Team Success! Hold The Standard. 3 Reasons To Join The Open. Fast! El Molino. New Tech. TWA 1.15.24

Team NorCal Boyz, Coach Jackson, former Diablo Coach Mike Olivas (CF Kindrid) and Isaac Encinas (CF 916) finished in 16th /40 in the Rx Team Division.
Team PRsAllDay: Coach Cole Gravitt, member Sean Reifel and former member Nate McCallion rallied in epic fashion to finish 2nd overall (Podium!!) after starting the event in 23rd on the first day. 

“New Goals Don’t Deliver New Results. New Lifestyles Do.”
James Clear, Atomic Habits


  • Hold the Standard: the importance of maintaining movement standards in the gym
  • OPEN Registration is live
  • We’re Fasting 24 Hours!
  • Workouts this Week: Open 15.1

HOLD THE STANDARD – This weekend I traveled to Miami to attend the Wodapalooza Fitness Festival and Competition and participate on an affiliate owner a panel. On Saturday morning, I was invited to participated in a workout at Noah Ohlsen’s gym which proved to be an incredible experience. Our coach was one of CrossFit’s finest – OG, Flow-Master, and Level 4 coach Denise Thomas who is often featured on CrossFit’s social media. After the workout, she gave an incredibly inspiring speech to all of us, including CrossFit senior management, about “holding the standard” for movement quality.

Upholding proper standards for correct movement patterns that deliver superior strength, fitness while preventing injury is a unique and distinguishing characteristic of CrossFit. No other methodology compares. 

I have more to say, but a CrossFit coach I know said it best on her IG

“CrossFit’s goal extends far beyond moving health biomarkers in a more positive direction. To some, CrossFit may sound a bit cultish in the way they espouse their methodology, their ideals for the communities, and even their terminology like ‘the standard’. Come to know they WHY behind what they do, and you’ll be able to respect it on an entirely new level.

Greg Glassman once said that ‘The most important change that takes place in CrossFit is between the ears’.

By upholding movement standards (and we can all see the spiritual and moral parallels here), we are holding ourselves accountable to lose our ego and maintain the integrity of the movement (i.e. the points of performance). This looks like loading appropriately to 1) attain the intended stimulus for the workout and 2) to uphold the mechanics for safely and soundly executing the movement at high intensities (under duress). We are looking for A+ times with a minimum of A- mechanics.

This is why coaches go through the movement standards at the beginning of every class, encourage proper scaling, and correct and cue any major errors or faults DURING the workout. It keeps you safe, but it also keeps you practicing the mechanics well and, literally, getting stronger because of it.

One of the things I’m most proud of among every single one of you is how receptive you are to making those tweaks and corrections and, frankly because of this, how well you all move through your workouts.

I hope you never find coaching overbearing or misread the why behind it. It was one of my biggest insecurities when I started coaching, until I genuinely started to understand how powerful coaching could be to develop someone’s abilities well and consistently.”

Well said. 

CrossFit Open Registration is Live! Here’s 3 reasons why you should register:

  1. You vs. Past You The Open is a great way to measure your fitness vs. your past self! Diablo’s daily workout programming (PRsAllDay) is intended to prepare us for the Open every year – now’s the time to see how far you’ve come! If it’s your first Open, then you’ll be establishing your baseline for Future You.
  2. CrossFit Needs Our Help  The Open is the LARGEST worldwide community fitness event. Our participation inspires others to join the fun and for many, to try CrossFit for the first time. Participating helps share the excitement and fun. The bigger the Open – the better for CrossFit!
  3. Fun AF. The Open is an incredible member event that unites our community for a shared cause! You’ll have a great workout with lots of fans and have an opportunity to judge or cheer for our competition athletes as they try to make it to the next level of competition.

** Register for the Open HERE! **


We’re in the middle of our 7 week Healthy Habits Challenge. Be sure to check the box on Sugarwod if you nailed your habit for the day. 

  • HHC Stack 1No Alcohol! .. This is going to be on until the END (March 3rd).
  • HHC 24hr Challenge 1: 24hours with NO SOCIAL MEDIA… harder than you think.
  • HHC Stack 2: Turn OFF all screen electronics (phone, computer, TV, etc) at least 1 hour before bedtime. 
  • HHC 24hr Challenge 2: Fast!
  • HHC Stack 3 (begins Monday):  “PIiability” on SugarWOD – Change the Track to “ROMWOD” and follow along with the Daily Pliabiltiy Video (min 15 minutes) 

TWEET OF THE WEEK:  “Running on a treadmill every day will not prepare us to carry our kids out of a burning building, and doing nothing but biceps curls and leg presses will not help us get up off the ground after a fall when we’re old.”  (Repost from @crossfit)



Jan Focus: 1.Skilled Barbell Lifts  2. Squats  Skills: Gymnastic

Make it an amazing week!