we’ve never seen the work that he and Stephen have been doing. Well, due to the smokey air, we get a daily preview of the workout with Jamie’s insight EVERY DAMN DAY!!  Check out the videos on Sugarwod or on YouTube (PRsAllDay). Thank you Jamie & Stephen & Coach Andrew. 

 CRAIG’S LIST (stuff I’m reading or listening to.. or talking about):

 !Must Watch!: Social Dilemma – NetFlix Documentary Quite a few people recommended this. Quick summary: several ex-Social Media founders and pioneers speak out on the overwhelming and dangerous impact of social media on our society, especially our children. The bottom line: artificial intelligence curates content based on your historical views with a goal toward engagement. Advertisers leverage the knowledge to create content to influence behavior change. I’ve known this on some level, but to hear it from many of the creators was startling, especially the lengths at which social media companies go to keep you engaged. It’s frightening.

My Tip: Here’s what I’ve done to minimize my social media interactions. First, I turned off ALL notifications from social media and email. I kept text notifications. Next, I cleaned all apps off of the first screen on my iPhone. On the 2nd screen, I put essential business apps. On my 3rd screen I grouped all social media into a box, which creates a 2 step process to access. I did the same with other non-essential apps.

Tim Ferris with Kelly Slater – Kelly Slater is arguably the greatest surfer who has ever lived. His World Championships span 3 decades, an unprecedented feat in any sport. He is ageless. He’s also passionate about proper training, healthy eating, and mindset. I really enjoyed listening to this discussion and learning more about the obstacles he overcame in his life. It’s no surprise that talent alone did not get him to the top – it was talent, practice, diversified training, great coaching, dedication and more.

Make it an awesome INDOOR week!