Start with honest self-analysis.

The CrossFit Open season has come and gone for another year. As you settle back into ‘normal’ life it’s good to reflect on the past 5 weeks and think about what the season meant for you. Was it your first Open and a whole new experience? Or are you an old pro? Did you PR an event, skill or lift? Learn how to better fuel yourself for 5 weeks of really intense physically and mentally demanding workouts? Was there a specific movement that you struggled with?  Like the ring muscle up in 18.3? Heavy deadlifts or handstand walking in 18.4? Or chest-to-bar pull-ups in 18.5? Did you set a goal of RX’ing all of the workouts next year?


Be consistent, listen to your coach & hit it hard:  Some people mistakenly believe that class or class programming does not adequately prepare you for the Open. Yet the Open is only ONE metcon a week for 5 weeks. Most coaches agree that CrossFit Open performance gains result from (1) increased mental intensity, (2) improved overall fitness, (3) better lifts, (4) improved skills. All 4 of these can be improved dramatically in CLASS, 3-5x a week. To maximize your gains in class, you should:

  • Increase your metcon intensity. Leave it all on the floor.
  • Put some weight on the bar. Take your strength days serious. Go to Strong class. Push yourself past your comfort zone on your lifts.
  • Don’t skip gymnastic skill training. The progressions we program will make you better on the rig & rings.
  • Chase someone. Pick someone in class better than you and do your best to keep up or beat them – on the lifts and metcon.


CrossFit, by definition, is ‘constantly varied’… which makes it fun and interesting… but, may not be the BEST way to attain a very specific goal.  If you want to improve your chest to bar pull-ups or learn how to do a muscle up there are first, certain strength requirements you need and then, you need the skill to perform the movement and then, practice performing the movement. This may be difficult to do if you happen to miss all the ‘pullup’ workouts because your work schedule will only let you get to the gym on certain days.

This shouldn’t lead you to give up on your goals! There are other ways 🙂

At Diablo, we are blessed with plenty of open gym space! You can take advantage of that before or after class to work on your weaknesses/goals. If you don’t know what to do or need a little more direction, then check out these options:

PRIVATE TRAINING: Work one on one with any of our coaches. We have 30 min sessions for $40 or 60 min sessions for $78. One single session can be perfect if you just need help with a skill or want to learn a few new exercises. Regular, weekly sessions will allow the instructor to actually put a program together for you and coach you through that program. This is ideal if you want to build strength for and learn something like a muscle up.

CUSTOM COACHING: With this option, your coach can create a program for you based on your goals, but you would train on your own. We have software that allows your coach to send you programming through an app (that includes videos). This app also allows you to record all of your results so that both you and your coach can track your progress. (Includes unlimited follow up with your coach.)

There are 2 options here:

  • “Add-on” programming. This is a 2-3 day program that’s meant to be supplemental to your CrossFit training ($98/month on top of membership). This option is great if you like to take classes but are looking for additional training to obtain a specific goal. For example chest to bar pull-ups, handstand walking, or just general shoulder stability or increased upper body strength.
  • “Full Custom Coaching”. This would be a full 5-6 day a week program that’s designed specifically for you and your goals (starts at $150/month depending on the coach, on top of open gym membership). With this option, your coach would meet with you to discuss exactly what you want to accomplish and then create a full training program to get you there.

NUTRITION: What you eat is directly related to your performance. If you are interested in learning how to maximize your training and recovery with nutrition then perhaps our Nutrition Coaching program is of interest to you. We offer 1 month ($150)  or 3 month ($399) options. With each option you get 2 sit down meetings with your coach each month. You will discuss your goals and then talk about the different strategies to get you there.

Whatever you decide to do, you have to be willing to put the WORK into what you would like to see GET BETTER. Use the momentum that The Open has generated, make a goal for yourself and work on that goal! Don’t let the year go by and find yourself frustrated at next years Open when you discover you still don’t have double-unders or muscle-ups or ______ ?????

If you need more information on any of these options or don’t know which coach you want to work with… please talk with me and we can find the best solution together.

Coach Jen