Moderation is King. Hike. 22.1. Scarcity. Mas Protein Mas Muscle. American Nightmare ūü§Į TWA 1.29.24

Its that time again… join us:

“Embrace short-term discomfort to find a longterm benefit.”
Michael Easter, Scarcity Brain


  • Moderation Is King.
  • 24HR Challenge: Hike 1Hr.
  • Workouts this Week: Open 22.1
  • Scarcity Brain & American Nightmare

A CALORIE IS A CALORIE (and, the best diet is moderation)
I’m most of the way done with the book, Scarcity Brain by Michael Easter (also author of The¬†Comfort Crisis).¬†Scarcity Brain offers a unique look at behavior patterns of modern humans – theorizing that today’s behavior patterns and habits¬†are the result of our ancestor’s scarcity mindset. It’s a very good read.¬†

I really enjoyed Easter’s discussion on on food, our diet habits and the chronic disease crisis. Roughly 60% of all Americans have 1 chronic disease. Cardiovascular disease is the number 1 cause of death. 40% of Americans are obese. Almost all of these are directly linked our food consumption. As Easter points out in his book, as American’s average daily calorie consumption has increased over the last 50 years, so has cardiovascular disease. We consume more calories per day on average than any other time history. And, as Easter points out, it doesn’t really matter where the calories came from.

Make whatever arguments you’d like about sugar, ultra-processed foods, carbs, fats, protein,¬†fast-food, vegan, or carnivore – the bottom line is that¬†if you consistently eat more calories than your body needs, over time you will gain weight and become unhealthy. A calorie is a calorie. As Easter writes, during WW2¬†Norwegians rationed food supplies¬†experienced a measurable national decline in cardiovascular disease.¬†

However, it IS much easier, and likely more enjoyable, to consume excessive ultra-processed foods because of taste, calorie density, texture, etc. Whole foods, on the other hand, are more filling, less calorie dense and digest more slowly. Thus, it is more difficult to consume excessive calories of whole foods. As Easter points out, an apple contains about 100 calories Рbut rarely does anyone over-eat apples, primarily because they also contain a considerable amount of water and other nutrients. On the other hand, a single Krispy Kreme donut has about 200 calories and melts in your mouth, and is not filling at all. One donut is never enough.

As you think about your nutrition and health in 2024, try to devise simple self-management techniques to¬†consume calories in moderation. Eat more whole foods, take more time to prepare meals from scratch,¬†eliminate calorie-dense, ultra process foods from your diet, try time-restricted eating, drink more water, etc. And, of course, don’t forget about the other side of the “calories in / calories out” equation:¬† move more throughout the day.¬†


  • HHC 24hr Challenge 1:¬†24hours with NO SOCIAL MEDIA
  • HHC 24hr Challenge 2:¬†Fast!
  • HHC 24hr Challenge 3: Register for the OPEN!
  • HHC 24hr Challenge 4: Go for a Hike! (1hr in nature, no headphones)

HEALTHY HABITS STACK #5: No Ultra-Processed Foods!

  • HHC Stack 1:¬†No Alcohol!
  • HHC Stack 2:¬†Turn OFF all screen electronics 1 hour before bedtime.¬†
  • HHC Stack 3:¬†“PIiability” on SugarWOD
  • HHC Stack 4: Practice Gratitude
  • HHC Stack 5: No Ultra-Processed Foods


Jan Focus: 1.Skilled Barbell Lifts  2. Squats  Skills: Gymnastic
Feb Focus:  1. Technical Lifts  2. Squats. Skills: Open Prep Emoms


  • ARTICLE:¬†More Protein, More Muscle.¬†¬†Dr. Peter Attia on a new study that’s making the rounds on social media re:¬†maximizing protein for muscle growth. Conventional wisdom says there are limits to protein synthesis for growth post workout: 20-30g, about 2-3hrs after exercise. New research suggests the numbers might be higher! In other words, the body can synthesize MORE protein for muscle growth than previously thought.¬†
  • BOOK:¬†Scarcity Brain, Michael Easter¬†– Audible.¬†(See my comments above) I really enjoyed Easter’s first book: the Comfort Crisis – a great read on the importance of doing hard things for physical & mental health & happiness. Scarcity Brain explains our ancestral¬†survival habits that greatly influence our modern behaviors and how we can leverage them to improve our lives and health.¬†
  • !!NETFLIX!!:¬†¬†American Nightmare – Docuseries.¬†HIGHLY RECOMMEND! This one will blow your mind. It is a TRUE STORY about a Vallejo couple who reported a bizarre home invasion and kidnapping to police – and the viral social media events that followed. The presentation of events and editing are incredibly well done. Every episode (3 total) will leave you shaken, confused, angry and surprised.¬†¬†

Make it an amazing week!