Dec WOW. Discipline & Hard Work. Challenge Begins. Man Crush. Big Pharma. Unlock Creativity. Freedom! BoTox. TWA 1.02.24

Kinda sums up the year for us. Well done, Diablo.

THE PATH TO HEALTH IS PAVED WITH DISCIPLINE & HARD WORK According to the CDC, 60% of Americans have at least one chronic disease. These include asthma, heart disease, obesity, cancer, Alzheimer’s, arthritis and more. Chronic diseases are referred to as “lifestyle diseases” – since they are caused by food & lifestyle choices and environmental factors. 

As a result of the explosion of chronic disease, US health care spending now exceeds $4.5 trillion per year or, $13,493 per person. More than $600 billion is spent on prescription drugs every year. We now have a pharmaceutical industrial complex that thrives on the sickness of our population. To make matters worse, the food industry has no financial incentives to help. 

Better health and longevity are entirely up to us. A life without chronic disease and prescription drugs is possible with healthy life habits, healthy nutrition, lots of movement, and yes, exercise. And, it ain’t easy: all of these require consistent self-discipline, strong willpower, a willingness to forsake friends and family, and finally, hard work. Very few people are able to stay the course. 

CrossFit can help – and so can Orange Theory, F45, Peloton, Barry’s Bootcamp, Street Parking, Zumba, Pilates, and personal trainers. How? All of the above fitness programs have supportive communities that will keep you on track with your healthy lifestyle regimen, especially when you fail. And, you will fail – we all do. And when you do, it will be the text message from your fitness friends or a social media post from your gym that will get you back on the path to health and fitness. 

How do you avoid chronic disease and a lifetime of prescription drugs? JOIN A HEALTHY COMMUNITY! And, once you’re settled in, ask your friends and family to join you. It’s up to us. 

FAVORITE AUDIBLE BOOK FOR STARTING & MAINTAINING HEALTHY HABITS:  Atomic Habits. (I re-listen to this often – it’s brilliant advice)

2024 HEALTHY HABITS CHALLENGE STARTS TUESDAY JAN 2!: 75 Hard…Diablo Style.  We’re going to stack habits over 10 weeks, starting a little hard, then easing into more. We’ll also have some random daily challenges to get you thinking differently about your current lifestyle habits. 

If you accomplish the habit, check the box on Sugarwod! We’re going to tabulate scores every week and keep a running scoreboard of our top participants. On March 10th we’ll announce our top HHC participants and have some cool prizes. 

HHC WEEK ONE (JAN 2):  No Alcohol! Diablo has had a “Dry Caveman” competition every year since 2010. We are keeping the tradition alive. All you have to do is “Check the Box” on SugarWOD every day you don’t consume. More and more evidence has been published about the detrimental effects of alcohol on our metabolism, our brains, serotonin and overall health. Drinking also has the largest impact on weight gain for adults. If you think this is going to be very difficult for you, it may be time to examine your relationship with alcohol. 

(If you need ONE more reason to stop, here’s another incentive: Alcohol Is A Poison or Glyphosate In Beer & Wine)

TWEET OF THE WEEK: Start your New Year’s Fitness Resolution as if you are 70 years old. You’ll be way more likely to keep it going.



Jan Focus: 1.Skilled Barbell Lifts  2. Squats  Skills: Gymnastic
  • Video: Man Crush – Graciano Rubio Wants You To Get Your CrossFit Level 1 (WATCH TILL THE END!) Graciano owns CrossFit Valley View in Los Banos. He’s an incredibly impressive weightlifter and a passionate fan of CrossFit. Follow him on IG @wallstreetweightlifter
  • Podcast: The Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex – Brigham Buhler on Joe Rogan – This is a MUST-LISTEN episode. Brigham is a former pharma rep and now a pharmacy owner focused on health, wellness & restorative medicine. His stories about the Pharma industry will make you very motivated to stay healthy and, hopefully vote for change. 
  • Podcast – Rick Rubin: How to Access Your Creativity. This is a really cool podcast. I had some great takeaways, especially for my daughter, a digital artist. Rick is one of the most reknown music producers in modern times and has worked with a wide range of artists, from JayZ & Ye to Tom Petty and the Beastie Boys. 
  • Movie: The Sound of Freedom (Amazon Prime). This is a very suspenseful, well-produced TRUE story of one covering a very disturbing topic: child trafficking. SOF tells the story of one government agent, Tim Ballard, a father of five, who enbarks on a mission to rescue children from sex traffickers in Columbia. 
  • Finish With A Laugh: Just A Little Botox
Happy New Year!