Comic Con Love. TT Pics. SciFi. Baby Aspirin Warning! TWA 12.06.21

“To choose doubt as a philosophy of life is akin to choosing immobility as a means of transportation.”  Yann Martel
COMIC CON: COMMUNITY, LOVE, HOPE – I took my daughter, Alana, to the Comic Con festival at the LA convention center this weekend. I knew it would be cool, but I was still blown away by the experience and inspired with a sense of hope for a return to normalcy in our country.
Comic Con LA is the world’s largest comic book convention that brings together artists, authors, actors, producers, gamers and all of their fans. More than 100,000 fans attend.  It is an absolutely massive pop culture trade show. My daughter is an aspiring artist and comic creator, so this was an incredible experience for her. Fans wear costumes of their favorite characters, from Marvel & DC lore, video game stories, and obscure anime comics & shows. Their passion for their favorite artist, movie, game or comic was manifested in  amazing, handmade costume creations.
All of the art, costumes and other creations were amazing. But, the thing that made the biggest impression on me was the community, camaraderie and love that people shared with each other. Anyone with a costume was eager to stop and have their picture taken with us – and talk about how it was made. Well-known artists and authors shook hands with us and talked about their work and asked questions about our interests. Vendors were thrilled to tell their stories, help us, give discounts and provide give-aways. And, it was incredibly crowded on Saturday but everyone was overly polite, smiling and kind.
The news and social media often paint a picture of animosity, hate and discord in our society. But, at Comic Con (and, I suspect, at many other entertainment, sports & arts events around the country) the opposite is true. Community, camaraderie and love are the norm. And that gives me hope.
TURKEY TROT PICS:  Thank you to Diablo Photographer Chris Pagano and Coach Jamie Lee for their shots!
DIABLO HOLIDAY PARTY – DEC 18: Reserve your spot on the Diablo App! Go To “Events & Clinics”  We’ll be at Diablo for this one with a “Holiday Pajamas” theme. We’ll have BBQ & drinks, games, music and fun. And, we’ll be announcing our 2021 Tom Jones Award winner.
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Tweet of the Week: Ending the obesity, diabetes & metabolic disease crisis will require a complete overhaul of Govt nutrition recommendations, workplace & school education programs, Govt incentives, Health Insurance incentives, and aggressive regulation of food & beverage companies.
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  • Primary:  Deadlift!
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The week ahead:

CRAIG’S LIST (Stuff I’m Reading, Hearing, Watching, Using or Buying)
The Ship – Doug Brode  – SciFi Fiction. I met Doug at Comic Con and bought his book (on Audible) on the spot. He is a Hollywood storyboard artist and has worked on Star Trek, Iron Man, Planet of the Apes, Thor and many more – a super cool dude with great stories. This is his first full novel and it’s damn fun, and a bit scary. Really enjoying it!

WOW!  Daily Baby Aspirin Use Linked To Heart Failure Risk & Cancer – Rhonda Patrick – Several years ago my Doctor recommended a daily baby aspirin to me. The benefit outweighed the minimal risk he said. I followed his advice for more than a year and stopped after reading about potential stomach issues. Turns out, the inverse is actually true. Wow.
From Last Week in Case you Missed:  Peter Attia Podcast. REQUIRED LISTENING!!  If you have ANY interest in fitness, weight loss or more importantly, ending obesity & diabetes especially among children then check this one out.. and throw out the juice boxes.

Make it an awesome week!