Best Year Ever. Re-Open! Omission 22. New F!T. Hard Mtn Dew? Coach Trish Is Pregnant. TWA 1.03.22

Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year. Ralph Waldo Emerson

2021 was literally one of our best years ever at Diablo – more member visits, more PRs and more new members than any other single year, despite the challenges caused by the pandemic. As a result, I have tremendous hope for the future success of CrossFit, our affiliate and most importantly for the health of our community. We are “a lifeboat against a tsunami of chronic disease” and an island of “healthy normal” in a crazy abnormal world. 2022 may start a little rough, but we’ll gain momentum every week and soon, it will feel like 2019 all over again, only better.  Thank you to our coaches, support team and our community for making 2021 an amazingly successful year. 


COVID UPDATE.. AGAIN  For the first time in our history, Diablo CrossFit voluntarily closed for almost a week. A high number of positive Covid cases were reported to us from our staff and member community last weekend and Monday morning. In order to prevent further transmission and to give our staff a rest, we closed.
We will re-open tomorrow, Monday, January 3rd. Given the increasing number of Covid cases in our County and State, it is apparent that this version of the virus is more transmissible. Thus, we will take extra precautions for the safety of our community:

  • Class sizes are limited to 14 in the main gym and 6 in the Strong room.
  • Members must wait outside until their scheduled class time.
  • No more than 2 members allowed in the front room at the same time.
  • Members must exit the gym immediately after class.

As for my experience: symptoms were severe for the first 24 hours. Then, they slowly subsided over the next several days. By the end of the week, I was training (albeit lightly) and jogging with the dogs. Most of our staff experienced mild symptoms for a few days. Unfortunately, two have had a rough experience and are still miserable after 10-12 days. The bottom line is that the virus affects everyone uniquely (vaccinated or not), and a few have a much harder time than others.
I’ll gladly share my personal experience with you, if you’re interested – just ask or send me a message. If you get Covid, I highly recommend talking with your Doctor ASAP to request treatment protocols. A few people in our community visited the ER and were discharged with no treatment. Early treatment intervention is essential to a faster recovery. Don’t wait until it’s too late – especially if you have any breathing issues. Things that I found helpful: Vitamin D & C, Fish Oil and water with LMNT (sodium supplement).  I also walked as much as possible – 10-20min every few hours. If you have had asthma or pneumonia experience, you may want to keep an Oximeter on hand. Definitely have a thermometer.
I am highly confident we’ll get through this difficult period and return to normal before the Spring. Your support and patience are greatly appreciated.
NEW YEAR’S CHALLENGE:  Omission 22.  Beginning Monday, January 3rd, we are challenging our members to “Omission 22” – remove 2 things from your diet for 1 month:  sugar & alcohol. These two items have a significant impact on metabolism, health and weight. Both are addictive. Taking a month off will not be easy: sugar is found in most foods & beverages. And alcohol … well it’s almost an essential element of sporting events and social gatherings. Log your daily success on Sugarwod!
NEW & IMPROVED F!T M-F  Beginning this week, Progressive Programming F!T class programming is changing and will be on the schedule 5 days a week, Mon – Fri at 8AM. Every class will include a comprehensive warm-up in addition to the following:

  • Mon: Sweat Sessions. Usually 20-40min of aerobic endurance.
  • Tue/Thu: Traditional F!T – Core, Strength & finish with a Metcon
  • Wed: EMOM day
  • Fri: Benchmark day – a measurable, F!T-style workout that will repeat every 12 – 16 weeks.

Tweet of the Week:  A New Year’s Resolution is worthless without support from family & friends or, the emotional fortitude to not give af what they think or say.
December Focus:

  • Primary: Varied Lifts
  • Secondary: Barbell Cycling
  • Skill: Open Prep EMOMs

The week ahead:

CRAIG’S LIST (Stuff I’m Reading, Hearing, Watching, Using or Buying)
LOVING OUR NEW DIABLO HATS!  Produced by a cool hat company in Hawaii – referred by our friends at Brethren CrossFit.

The lines between beer, soda and spirits are blurring as beverage companies seek sales growthThis is a troubling trend in the alcoholic beverage industry and appears to be clearly targeting younger generations. Given obesity rates and rising rates of drug addictions, do we really need “Hard Mountain Dew?”
Coach Trish is PREGNANT! – UPDATE  – Coach Trish has moved back to Atlanta after her husband accepted a job promotion. Most of us have been following their multi-year IVF journey on her awesome blog (and in person). Well, just before her departure announcement, she and her husband announced their pregnancy, a huge accomplishment given their years of disappointments. Patrick (yes, it’s a boy!) is due in July.

Make it an awesome week!