Change. Holiday Party. Endurance with Sandy. Heart Attack Risk. Close to Diablo. Stay Hard. The Week Ahead 11.07.22

“Continuous effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking our potential.”  Winston Churchill

KAIZEN (CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT)  We just remodeled our lobby area.. again. Every 3-4 years we like to update our look & feel and keep things fresh. Over the next few months, Yvonne, Alana and I will be painting, moving things, replacing old equipment, adding a recovery room, and more.

Some members have asked, “Why the change? The lobby looked great.”  My answer: “Kaizen” – the Japanese principle of “continuous improvement.” I want Diablo to be better every day. Accepting status quo is a path to complacency, boredom, and eventually, failure. 

Also, we’re committed to continuous improvement because:

  • I’m admittedly ADHD – I like new things and new challenges.
  • Contemplating, planning, testing and implementing new ideas is exciting and keeps us keenly interested in the business
  • We’re at our business 5-7 days a week. Improvements make it enjoyable to keep coming in.
And most of all: updated equipment, facilities, classes and methodologies keeps our members interested and demonstrates our commitment to the business and community. If you want to improve your fitness, you have to invest in yourself – do the work every day. Likewise, if we want our business to thrive, we must invest back into the business every year.

DIABLO’S ANNUAL HOLIDAY PARTY – DEC 23  It’s good to be back! Our Annual Holiday Party is scheduled for Friday, December 23rd at 6:30PM at the Back Forty BBQ in Pleasant Hill. We’ll come together to celebrate an amazing year of recovery, PRs and our annual Tom Jones Award! Details soon.

BUILD YOUR AEROBIC CAPACITY WITH ALESSANDRA PICHELLI Coach Sandy will be leading an exclusive year-end, 6-week endurance training clinic & program for Diablo members who want to improve their aerobic capacity. This program ($149) includes an introductory class for technique training & initial aerobic testing. Athletes will receive a customized 3x week endurance training plan with personalized pacing strategies. At the end of 6 weeks, athletes will be tested as a group for aerobic capacity improvements. Attendance is limited. Click here to register and be ready for the Open in 2023!

TEEN TRIALS COMP IS LIVE!  We’re hosting the Bay Area’s ONLY Teen CrossFit Competition on December 3rd. All CrossFit athletes ages 12-17 are invited to participate in this fun & challenging competition. 

TOTALLY UNOFFICIAL TURKEY TROT  Get your 10% Discount on all GoRuck Gear using the code DIABLO10 at checkout! Remember, we’ll be rucking on Thanksgiving Day.

TWEET OF THE WEEK: If you’re worried about misinformation or hate, delete the app. If you’re worried about your kids being exposed, delete their app. If you’re worried that others will not delete the app then, most definitely, delete the app. 

THE WEEK AHEAD:  Check SugarWod For Daily Workouts – November Calendar &  NewsletterCRAIG’S LIST: 

PODCAST: Peter Attia, MD:  #229 ‒ Understanding cardiovascular disease risk, cholesterol, and apoB.  Taking Statins? Know someone who is? Have a history of heart issues in your family? LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST. It is a compilation of the best cuts from multiple podcasts dealing with heart disease (Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease). It is fascinating. High cholesterol is NOT an accurate predictor of a possible future event. However, ApoB is. Check it out and learn!

VLOG: Diablo’s Amanda Hari: Moved To Pleasant Hill to Be Close To Diablo! Amanda is a damn good vlogger and a huge supporter/promoter of CrossFit (& Diablo). Check out her recent story on her move to Pleasant Hill. Thanks for the love, Amanda!

RESEARCH: Grip Strength Is A Good Indicator of Longevity Evidence indicates a strong predictive link between grip strength and all-cause and disease-specific mortality, future function, bone mineral density, fractures, cognition and depression, and problems associated with hospitalization.

Grit Wins. Stay Hard. 

Make it an awesome week!