Love. Community. NoMasks. Get Flexy. OpenStuff. Brain Power. Canon. The Week Ahead 2.14.22

“Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.”  Mother Teresa 

THE POWER OF COMMUNITY  Our coaches are incredibly passionate about our members’ progress and success, but they are powerless when our members are not present – physically and mentally. Work obligations, job changes, family commitments, and old habits often interfere with intentions and resolutions especially in the Bay Area. 

In my 45+ years of exercising, I have learned that the most important components to a successful fitness transformation are personal commitment, ease of access, and most of all, a supportive community. While our coaches & support staff do what we can to keep our members coming back, it is often the support of our Diablo community (peer pressure) that has the most influence on member retention. This is a unique phenomenon of CrossFit – and something that is unforced and totally organic. The CrossFit community is difficult and sometimes awkward to explain to friends and family – but it is truly magical as measured by the impact on people’s lives.  

So, if you’re struggling with your fitness commitments or resolutions, join a community that will help keep you committed.. And, if you’re unsure of where to find that community, start with a local CrossFit gym. 

NO MASKS! On Wed, February 16th, Contra Costa County will lift the mask mandate. However, it will take many people several weeks, if not months, to overcome the fear of being in public spaces without masks. I understand. And, I encourage our community to inspire others by shedding your masks, smiling and saying “hello” to everyone. Let’s normalize normal!  

GET YOUR FLEX ON!  As in “flexibility”.  Diablo members get FREE access to ROMWOD’s daily mobility & meditation workouts via Sugarwod. Simply change the “Track” from “Workout of the Day” to “ROMWOD” and click on the video. These are at-home workouts with excellent instruction & scaling and perfect meditation music to help clear the mind. (about Romwod

DIABLO IS IN THE OPEN!   The Open begins on February 24th. It is the first step on the long road to the CrossFit Games. It is simple: 1 workout a week, for 3 weeks. It is open to EVERYONE.  Friday Night Lights begin on Feb 25th!  We will all come together for the workout with back-to-back heats from 4PM until 8:30PM. It is an absolute blast – and a positive experience that will remain with you for life. PLEASE REGISTER TODAY! 

2022 OPEN GEAR IS HERE!  – We have some pretty cool 2022 Open Shirts this year. Order this week to get them in time for 2022.1.  

TWEET OF THE WEEK  “The first 5-10 minutes of any exercise sucks. Soon, endorphins kick in and the suck fades. Eventually, results happen and the initial suck doesn’t seem so daunting.” 

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The week ahead:  

CRAIG’S LIST (Stuff I’m Reading, Hearing, Watching, Using or Buying) 

Sevan Podcast with Jason Kahlipa and Brian Friend  – Sevan is crude and blunt. He’s also an OG CrossFitter and the former head of CF Media. He’s also a good friend. He and OG CrossFitter, and CFGames Champ, Jason Kahlipa talk about the “new” CF Games season and how it impacts athletes and affiliates. This episode gives really good insight into the challenges of executing the Open workouts at the affiliate level.  

This Is Your Brain on CrossFit — How Functional Fitness and Intensity Improve Neural Function  “It’s been shown, for instance, that engaging in physical activity can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia by 45% and 28%, respectively.” If you’re not subscribing to the daily CF email – sign up! They send an impressive amount of fantastic articles related to health, fitness and nutrition. 

Canon EOS R6 with 24-105 Lens Kit  – This camera has been amazing for us: for athlete action pictures, staff & facility pics and especially for video content. It is easy to use and, as advanced as you want it to be for complex situations. Its not cheap, but if you’re publishing content, this camera will add value to your work.

Make it an awesome week!