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On Saturday, Diablo was honored to host the “Working with Larger Body Athletes” Coach Training Seminar hosted by the amazing Athena Perez and her awesome Coach Kim.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Benjamin Franklin

OBESITY: YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW   On Saturday, Diablo CrossFit hosted the new training certification seminar for coaches: Working With Larger Body Athletes (LBA). Four Diablo Coaches and I attended – and we’re blown away by: what we didn’t know and by what we learned. The knowledge gained and the eye-opening experience will pay interest for many years – to our coaches, our community and especially to larger body athletes who walk through our doors.

The LBA seminar was led by Athena Perez, ScaledNation Founder, CrossFit Level 2 Coach, and LBA. Athena walked into a CrossFit gym about 7 years ago at 450lbs and over the next few years, she lost more than 240lbs. Her incredible and heart-wrenched story was captured in a 9 minute YouTube video for CrossFit: Famished, Force-Fed, 450lbs and Finally Fit. (I encourage everyone to watch it – it will blow your mind.).  

Athena led the 1st half of the full-day seminar and dove deep in the root causes of chronic obesity, including: nutrition, socioeconomic issues, hormones, lifestyle factors, sleep, physical conditions, mental health, emotional & physical trauma, etc. Frankly, it was overwhelming – leaving all of us wondering how we could possibly make a difference. Athena’s solution: “CrossFit”. But, for CrossFit to work, WE have to make it welcoming, safe, scalable and fun. Our goal as coaches, according to Athena, is NOT to reverse obesity. Instead our goal is to keep LBAs coming back for more. CrossFit works. The rest will fall into place. 

Athena’s partner and Head Coach of Scaled Nation, Kim Labora (CF L3 & former LBA)  was also on hand to instruct us on amazing scaling strategies for LBAs. We began by wearing weighted “obese” pouches and completed exercises replicating the feeling of being severely obese. This was incredibly revealing for all of us. We learned to “scale forward” with 20-30 levels of scaling to provide small wins. We modified air bikes and rowers to accommodate LBAs so that they can participate in ALL movements in class. We adjusted barbell lifts to work around larger bodies – with myriad scaling options that we’d never before considered. 

By the end of the day, we were all very inspired and very motivated to share our knowledge. I and our Diablo Coaches are ready for LBAs.

OCT 14 – FALL CLASSIC – WEIGHTLIFTING EVENT – ALL MEMBERS INVITED! Coach Carrie and Amy have put together Diablo CrossFit’s FIRST EVER, USA WEIGHTLIFTING SANCTIONED EVENT to be held at Diablo on Sat, Oct 14th from 11A – 5PM. 

VETERANS DAY HERO WORKOUT: “CHAD” – On November 11th, Diablo CrossFit will join the CrossFit & GoRuck communities to do the Hero Workout: “Chad”.  


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  2. Cancer
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  5. Obesity
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