Amazing Grace. Fall Classic Pics. Cheap Shoes. CF QB. Care. House of Usher & 1923. TWA 10.23.23

Amazing “Grace” – 30 Clean & Jerks for Time for A Worthy Cause. Saturday. 

“The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more.” Jonas Salk


AMAZING GRACE – OUR ANNUAL CHARITY – Every year at the end of October, our Diablo Community comes together to do the CrossFit benchmark workout: “Grace” (30 Clean & Jerks for time #95/135). Our members make charitable donations to participate in the workout which are matched by Diablo CrossFit and given to the chosen organization. Every year, our Diablo community raises thousands of dollars for a meaningful charity to help others in need. We choose and vet a charity where our contributions can have an immediate beneficial impact. This year, we have chosen to support a CrossFit Coach & Manager at CrossFit Ceretus in Clovis who was recently left paralyzed after an accident.

On June 19thCrossFit Coach James Sharanick, CrossFit Certus in Clovis was in a terrible mountain bike accident that has left him paralyzed from the neck down. Fortunately, he did not sever his spinal cord, but the compression of discs has left him unable to move functionally in all four limbs. He is bed ridden and dealing with complications, including severe bed sores. His family, wife, son & daughter are caring for James at home. He is hopeful that in time, he’ll be able to move functionally again, but he needs financial help for transportation & physical therapy care now. James’ story and and his incredibly positive attitude are inspiring. Watch his interview / podcast here

James is the manager and Head Coach at CrossFit Certus. His transformation story is incredible: he started CrossFit about 4 years ago, weighing more than 500lbs! James completely changed his nutrition and lifestyle and lost more than 200 pounds. Still on his transformation journey, James had his unfortunate accident that has left him bed-ridden and fully dependent upon his family for care. Your donations for Amazing Grace will have an immediate impact on his care and recovery.

Registration for Amazing Grace opens on Monday!

FALL CLASSIC PICS!  Diablo Photographer Chris Pagano posted his pics from the Fall Classic Weightlifting Comp last week.

PICHELLI’S ENDURANCE CAPACITY CLINIC RETURNS!  This 6 week program will include TWO small group training & testing clinics along with customized a endurance training program for each athlete. 

  • Start Date: October 30
  • Technique & Testing Small Group Clinic 1:  Week of Oct 30-Nov 5
  • Final Re-Test: Dec 7-10
  • Clinic size: Max 8 Athletes (customized programming for each athlete)
  • Purchase on the Diablo App (Specialty Clinic), Online or at the Front Desk.


  • “Amazing Grace” – Saturday, October 28th. CrossFit Girl Workout, “Grace” – 30 Clean & Jerks for time – for charity.
  • Turkey Ruck – Thanksgiving, Nov 28th. Join us with your family & friends for our Annual “Turkey Ruck” at Hidden Lakes Park in Martinez.
  •  Diablo’s Annual Holiday Bash:  Saturday, Dec 16th at Back Forty BBQ in Pleasant Hill.


TWEET OF THE WEEK: “The Nike shoe company just released very nice strength training equipment including barbells and bumper plates. CrossFit gyms will show you how to use them properly.

Oct: Calendar & Newsletter.    This Week:CRAIG’S LIST:  

Cheap CrossFit Shoes: Flat Shoes on a Budget:  WHITIN. I went down a rabbit hole looking for some flat, wide shoes for trail running. Ended up with 2 pairs of WHITIN shoes (on Amazon). They’re $40 and look, fit and feel great. Don’t judge me. Not sure how long they last, (or.. who made ’em). 

Cool CrossFit Story! – Tyson Bagent – CrossFit trained NFL Quarterback made his first start on the Chicago Bears today! Side, note, he lead the Bears to victory today with 162yds passing and 1TD. Tyson grew up in his father’s CrossFit affiliate and played QB at Division II, Shepherd University where he led the nation in passing & touchdowns. Check out his incredible stats. He is the first un-drafted D2 quarterback to earn a starting Quarterback role in the NFL. 

Article: Take This Addictive Food Away From Me – This is an engaging, well-written OpEd on a recent BMJ Research Report which analyzed 281 studies in 36 countries. The researchers found that some foods can “evoke similar levels of extracellular dopamine in the brain striatum to those seen with addictive substances such as nicotine and alcohol”. “The apple has a carbohydrate-to-fat ratio of roughly 1:0, the salmon’s is 0:1, but the chocolate bar is 1:1. This ratio rarely occurs in nature and our metabolisms behave like they’ve struck nutritional gold which, in the hunter-gatherer era for which our bodies evolved, they would have done.”

Video Short: “I can’t fix ‘you don’t care.'” – Greg Glassman 2010 Presentation to CrossFit Affiliate Owners. I was at this presentation and remember it vividly. It struck a chord.

NetflixThe Fall of The House of Usher – a horror series based upon works of Edgar Allan Poe. I’m not big fan of horror – Yvonne is. But, this was a good one with some great actors & performances. 

Prime: 1923 – Yellowstone – this has been out for almost a year. Finally got to it. Can’t go wrong with Helen Mirren & Harrison Ford.

Make it an awesome week!