The Week Ahead 9.2.19

“We cannot change anything until we accept it. Condemnation does not liberate, it oppresses.” Carl Jung

Welcome Contra Costa CrossFit Community! On Thursday last week, Contra Costa CrossFit closed their doors due to personal obligations. The owners, Larry & Alyssa Anair have been friends of Diablo for many years so, they reached out to me to ask if we would welcome their members into our community. On Thursday evening, the first group of their members joined our 4:30PM class and loved it! Thank you for helping make them all feel welcome at Diablo.

The 2020 CrossFit Games Rulebook is Out! 

The Affiliate Leaderboard is BACK!

In May of this year, I had the privilege to meet with Johnathan Haynes, the guy who is responsible for the CFG Open Leaderboard and analytics. He asked me what we’d like to see on the leaderboard and I said: “The Affiliate Leaderboard!”.  I followed up by sending Johnathan our intramural scoring – so he could see how we use the leaderboard data. 

Since the CrossFit Games Teams Competition is essentially all about recruited Pro-Athletes, the affiliates were left out. I loved seeing how Diablo compared to other affiliates around the world every year. It was fun to rally our members to try and move up the leaderboard. 

Well, last week Johnathan emailed me and told me that they added a new Affiliate Leaderboard! And, it has many customizable features and it will be easier for us to use the data for our intramural Open. I’m excited to see how Diablo compares to the rest of the world. Looking forward to this Open!

The New Affiliate Leaderboard! 



PROGRAMMING – September Programming is here!

  • Primary Progression: Barbell Cycling
  • Secondary Progression:  Lunges & Ring Rows
  • Skills Progression: Open Skills EMOMs

WATCH: Jamie Lee talks Barbell Cycling in this week’s Coach’s Corner

September Benchmarks

  • Lift: Snatch 1RM & C&J (15.1b)
  • CF Open: 15.1a & 15.1b
  • Other: 400m Run

For this week’s workouts, please visit Sugarwod!


The Plague Years – Sam Harris Podcast #166 with Matt McCarthy about his book Superbugs: The Race to Stop an Epidemic:  This is a frightening account of the problem of drug resistant bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses, and the failure of the pharmaceutical industry to keep pace with evolution. The bottom line: don’t get antibiotics unless you absolutely need them. And, when you do: take them as prescribed!

Is It More Important to Run Faster or Run Longer? – (Sent to me from my running buddy, John Crossen).  Scientists debate the physiological benefits of ramping up your training intensity or your training volume – Outside magazine. The bottom line: interval training has a bigger impact. Anecdotal evidence: a good friend of mine ran a sub 3 hour marathon by training only 5 miles per day (fast & hard). He said to me about his marathon performance: “I just ran 5 miles, then ran another 5, then another until I was done.”