CV Update. Holiday Schd. RR22. Dead Test. 14 Peaks. Don’t Look Up. TWA 12.27.21

“Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.”  Nido R Qubein
COVID UPDATE – Over the last two weeks a total of 8 members and staff reported positive tests for CV19, including me and Yvonne. A few have already recovered. The others will quarantine themselves for the required period of time and will test again prior to returning. There is not a “smoking gun” in this situation – some were exposed at home (including Yvonne), other locations, or at the gym. Coach Carrie and I are closely monitoring everyone.
Given the recently reported cases, we have taken measures to minimize the possibility of exposure at Diablo. Our Coaches and Staff will be diligent about keeping our members safely distanced from each other while at the gym. Pre & post workout conversations should be held outside. Do not gather for extended periods of time in the hallways or front room area. And, as we’ve done for the past two years, we’ll keep the doors open and the fans on.
As for me, I’m almost done with quarantine physically & mentally! (It’s boring af) I feel recovered – exercising daily – but have not yet tested negative. I have a little lingering chest congestion, kinda like the last days of a cold. I’m very eager to get back at it. Overall, I had one really crappy day followed by 3-4 days of fatigue and irritability. As I noted last week, my daily supplements have included: C, D, B12, Fish Oil and LMNT (with water).
HOLIDAY SCHEDULE UPDATE – We’ve updated our class schedule this week. All changes can be found on our app.

  • M-Th: Open at 6A (no 5A classes this week)
  • M-Th: Last class 5:30P (we close at 6:30P)
  • Tu/Th: No 5:30A Strong
  • Fri 12/31: last class 12P
  • Sat 1/1: no Strong.
  • Sat 1/1: CF 8A, 9, 10, 11.. Closed at 12.

NEW YEAR’S CHALLENGE:  Omission (more next week)

ROW’D ROYALTY 2022 registration is Open!  Event dates: Jan 20 – Feb 14. Row’d Royalty is an online-indoor rowing competition that is formatted similar to the CrossFit Open: 4 weeks, 4 workouts. The workouts are announced on Thursday and must be completed by Monday evening every week. We have some really innovative workouts planned for 2022. Be sure to sign up before Jan 1 to lock in the $22 rate!

Tweet of the Week:  I remember when “mindset” was called “attitude” and you didn’t need a coach for it, just a little adjustment every now and then.
NEW MASTERS SCALING!  In 2022, our daily workouts will include Rx Scaling for Masters 60+ athletes!
The week ahead:

CRAIG’S LIST (Stuff I’m Reading, Hearing, Watching, Using or Buying)
14 Peaks – This is an incredible documentary of an absolutely unbelievable human feat. It is about Project Possible, a plan by Nepalise high altitude climber Nirmal Purja to climb all of the world’s 14 highest peaks with an altitude greater than 8000m (called eight-thousanders) inside 7 months. These 14 peaks include Everest and the notoriously impossible K2. The previous best time for this accomplishment was 7 YEARS. Nirmal and his crew are insanely tough people with an unrelenting work ethic and determination. Along the way, they endured the most hazardous weather conditions, and literally saved other climbers’ lives, putting their own lives in jeopardy. This is a very inspirational and humbling piece.
Don’t Look Up – The cast of stars in this Netflix movie released on Christmas eve is eye-popping: DeCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Merril Streep, Kate Blanchett, Jonah Hill. But the story and script will leave you wanting more. It is a brilliantly written story of the discovery of an impending, end-of-life, meteor collision and the scientific team’s futile efforts to gain acknowledgement from mainstream media, social media and the Government. The theme certainly has direct relevance to current events, which makes it all the more believable and comical. It is often laugh-out-loud hilarious, irritatingly frustrating, and even emotionally touching. It is for sure the best movie I’ve ever watched on Netflix.

Make it an amazing week!