Tell A Friend. New Coach. CF & Coronary Plaque! Weed & Heart Attacks. KISS. TWA 10.09.23

Welcome, Alessandro! 
Chad’s new PT client is pumped to start CrossFit!!

“You have power over your mind — not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.” Marcus Aurelius

TELL A FRIEND ABOUT CROSSFIT  Recently, Diablo shared an Instagram post from Affiliate Owner Joe Nehls – CrossFit Kenosha, in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Joe has challenged himself and other affiliate owners to recruit 30 members in 30 days. His method is direct, including visits to Walmart & Lululemon and walking busy streets holding a sign overhead. Even better, he’s publishing his very entertaining experiences on YouTube. He’s passionate about his endeavor because he is genuinely trying to change lives and cure chronic disease.

The fact is that the health and fitness industry is losing the battle of obesity and chronic disease in this Country. We all know the numbers, more than 40% of Americans are obese. 60% of Americans have at least one chronic disease, like heart disease and stroke, cancer, or diabetes. Chronic disease is the #1 cause of death for Americans. And, the cost to all of us in incredible: almost $120b a year.

But, CrossFit affiliate owners have a solution: CrossFit cures chronic disease. And, a substantial amount of credible research supports this. Here’s just a few of the hundreds of recent reports:

So, what can WE do to turn the tide of chronic disease? Be like Joe. We can talk about CrossFit to our friends, our family, or anyone who asks about our fitness. We all know the amazing fitness and health benefits – and mental health benefits. And, we know the power of our community. Just tell them what CrossFit has done for you.

Just 1 person a day. That’s all. No sales pitch needed. I’m committing to telling 1 person a day in my daily life outside the gym. It may be awkward, but I speak the truth: CrossFit works. Join me.

WELCOME COACH MADDIE!   Madelin Griffin comes to Diablo from United Barbell in SF and, prior to that, CrossFit Talisman in the UK. She has almost 4 years under her belt as a CrossFit Level2 Certified Coach, with British Olympic Lifting Certification as well. She’s also a competitive CrossFit athlete. Maddie just completed her Observe & Assist with Diablo and will be stepping up as a class coach this week! 

FINAL DAYS TO REGISTER: OCT 14 – FALL CLASSIC – WEIGHTLIFTING EVENT! Coach Carrie and Amy have put together Diablo CrossFit’s FIRST EVER, USA WEIGHTLIFTING SANCTIONED EVENT to be held at Diablo on Sat, Oct 14th from 11A – 5PM. 


TWEET OF THE WEEK:   Attention activists: if you want to block traffic to save humanity, start with the drive through at a fast food restaurant.

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  • ** Amazing New Heart Research ** HIIT exercise reduces coronary plaques! This is incredible, because coronary plaque accumulation has mostly been deemed irreversible. “In patients with established CAD, a regression of atheroma volume was observed in those undergoing 6 months of supervised HIIT compared with patients following contemporary preventive guidelines.”
  • Article: Smoking Pot Bad For Your Heart? The rapid growth of the medical marijuana market has most people celebrating. But, new research suggests that pot may not be great for your heart – as reported in a recent research report. However, Peter Attia, MD points out that the study may be flawed and, there’s not a lot of clinical data yet. 
  • Article: Living an Uncomplicated Life – I really enjoyed this article and took it as a friendly reminder to avoid overcommitting. The author provides some easy to follow tips for reducing complexity in our day-to-day lives.

Make it an awesome week!