Be Elite. Shut Up & Row. Walk. Alcohol = Tobacco? Understand CF. CV Origin. The Week Ahead 12.05.22

A good sized crew of Diablo members brave rainy, cold weather and darkness to complete the 1st ever CrossFit / Spartan Race held at Oracle park in San Francisco!

“We fail at the margins of our experience.”  Greg Glassman

FORGING ELITE FITNESS – Being “elite” at any sport requires dedication, discipline and very hard work. Achieving “elite” status brings with it a tremendous sense of satisfaction and confidence. Elite athletes are in rare air. 

Every day for the last 3+ years, I get up early and take my dogs for a run, ruck or a walk for 45-90 minutes – usually before 7AM. Over the last several months I’ve paid attention to the very few people who’s path I cross along my varied routes. Often, in the local open space parks, I rarely cross paths with anyone – zero people in a County of 1.1 million. On the streets in my neighborhood I’ll see 4-6 others walking, running or biking. If it’s raining, I’ll maybe see 1 or 2 people. In a sense, I am elite – for my small geographic area.

While I know that my mile times or 10k times are far from elite, there is still a great sense of satisfaction knowing that I’m in rare company with my morning adventures. It is motivating to be “that guy” running in the dark, cold streets at 6AM. And, the post-run “high” is exhilarating and sets my mood for the day. It is addictive. 

Getting started is the hardest part. But, the runs, walks or rucks do not have to be in the morning – take a walk during your lunch break, take the stars at BART or in your building, go for a late evening walk, ruck or light jog after your last meal, go for a long hike on the weekends. Chances are high that you’ll be in elite company. And, over time, your physical and mental health will benefit and you’ll very likely inspire others to do the same. 

CROSSFIT HEALTH WEBINAR – METABOLIC APPROACHES TO MENTAL HEALTH –  On Thursday Dec. 8 at 11 a.m. PT. Harvard psychiatrist and researcher Christopher M. Palmer, M.D. (@chrispalmermd) will discuss Metabolic approaches to mental health with Mike Giardina from CrossFit Health.

Dr. Palmer is the author of the CrossFit Health December Book Club book of the month: Brain Energy: A Revolutionary Breakthrough in Understanding Mental Health–and Improving Treatment for Anxiety, Depression, OCD, PTSD, and More.  Click here to register!

CRAZY FNG CROSSFITTERS DOING GOOD – In Feb, 2021 I had dinner and hung out with two awesome CrossFit OGs, Brian “Tosh” Chontosh, CF Seminar Flow Master (& partner of Nicole Carroll) and Chriss Smith, owner of Trident CrossFit. Tosh and Chris are also former Navy Seals. They told me about their plan to “row across the Atlantic” with two other veterans in order to raise awareness of Veteran suicides. I asked Chriss about their experience rowing boats in the ocean and he replied: “none”. I immediately thought, “there’s no fng way these guys are gonna get this done.”

I was wrong. Now, almost 2 years later, they are about to embark upon an incredibly challenging rowing voyage aboard a 4 man vessel to complete the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge.  The Challenge is 3000 mile journey west from San Sebastian in La Gomera, Canary Islands, Spain to Nelson’s Dockyard, English Harbour, Antigua & Barbuda. The FASTEST time ever logged by a four man team was 29 days & 14 hours.

Team SU&R’s goal is to showcase the mental fortitude and resiliency of servicemen and inspire veterans away from catastrophic decision-making and suicide.  Team “Shut Up & Row”, Brian Chontosh, Brian Nicholson, James Hein, Chriss Smith, four Veterans, 3 Navy Seals and a US Marine are in it to win the world’s toughest row. The team is raising funds for their amazing journey and for Veteran Charities aiming to put an end to the high rate of Veteran Suicide. Their journey begins on December 12th!

LET’S GO FOR A WALK – I’ve published many articles over the last several months highlighting the benefits of walking for health & fitness. Most nutrition coaches insist upon daily walks as part of their prescribed plans. So, for December, we’ve posted a very simple challenge on Sugarwod: “Let’s Go For A Walk”. The scoring is easy, and so are the “workouts”:  go for a walk for 15 minutes 2x a day. And if you do it while fasted or, after your last meal, you get a bonus point! Check out Sugarwod and enter your daily walks in December. The benefits: mental health, blood glucose mgt, and a calorie burn.

DEC 23rd – DIABLO HOLIDAY BASH – RSVP NOW!   We’ll be at the Back Forty BBQ grill – with a great food, an open bar and dancing. Get your tickets on the Diablo app or, click here

TWEET OF THE WEEK: “I’m pretty sure that sitting on your ass indoors does not build immunity.”

THE WEEK AHEAD:  December Calendar & NewsletterCRAIG’S LIST: 

Research: The Cognitive Benefits of Walking for Children – Great Twitter thread from @sahilbloom about the cognitive benefits of walking – fascinating as heck and yet obvious as hell. Kids need to get outside and play. Walking is just a microcosm of what is possible. The full study is here. 
Research: Few Americans Aware of Cancer Risks Posed by Alcohol. This is depressing. But it is reality: there are no health benefits to drinking. In fact, research shows that all beverages containing ethanol, including wine, beer, and hard liquor, increase cancer risk, and that the risk increases with higher alcohol consumption. Even light drinking—no more than one drink per day—increases the risk for some cancers, including esophageal and breast cancers. However, more than 50% of Americans are unaware of this risk.

PLEASE READ: CrossFit: Understanding Fitness – April 2007.  I was recently asked by CrossFit to read this CrossFit Journal Article for the audible version which will be published soon. And, I fell in love with it again! If you think CrossFit is “just another fitness program” – please, read it. And then, share it with your friends.

PODCAST: Jordan Peterson with Matt Ridley – The Origins of Covid19.  Caution: this on may make you uncomfortable. This is an incredibly fascinating, unbiased and critical look at all of the data concerning the source of Covid19. Mat Ridley is an Oxford graduate, a PhD, a British science writer & journalist who contributes regularly to the Wall St. Journal and the Times. Ridley and Peterson analyze all of the published data and discuss the need for more transparency and more regulations to prevent a similar failure as happened in Wuhan. 

Make it an awesome week!