It’s Magic. Juvenile Progress. The Open. Protein Recovery. Nasty Girls. The Week Ahead 1.09.23

Nasty Girls – Posted Dec 4, 2005:
  3 rounds for time of:

      • 50 squats
      • 7 muscle-ups
      • 135-lb hang power cleans, 10 reps

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” Thomas A. Edison


CrossFit has recently launched a series of articles and videos that do an incredible job of recognizing the heritage and science of the methodology while paying homage to the sport. If you haven’t read it yet, please take a moment to read Nicole Carrol’s article, The Magic of CrossFit: Defining the Formula. Nicole is the current GM of CrossFit & Director of CrossFit Training and a CrossFit OG. She more or less built and managed CrossFit’s incredible training certification program. 

While we all know that CrossFit changes lives through its amazing efficacy and powerful community, I think its important to know that it’s not just another workout methodology.  The real magic of CrossFit is in the “formula” that is supported by human physiology, by science and data, and by hundreds of thousands of individuals’ results over the last two decades. CrossFit works, and it is proven. And the community bond that develops within the affiliate walls is binding force that keeps us coming back again and again. 

Some people within the CrossFit world lament the popularity of the sport (& athletes) of CrossFit and consider it a distraction from the incredible life-saving stories from within the affiliates. But, I believe that the sport and the performances of the best athletes serve as evidence of the efficacy of the methodology and validation of a key tenet of CrossFit: that it is measurable and repeatable. Furthermore, the Games and the Open are unique and distinguishing characteristics of CrossFit that allow the global community to participate simultaneously to test their fitness against the their former selves and the world while connecting with the best of the best who are doing the same. The Open and the Games create fans of CrossFit the methodology and CrossFit the sport. 

Diablo CrossFit literally embodies the entire ethos of CrossFit from forging elite fitness to reversing and preventing chronic disease. At Diablo, we have had more than 57 athlete appearances at the CrossFit Games, including individuals, masters and teams. But that number pales against the thousands of lives positively changed (and saved) by the methodology over our 17 years. 

I’m excited by the future of CrossFit and Diablo CrossFit. 2022 was our best year of membership growth in our history and 2023 is starting off at an even faster pace which means: more lives changed and more fans of the sport. 3,2,1 Go!

ONE STEP CLOSER TO CHANGING JUVENILE LIVES – I was recently invited to participate in a Zoom call with multiple senior representatives from the County Judicial & Rehabilitation departments – including a Superior Court Judge, a County Sheriff and several division leaders – to talk about CrossFit’s very successful Juvenile probation  rehabilitation program at CrossFit Crave in Ohio. My goal is to establish a similar program at Diablo CrossFit for our Contra Costa County youth. Next up: an invitation to speak to the County Supervisors about our proposal!

HEALTHY HABITS CHALLENGE 2023  Our HHC runs from January 1st until the start of the CrossFit Games Open on Feb 16. Log your results on SugarWod each day! Prizes for top points earners at the end. 

  • No Alcohol 
  • Sleep 7 Hours
  • Workout Of The Day
  • Walk 15 Minutes
  • No Added Sugar (fruit ok)

THE OPEN IS COMING IN 39 DAYS!  Diablo will be hosting “Friday Night Lights” each week, bringing our community together to compete in the Open. And, in 2023 we’re bringing back the Intramural Open! Teams will be selected in the coming weeks and will compete for points based on:

  • Team member workout completion
  • Friday Night Lights participation
  • Individual performances for Open & Scaled
  • Judging!
  • Spirit of the Games. 
To participate, you must first register for The Open!

ROW’D ROYALTY STARTS THURSDAY!  If you want to get ready for the Open and test your fitness on the rower, register for our Row’d Royalty Competition. RR has more than 1500 participants representing 20+ countries around the world!  More information & registration

TWEET OF THE WEEK:   If you need motivation to stop a habit of eating crappy foods or drinking alcohol:

THE WEEK AHEAD:  January Calendar & Newsletter


The Magic of CrossFit: Defining The Formula – Brilliantly written article by OG Nicole Carroll which gives tremendous insight to the origins of CrossFit and the evolution of the company. It also lays the groundwork for CrossFit’s mission and future focus. 

Surviving Trauma With CrossFit – Yet another life-saving story from a CrossFit affiliate. “Its not an exercise program, its therapy” – from 365lbs to 210 and fit as heck!

Protein After Resistance Training – How Much Do You Need? – This is a IG post from one of my favs: @wod_science. They discuss a small study that showed improved recovery with increases in protein intake immediately after training. Interesting numbers. 

Podcast: Sevan with Dave Castro – Sevan hosts Dave in his “studio” for a fun banter about CrossFit, the changes and some serious talk about CF management, and Hero workouts.

Have you seen Nasty Girls? Do you even CrossFit?  This OG workout with Nicole, Annie and Eva was recently reposted on the CrossFit workout of the day blog. It was first posted on Dec 4, 2005 and was a monumental moment in the history of CrossFit – demonstrating the incredible fitness results AND the power and strength of CrossFit women. 

Make it an awesome week!