28v61. What is Fitness? Dale King is back! Fight depression. Doggos! NYAD. Stents & Burgers. TWA 11.06.23

61 vs. 28: Stay active, eat & drink sensibly, exercise regularly and find someone who shares your passion.

“If all you’ve been doing is sitting on the couch and occasionally getting up to go to the kitchen for a Coke, getting up to go for a walk is good for your longterm health, but increases your short-term risk”
― Greg Glassman

INCREASED WORK CAPACITY –  Want to climb Mr. Whitney on a weekend with your friends? CrossFit. Want to go multi-day, deep sea fishing with your friends at age 66? CrossFit. Want to participate in a 5k, weightlifting competition or a  Deka fitness competition with your friends? CrossFit.

Everyone who attends CrossFit class three or more times a week has probably experienced the incredible physical and mental benefits (see below). Certainly, the some of the positive ‘feeling’ from CrossFit simply happens as a result of doing hard things. But, the positive physical transformation from CrossFit – improved fitness – is intentional.

CrossFit, unlike many other methodologies, is measurable, observable and repeatable. Every workout has a measurable result: load, time, distance, rounds or reps. If the workout is repeated at a later date and improvement is measured, only ONE THING changed: the fitness of the athlete. This is a unique and distinguishing characteristic of CrossFit. 

Greg Glassman, the founder of CrossFit, innovated training for fitness by first defining fitness. His summary definition is repeated often in CrossFit gyms around the world: “Fitness is increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains.”  While the marathoner and strongman are certainly adept in their specialized fitness capacities, endurance or strength, their overall fitness is lacking according to CrossFit’s broad base definition – which states that fitness requires an ability to perform well at all tasks, even unfamiliar tasks and tasks combined in infinitely varying combinations. This is why police, fire, military and everyday athletes love CrossFit. It prepares you for the known AND the unknown.

MUST READ: Read the original article, What Is Fitness” by Greg Glassman, to get a comprehensive perspective on Fitness, Wellness and CrossFit. It’s amazing. 

LAST CHANCE: PICHELLI’S ENDURANCE CAPACITY CLINIC!  This 6 week program includes TWO small group training & testing clinics along with customized a endurance training program for each athlete. 

  • Final Re-Test: Dec 10-20th
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  • Nov 28: Turkey Ruck – Thanksgiving. Join us with your family & friends for our Annual “Turkey Ruck” at Hidden Lakes Park in Martinez.
  • Dec 16: Diablo’s Annual Holiday Bash:  at Back Forty BBQ in Pleasant Hill.


TWEET OF THE WEEK: “Our product is not it is freedom from chronic disease. It is mental & physical health. It is the satisfaction of a healthy life.” 

Nov Focus: Front Squat & Deadlift. Skill: Endurance Conditioning
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Reseach IG: The Effect of Exercise Against Depression – Data from 3 meta-analyses, indicate exercise is better than usual care for depression.

Dog Pictures! The 2023 Dog Photography Awards Have Been Announced – Yvonne sent me this one! Skip the winners page and go to “Finalists”: absolutely amazing.. but, I’m a Dog person. 

Health News: More Dangerous Than Useful: 1 in 5 coronary stents implanted by cardiologists are unnecessary. When medical device procedures are fully automated, margins increase significantly. However, so does over prescription.

MOVIE: Nyad (trailer link)- Absolutely Incredible movie now on NetFlix. Recommended by several members. This is the story of 64yo Diana Nyad, the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida without a shark cage – 100+ miles.  First of all, Anette Bening and Jodie Foster were so damn good in their roles. They both put themselves out there with their bodies AND no make-up. They trained incredibly hard and were in phenomenal physical shape. Highly recommend this one.

Borrowing this “recommendation section” from my friend Tim Dymmel at CrossFit Palo Alto:

Best Burger?: Super Duper Burger vs. Shake Shack – recently visited both and to be honest, there was not much difference. The meat was amazing and burgers delicious. Burger joints have come a long way. Alana loves the fries from both (I avoid.. I swear). Shake shack fries are crinkle cut. Shakes.. ok, I did try both. Shake shack for the win. 

Make it an awesome week!