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Two things you might not know about Diablo (see below).

“Have patience. All things are difficult before they become easy.” Saadi

WHAT I LEARNED FROM COMICON:  Made my 3rd trek to ComicCon in Los Angeles this weekend. It’s my daughter’s passion. I serve as an escort and observer.. and her “investment manager.”  While not my jam, ComicCon is thoroughly entertaining and the people are incredibly nice and welcoming. As I meandered through the very large crowds of people, vendors and shows in the two massive convention areas, I was struck with the following observations: 

  • Communities built around a healthy common interest are beneficial for humanity. It was really cool to see the wide diversity of people showing mutual respect and grace for each other at Comicon (especially with so much online anger dividing us). My daughter and everyone else were relaxed, having fun, sharing compliments and supporting artists, authors, game designers & other vendors. To be honest, being among the community was a lot like being in at a CrossFit event.
  • We have work to do! As with any large public gathering, I’m struck by the average poor health of our population. The available food & beverage choices inside the venue were terrible – and there were no healthy offerings close by. Bottled water sold for $7! Thousands of people opted for large fountain drinks instead. 
  • CrossFit is small time. When I travel to the Games every year, I’m always in awe of the large number of people who attend. I’ve always thought: “CrossFit is bigtime.”  But then, I attended ComicCon in LA and realized, it’s about 10x the size of the crowd at the Games AND, there’s multiple CC events throughout the year. San Diego’s is even bigger!  So, CrossFit has plenty of room to grow. 

Final thoughts: if your child is an artist, a gamer or just a fan of comic lore, ComicCon is a pretty cool event. Just be prepared to get your steps in and spend a little $ – we probably walked 3-4 miles each day among the two massive venues with hundreds of cool vendors. 


  • When: Dec 16th at 6:30PM – 10PM
  • Where: Back Forty Texas BBQ & Saloon in Pleasant Hill!
  • Why: Come hang out with your crew, meet other time zone members, and relax with your coaches! We’ll also announce our 2023 Tom Jones Award winner, have some music & dancing!
  • Who: Members & Guests!
  • RSVP: $45pp: All the damn good BBQ you can eat and a drink or two on us! Reserve on the app, or just write it on the tab sheet.


  • ROMWOD (Pliability) is on SugarWod! Pliability is an excellent at=home mobility/stretching program & workout that will help you improve your range of motion while helping to stretch away sore spots. Open the SugarWod app on your phone and click “Workout Of The Day” – scroll to “ROMWOD” and then select the workout and follow along! It’s challenging.
  • REVERSE HYPER MACHINE – Want a bombproof low back? Ask any Coach about this machine! We have two of these in our Open Gym areas. You don’t need much weight on it – just climb up, lay face down, put your hips at the edge of the pad, hook your feet in the pads and start swinging your legs. Squeeze your butt at the top and relax your hips and back at the bottom. Hit this for a couple sets 2-3x a week and you’ll feel the difference fast!

HOLIDAY TRAVEL & AT-HOME WODS – We created a dedicated webpage with links to Diablo’s recommended travel/at-home workouts – and CrossFit.com’s recommended workouts. There’s some damn good ones in here to keep you in shape during your holiday travels: TRAVEL & AT-HOME WORKOUTS

2024 CHALLENGE COMING: 75 Hard…Diablo Style.  Alcohol, walks, journaling….

This Week:  No More Bitching – Last Words on the Affiliate Fee Increase: It’s a great time to be a CrossFit Affiliate”
Last Week:  Tue at 9:30AM – Inspiration From Merced?? Brian Boucher – MidState CrossFit

TWEET OF THE WEEK:  If you are a CrossFitGames athlete using PEDs then GTFO. You insult the hard work & passion of thousands of affiliate owners who work tirelessly & invest everything to build this amazing community that creates fans, athletes and most of all, revenue for the sport.


Dec Focus: 1. Deadlift. 2. Overhead Squat. 3. Skill: Handstand Push-up
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** INCREDIBLE AI ** – David Attenborough narrates my life – seriously, watch this one please – it is amazing & hilarious. Reality & AI are colliding very fast. (Thx Payam!)

ARTICLE: It’s Never Too Late To Lift Weights: Older Bodies Can Still Build Muscle – Send this one to your parents.. please!  “After three months, the people aged 85 and up had packed on more strength and mass, in relative terms, than the younger group, adding an average of 11 percent to muscle mass and 46 percent to strength, versus 10 percent more muscle and 38 percent more strength among the younger volunteers.”

ARTICLE: Peter Attia – Reassessing the relationship between alcohol intake and cardiovascular disease risk.  It’s not all bad news, but the truth is this: even a single drink has a negative impact on cardiovascular health, though marginal. However, as intake increases, the negative impact increases aggressively. This is a very good read. 

ARTICLE: The Nature Cure: How Time Outdoors Transforms Our Memory, Imagination & Logic – Do we really need more evidence?! Maybe. But, I can tell you from my first hand experience, the positive mood effects of a run or walk in nature are transformational. Get outside!

Make it an awesome week!