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The Science Behind the Magic of CrossFit

“The patterns of our lives reveal us. Our habits measure us.”  Mary Oliver

COMBATING CHILDHOOD OBESITY WITH DRUGS & SURGERY  I was saddened and upset to read that the American Academy of Pediatrics announced last week that children struggling with obesity should be evaluated and treated early and aggressively, including with medications for kids as young as 12 and surgery for those as young as 13. This announcement falls on the heels of recent FDA approvals of weight loss drugs Saxenda and Wegovy for children. While disheartened, I understand and, I concede that I must agree with the AAP’s recommendations. Here’s why:

Changes To The Modern American Diet Will Take Many Years  –  The American food industry has been built upon the demand for low-cost, calorie-dense, long shelf-life nutrition for a large population. Our ability to feed our nation without reliance upon other countries has contributed to our stature as the most powerful country in the world. But, our low cost, calorie-dense, processed foods have greatly contributed to our current obesity crisis. Food and beverage companies have essentially hacked the human brain to create incredibly desirable foods and drinks that are insanely accessible and affordable, especially for children. And, since the majority of food and beverages in our country are produced by a small number of very large corporate conglomerates, they have significant influence over Government regulations or recommendations regarding consumption. A recent hilarious example is the new Food Pyramid chart released by Tufts University – the result of a 3 year Government funded study – which shows Lucky Charms as more nutritious than a boiled egg or ground beef. Neither political party appears motivated to make the necessary changes to positively affect human health in our Country.

Diet and Exercise Are Hard, Time-Consuming and Expensive – For most of us reading this email, fitness and healthy nutrition are a lifestyle. We’ve allocated part of our day to the necessary chores for maintaining our fitness and nutrition – exercising, walking, stretching, food shopping, meal prep etc. And, the reality is that most of us are still working on these things. However, for many Americans, especially lower income families, the time and expense necessary to transition to a healthy lifestyle are out of reach. Certainly it is very possible for an individual or family to make a healthy diet & exercise transition with little to no increase in spending (maybe even savings) but, education and incentives are essential. I believe our Government can and should help – but, it’s not a priority.. yet.

Emotional Food Issues Are Real – I don’t pretend to fully understand the human psyche concerning food, but I do know a lot about alcohol and drug addiction – and they’re not too different. Many people are trapped in a viscous cycle that they cannot break without professional help and medication. And, to make matters worse, many food (and drug) addictions are the net effect of childhood trauma – emotional or physical. 

Drugs & Surgery May Be A Good Start – For someone suffering from extreme obesity, diet and exercise will yield small changes over long periods of time but the cravings will continue. Medication to suppress biological or psychological cravings have proven successful for many. Bariatric surgery has proven successful to create accelerated weight loss as well. Accelerated positive changes are helpful to establish longterm behavior changes in my opinion. 

But for kids? Yes. Childhood obesity is an incredible health risk often leading to a lifetime of diabetes and other chronic illnesses. And, worse, childhood obesity often leads to emotional and psychological issues especially depression and anxiety

So while I am saddened that we are resorting to drugs and surgery to save our kids from obesity, I concede that it may be a good start to a longer term solution: lifestyle change.

HEALTHY HABITS CHALLENGE 2023  Our HHC runs from January 1st until the start of the CrossFit Games Open on Feb 16. Log your results on SugarWod each day! Prizes for top points earners at the end. 

THE OPEN IS COMING IN 32 DAYS!  Diablo will be hosting “Friday Night Lights” each week, bringing our community together to compete in the Open. And, we’re number 1 in participation among affiliates on the West Coast. But, we need more!  Register for The Open!

ROW’D ROYALTY WORKOUT 23.1!  Coach Jamie Lee (@prsallday) is programming the 2023 Row’d Royalty online rowing competition. Workout 23.1 has been released. Results must be submitted by Monday, Jan 16th at 5PM PT. Visit our website for the workout details! 

TWEET OF THE WEEK:   If you started CrossFit to compete in CrossFit you’ve likely missed the point. (but that’s ok, just visit an affiliate)

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Podcast: Understanding CrossFit –  CrossFit asked me to read one of the original CrossFit Journals that defines CrossFit the methodology. It’s about 8 minutes and a really good read.. or, listen in this case. And, damn, reading this for a podcast was a lot harder than I thought!

Study: New Guidance: Use Drugs, Surgery Early for Obesity in Kids. – See my commentary above.

Podcast: Rogan Podcast Peter Zeihan – Holy crap! This was a mind-blowing episode. I highly recommend. If you want to understand the Russia/Ukraine war, China’s economic & resource crisis, the power of the US, while gaining an incredibly different global outlook than conventional wisdom – take a listen to this one. It is outstanding and frankly, a bit frightening. Peter is is a geopolitical strategist and author. His latest book is “The End of the World is Just the Beginning: Mapping the Collapse of Globalization

Inspiration: Legends Class at CrossFit Globe Cobre Valley – this crew of amazing athletes is 73-80 years old!

Study: Gut Bacteria Affect Brain Health – I think gut-microbiome health will be the next big area of discovery for many cures.

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Make it an awesome week!