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JACKED! Diablo athlete Sean Reifel competed in his first weightlifting competiton this weekend – the Fall Classic, Diablo’s first OFFICIAL USAW competition. 

“At the end of the day, we can endure much more than we think we can.” Frida Kahlo

SUPPORT & LOVE FOR ISRAEL:  To the members of our community with friends and family in Israel, I sincerely hope that they are safe and unharmed. It is impossible for me to fully comprehend the horrific attack and the continuing violence waged upon the Jewish community that has persisted for hundreds, if not thousands of years. The only solace I can provide is the welcoming support from the loving community at Diablo where race and religion are invisible. May the violence end soon and peace return to your country.

MY ROUTINE: SIMPLE (BUT NOT EASY)  My friend, Miranda Alcaraz and her husband, Julian, have started using the phrase “simple, but not easy” to describe their approach to fitness, nutrition & lifestyle habits – especially for their amazing online fitness business, Street Parking (At-Home version of CrossFit). When I read Miranda’s recent IG post about “simple, but not easy” it resonated with me immediately: “challenging ourselves in ways that are simple enough to build a solid base of consistency is [..] crucial for any results you achieve to be sustained.”  Julian and Miranda run a very successful online fitness business and media company, while raising three kids and staying in fantastic shape.

Yvonne and I have essentially relied upon the same principals as Miranda: as much as possible, we keep our fitness, nutrition and lifestyle simple, while accepting and challenge ourselves to do the things that are not easy. For example, my fitness routine is very simple (but not “easy”):

  • Daily AM: Walk, run or ruck with my dogs every morning before 7AM for about an hour (6k+ steps while fasted!).
  • 4-5 x Week: CrossFit – 2 days-on, 1-off schedule. 
  • Daily PM: Walk dogs 15-20mins (2k+ steps – no more eating after)
To accomplish the above, I have to go to bed at a reasonable hour (sometimes a struggle), dress for the weather, and stop all other activities. The “hard” part is often just starting. Once I take my first few steps, or start my CF warm-up, I slide into the activity easily. The best part is the sense of accomplishment when finished. By the way, “fasted walking” in the AM (a little black coffee is ok) and the PM walking after eating are a brilliant way to reduce blood glucose and accelerate fat loss. 

For nutrition, admittedly, I have it pretty easy because Yvonne does our weekly meal prep. However, I put together my own breakfast (and scavenge my mid-day snacks). Here’s what my nutrition looks like (side note: I love Miranda’s rules):
  • Early AM: 1 cup coffee (black)
  • Breakfast (after 9A):  Either – a shake comprised of bone broth (TJs), 30g of protein, 1/2 frozen banana & 1/3 cup greek yogurt, OR:  greek yogurt with 30g protein and berries.
  • Lunch/Dinner: A meat protein (chicken, hamburger, flank, salmon, steak, etc), plus a carb (white rice, broccoli, etc), plus a veggie (avocado, tomatoes, salad).  Yvonne packs these into sealable bowls for re-heating: simple, fast, satisfying… but not easy.
  • Snacks: I do my best to avoid sugars (a weakness), and usually go for a Perfect Bar, an RxBar, popcorn, cheese, and mixed nuts. This one is the “not easy” part of my nutrition.
  • Alcohol: 1-2 drinks (Kombucha!) per week. 
Nobody said it would be easy. But, if you keep it simple, it becomes do-able. It’s working great for me and Yvonne. 

PICHELLI’S ENDURANCE CAPACITY CLINIC RETURNS!  Sandra’s 6 week endurance program was a big hit last year – with some amazing performance improvements by every participant. This 6 week program will include TWO small group training & testing clinics along with customized a endurance training program for each athlete. In 2023, average endurance capacity improvements for all athletes was 20% or more. 

  • Start Date: October 30
  • Technique & Testing Small Group Clinic 1:  Week of Oct 30-Nov 5
  • Final Re-Test: Dec 7-10
  • Clinic size: Max 8 Athletes
  • Purchase on the Diablo App (Specialty Clinic), Online or at the Front Desk.


TWEET OF THE WEEK:  “CrossFit condemns the acts of violence being carried out by the terrorist group Hama, which have resulted in the loss of innocent lives. Our hearts go out to the members of the CrossFit community who have been directly affected and those across the glove who are grieving as a result of this tragedy. We stand united against evil and hatred.”

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