Triactive Endurance Run Clinic Sat Jan 12

Running Technique with Endurance Coach Rob Reinhard

WHEN: Saturday, January 12th, 9AM – 11AM
WHERE: TriActive Endurance (next door to Diablo PH)
COST: $20
COACHES: Rob Reinhard & Jeannine Kuck 

Running is a skill. Running efficiently, effectively and pain free requires proper body alignment, low impact foot strikes, and appropriate stride length. Competitive runners of all distances rely on coaches to improve their mechanics. Now, you can too!

Join us on January 12th, for an immersive, 2-hour running technique clinic at TriActive Endurance!

You’ll learn:

  • Injury Prevention
  • Proper Body Alignment
  • Foot impact mechanics
  • Efficiency techniques
  • Practice drills
  • Aerobic capacity improvement science


Come dressed to run & bring hydration.  Attendees will participate in several different dynamic stretches, running drills/techniques, running assessments, as well an educational presentation with Q & A.

About TriActive

Using cutting edge science, technology, and state of the art research and equipment as a platform to build outstanding performance we, at TRI-ACTIVE ENDURANCE, firmly believe that performance potential is about personal attention to each and every athlete we serve. It includes listening to you and understanding what your goals are and working with you to make a plan that is achievable and challenging that will afford you the opportunity to meet and exceed your goals. We understand that progress is rarely linear and we are with you to assess, teach, mentor, monitor progress, assess some more, and seek and insist on your feedback and input to help make any necessary adjustments along the way.

Rob Reinhard
Founder, TriActive Endurance
Kona Ironman