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The Open Begins Feb 24. We're In!

“Be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future. The choice is yours.”  Deepak Chopra


The Open begins on February 24th. It is the first step on the long road to the CrossFit Games. It is simple: 1 workout a week, for 3 weeks. It is open to EVERYONE. Diablo has a long history of participation at every level of the competition, especially the Open. Every year hundreds of our members join in the fun and competition.

This year, we are bringing back our Friday Night Lights events: we will all come together for the workout with back-to-back heats from 4PM until 8:30PM. It is an absolute blast – and a positive experience that will remain with you for life. A few years back I posted 8 reasons to participate – I’ve updated them for this year’s Open:

So, why should you participate?

1. Experience the adrenaline rush of competition.

Many of us have never felt what it was like to compete in sports during our youth. Maybe you weren’t the “athletic kid” growing up. Sure, you probably had plenty of extracurriculars, but the feeling of going head-to-head with your peers on a physical playing field is one that must be experienced firsthand. And what better place to step outside your comfort zone than within the familiar walls of Diablo.

2. Meet your fellow Diablo Athletes.

We all know this is so much more than just a gym. We get to know each other. We make friends. We cheer for each other by name. But what about the members on opposite schedules from yours? Get to know the early risers, the night owls, the weekend warriors. Our Saturday Main Event is basically one big mixer, full of all the people with whom you share at least one very key interest.

3. Break through mental and physical barriers.

Can’t do double-unders? Never touched your toes to a bar before? Get ready to astound yourself. The Open has a way of drawing us out of our self-imposed shells and showing us what we’re truly capable of. Plus, there’s no cherry picking during the Open. Those movements we may subconsciously–or not so subconsciously–avoid won’t be denied, and being forced to face them head on can open new doors for our fitness. And remember, the Scaled Open is just as much fun!

4. You’re signing up for 3 weeks of challenging yourself, proving your mettle, and having a blast.

It’s not just a workout, it’s preparing for the unknown, checking the leaderboard for your score, stepping onto the same playing field as the fittest in the world and cheering for our Diablo athletes who are making this their life goal.

5. Because you’re good enough.

The beauty of the Open is that it truly is for everyone and it includes scaled, Masters, and adaptive athlete divisions. Trust me, the most thrilling moments of the Open–the ones that live on vividly in our memories–belong to those who achieve their first pull up, double under, Toes-to-bar or handstand pushup – or PR on a barbell lift..

6. It just might inspire you–or you might inspire others.

No matter which end of the fitness spectrum you currently find yourself on, I guarantee that if you show up and pour your all into the week’s WOD, people will notice. You may find yourself with your very own cheering section. FNL is further proof that we WANT each other to succeed, and that success is measured on a scale completely unique to each of us.

7. This is a journey, and we’re on it together.

We work out with each other nearly every day. We’ve been there through the PRs, the benchmarks, even the setbacks. It’s only fitting to be there for each other now – no matter what capacity.

Regardless of how long you’ve been CrossFitting or your (perceived) ability level, hopefully one of the reasons rings true for you, and you take it to heart when we say, “Yes, the Open is for everyone!” The magic that unfolds within Diablo’s walls must be experienced to be believed. Whatever your reasons, we sincerely hope you’ll be there with us as we carry on this awesome tradition of celebrating the spirit of competition and community.

8. It’s The First Step Out of The Pandemic
I truly believe the hardest step is the first step – overcoming our fear. Coming together to do the Open on Friday Nights will be our First Step back to normal life – coming together as a community for a common goal. Let’s do this!

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DIABLO BREAK-IN  On Friday night, two thugs broke into Diablo Unfortunately We had a break in last night. Two thugs came in through a Strong room window and ransacked our ProShop, Lockers and Office. Sadly, we lost our new Canon R6 and podcast studio gear. Fortunately we are insured!

We’re not the only small business to experience something like this – it is literally part of being a small business. However, coupled with the pandemic, shut-downs, and mandates, it is particularly frustrating. We make two steps forward and take two steps back.

But, our resolve remains. We are fighting chronic disease, building immunity and improving mental health – one class at a time and one day at a time. We will survive and thrive.

Thank you for all of your support and very kind messages.

HELP US FIND THE CRIMINALS – Check out these pictures and videos. If you recognize or have seen these individuals, email me or, contact the PHill police. Case #22-00324

And Diablo member Amanda Hari, of KRON4 did a really nice piece for us that aired on the news on Saturday! Check it out here.

ROW’D ROYALTY 22.2 SCORES ARE DUE MON AT 3PM PT!  The workout is called: “Twosday 2022” and is a LEG BURNER. It should be called “Quads on Fire!”   22 intervals of:  20s on and 20s rest. Scores are:  A: Total Meters, B: Meters for Interval 2, and (C) Meters for Interval 20.  Submit your scores here.

TWEET OF THE WEEK (Retweet): “If you scare people enough, they will demand removal of freedom. This is the path to tyranny.”  Elon Musk

WORKOUTS –  February Focus:  Calendar /   Newsletter

  • Primary: Varied Heavy Lifts
  • Secondary: Dumbbell Cycling
  • Skill: Open Open Prep EMOMs

From Coach Jamie Lee @prsallday:  “With the CrossFit Games Open Season starting in just a few weeks, we will continue with our Open Prep with more constantly varied lifts and Open EMOMs.This month we will see a shift in the volume as we get closer to the end of the month. The EMOMs will be “short” but high intensity, monostructural metcons on the bike or the rower after the Primary and Secondary strength days. The goal is to push for hard intensity without piling on the volume of reps which would beat our bodies down and increase the risk of an injury. We want to head into the open with a fresh, healthy body and truly test our fitness amongst the rest of the CrossFit Community. For the athletes planning to move on in the season to the quarterfinals, our RX Plus track on SugarWOD has additional volume for the athletes to increase their training and intensity.”

The week ahead:

CRAIG’S LIST (Stuff I’m Reading, Hearing, Watching, Using or Buying)

Act Outside The Box  Tedx talk – very cool. Our physical lives have been reduced to a 2’ x 3’ box. That physical (& mental) limitation has impacted our physical and mental health. Jeff Jucha, owner of West Little Rock CrossFit in Little Rock, Arkansas, shares a very cool story of one of his members that expanded that box (via CrossFit) to fight cancer, care for her husband and lose more than 100lbs.

Just Move. If most people started walking 10 extra minutes a day, it could prevent more than 111,000 deaths every year, according to new study.  I’ve been preaching this over the last several months – and now another new study has been published that supports the simple premise that just moving (ie, walking) can substantially improve health and longevity. It is also an incredibly easy way to start a habit of fitness for life. Start by walking around the block once a day. Then, when you’re ready, increase the distance or frequency. Oh, and tell your friends and family to do the same!

Ozark – Season 4 – Dark, Family, Drugs, Redneck, Cartel drama series / pulp fiction. Amazing characters. Brutal situations. Great acting.

It’s Impossible To Be Motivated All of The TIme:  Do The Open.

Make it an awesome week!