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We’re finally back! New regular time: Wednesdays at 10AM PT.
(3 weeks of sickness kept us all off the air)


“There are two wolves and they are always fighting. One is darkness and despair. The other is light and hope. Which one wins? The one you feed.”   Unknown


  • Longevity Elixir
  • Intramural Open Scoring
  • End Of The Open
  • Call A Friend & Scales
  • Talken Like Walken

CrossFit: The Longevity Elixir

I enter my 60th decade of life, I put more thought and research into how to maximize quality of life for my reemaining years. I enjoy physical activity and intellectual interactions with others. And, I want to continue to be productive for my family and helpful to my friends. Fortunately, there is a lot of recent research on the topic of longevity especially as it relates to physical and mental health – enough to say with confidence: CrossFit can help you live longer, more active life.

Of course, the primary indicators of longevity are family history – how long your parents & grandparents lived – and your lifestyle choices, I.e., smoking, drinking, food choices and exercise. In other words, if your family has a history of shorter lifespans due to natural causes, AND your lifestyle includes unhealthy hAsabits, chances are you’ll continue the cycle of a shorter life.

However, new research suggests that we may have more influence over longevity than previously thought no matter when we start changing our behaviors. Two significant, measurable, physical indicators of longevity now include: muscle mass (strength) and VO2 Max (cardio respiratory endurance). To simplify the research findings: more muscle and more endurance increase lifespan AND quality of life.

More muscle equates to more strength and acts as a layer of prevention and protection in case of impact, primarily falls. Falls are prevented when we’re able to grab onto something and support our weight. Injury is prevented in a fall when we are strong enough to slow our descent to the ground with our legs or arms. Muscle also prevents injury by acting as a layer of sturdy cushion over our bones – especially important as we age. As a bonus, weight training builds bone density, reducing risks of breaks and fractures. 

Recent podcasts and articles from Drs. Peter Attia, Rhonda Patrick and Huberman have referenced a recent published study showing a direct correlation of VO2 Max and longevity. The good news for CrossFit athletes is that high intensity interval training has a profound positive impact on VO2 max – likely more than sustained Zone 2 training according to a report from the NIH.

The longevity elixir: weightlifting, high intensity training… CrossFit.

THE INTRAMURAL OPEN IS COMING – But first, sign up for the OPEN! 
The team Captains have been chosen: 

  • Rod Abdo & Coach Maddie (Team PM)
  • Cynthia Miller & Coach Shelby (Team Preggo?)
  • Amy Zhao & OG Christy Lee (Team AM)

Our team draft will be held on Tuesday evening! Captains will choose from ALL members, looking for potential scoring opportunities for their team. Here’s how YOU can help your team score each week:

  • +1 – Register for the Open and submit your score on the CrossFit Games site every week!
  • +2 – Attend Friday Night Lights (and do the workout!)
  • +10-1 – Top 10 Men & Women (including Masters!)
  • +10-1 – Top 10 Men & Women Scaled (incl Masters)
  • +1 – Judging Workouts
  • +2 – Set a PR! (1st Pullup, Handstand Push Up, Double Unders.. or max Lift)
  • +3 – Spirit of the Open 

In addition, this year we’re adding a few “non-CrossFit” events to increasing scoring opportunities for teams. And, be sure and mark your calendar for our..

END OF THE OPEN CELEBRATION:  FRI, MAR 15th – After Friday Night Lights



24HR CHALLENGE 6: Meditate.

  • HHC 24hr Challenge 1: 24hours with NO SOCIAL MEDIA
  • HHC 24hr Challenge 2: Fast!
  • HHC 24hr Challenge 3: Register for the OPEN!
  • HHC 24hr Challenge 4: Go for a Hike! (1hr in nature, no headphones)
  • HHC 24hr Challenge 5: Meditate (A minimum of 15 minutes)
  • HHC Stack 1: No Alcohol!
  • HHC Stack 2: Turn OFF all screen electronics 1 hour before bedtime. 
  • HHC Stack 3: “PIiability” on SugarWOD
  • HHC Stack 4: Practice Gratitude
  • HHC Stack 5: No Ultra-Processed Foods
  • HHC Stack 6: 25 Burpees A Day
  • HHC Stack 7: 5 Front to Back Scales Left & Right


Feb Focus: 
 1. Technical Lifts  2. Squats. Skills: Open Prep Emoms


Make it an amazing week!