Fail, Fail, Win. HHC: Gratitude. 19.5🤢. 93=40. Kooza. TWA 1.22.24

There is a pot of fitness gold at the end of this rainbow.

“Obsessed is a word that the lazy use to describe the dedicated”


  • Get up. Get back on.
  • 24HR Challenge: Register for the Open
  • Workouts this Week: Open 19.5 (!!)
  • What is Fitness. 93=40. Kooza

IF YOU FALL OFF THE HORSE. GET BACK ON, AGAIN AND AGAIN  Habits are like skills we learn in the gym. When you practice, the skill gets easier until you become proficient. If you fail at double-unders, pull ups, or muscle ups, stopping will not make you better. You must continue to try, and maybe, ask for help. Learning from others who have mastered a skill (read: habit) will likely help you to your goal faster. 

Don’t stop our Habit Challenge if you fail. Just re-start.. again & again until it sticks. Most people will tell you, new healthy habits take lots of fails to finally stick. Join in when you can – especially for the 24hr Challenges. At the end (March 3rd) – you might find you have a new healthy habit for life – or maybe a few!

Put aside your fears, your inhibitions and maybe your ego… Join the Diablo Community in the CrossFit Open! Register for the Open HERE!

  • HHC 24hr Challenge 1: 24hours with NO SOCIAL MEDIA
  • HHC 24hr Challenge 2: Fast!
  • HHC 24hr Challenge 3: Register for the OPEN!

At the start or end of everyday, take 5 minutes to reflect upon 4-5 (or more) things in your life that you are grateful for. Write them down somewhere. Check the box on SugarWod!

  • HHC Stack 1: No Alcohol!
  • HHC Stack 2: Turn OFF all screen electronics 1 hour before bedtime. 
  • HHC Stack 3: “PIiability” on SugarWOD
  • HHC Stack 4: Practice Gratitude.
TWEET OF THE WEEK:  What CrossFit Can Bring You: 🧠 Mind-Body Connection 🌊 Stress Management 🗣️ Social Community 🚀 Belief in Yourself 😊 Mood Enhancement 🎯 Goal-Setting and Achievement 📚 Continuous Learning 💚 Health

Jan Focus: 1.Skilled Barbell Lifts  2. Squats  Skills: Gymnastic
  • ARTICLE: At 93, he’s as fit as a 40-year-old  – Richard Morgan is a 4-Time Champion indoor rower. And, he lifts weights regularly. He’s also the subject of a study that demonstrated his amazing physiological characteristics created by his fitness regimen.
  • PODCAST/ARTICLE: What Is Fitness? This is the audio version of the iconic CrossFit Journal Article with the same name, authored by Greg Glassman in October, 2002. I HIGHLY recommend this article. Fitness lacked a clear, measurable definition until defined in this excellent article. 
  • EVENT: Cirque Du Soleil Kooza – Yvonne, Alana and I have always enjoyed the Cirque shows and Kooza did not disappoint. As CrossFitters, we appreciate human performance, gymnastic skills and shows of strength and the performers at Cirque Du Soleil were the epitome of human performance: the high wire, unicycle balance, rotating gymnastic wheels and teeter board acts were amazing. 
Make it an amazing week!


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