MVP: PE Teachers, Intramural Craziness, BabyBoom, Trash Pickup, More Scary AI!, Whoop Truths – TWA 2.19.24

Two weeks out from the Open and we already have 155 registered – 3rd in the United States and 18th in the World. This is going to be another epic year (our 14th Open)!

“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.”  
Vince Lombardi 


  • PE Teachers Are The Most Valuable
  • Intramural Open Updates
  • Baby Boom
  • Pick Up Trash & Roll-Out
  • Crazy Good AI Video
  • Whoop Truth
  • 10 Mile Hikes

Coach Jamie Lee and I have been invited to speak to PE teachers in the San Ramon Valley School District this week. Former Diablo Coach Brandon Croker, a PE Teacher at Dougherty Valley HS, is leading the session with the intention of introducing the CrossFit methodology to the District. I’ve been thinking about this presentation every day for the last few weeks. We have an opportunity to influence the educators and ultimately, many children in our area – and maybe have CrossFit become a preferred methodology for some PE teachers. While I am passionate about the virtues of CrossFit and its efficacy, I am also humbled by the reality of the daily challenges for PE teachers which are more than, “what workout should I have these kids do?” 

Taking a step back, it’s important to know that child obesity rates are above 20% in the US. 60% of Americans have at least 1 chronic disease. Chronic diseases are the leading cause of death. So, how do we prevent chronic disease?  The answer is simple and hard at the same time: diet and exercise. A life of healthy nutrition and regular exercise will offset most chronic conditions and improve longevity and quality of life in almost every aspect. And, most children’s exposure to exercise is in school under the instruction of a Physical Education Teacher. Thus, PE Teachers, in my opinion, have the most important job in the school!  A great PE teacher will inspire a student to recognize the importance of health & fitness and make it part of their life forever.  A strong, healthy human is more productive and less of a future financial burden.

In the awesome CrossFit Journal Article, “What Is Fitness?”, CrossFit introduces the “Sickness > Wellness > Fitness” continuum as different measures of Health. Health markers, ie, blood pressure, muscle mass, body fat, bone density, etc., typically indicate “sickness” or “wellness”. Additional general physical skills, ie., endurance, strength, power, flexibility, balance, etc. indicate “fitness” – at the other end of the continuum. Every single day, PE teachers are helping children improve some of their physical skills. PE teachers are essentially moving kids away from “sickness” and closer to “fitness”.  

So, how can Jamie, Brandon and I help PE teachers? CrossFit is a brilliantly simple and very effective methodology that works very fast, and teaches healthy functional movement patterns that will last a lifetime. And, it’s very addictive. I want the San Ramon Valley District PE Teachers to leave our presentation motivated – knowing how important they are for the future health of their students. They have an incredible opportunity to affect the lives and longterm health of many generations. And with a little luck, maybe they’ll incorporate a little CrossFit to help with the process.

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+ Baby Boom! – We have confirmed at least 7 Diablo members/couples are expecting in 2024, including 2 Coaches (Shelby & Sandra) and 5 members! We’re planning a CrossFit Games Team in 2042.

+ FBB Is Hot – Functional Body Building on Tue & Thu nights has been packed. We take Body Building and combine it with functional movement patterns using dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, bands, rings & pull up bars. The result is an amazing pump and lots of fun with the FBB crew.

+ San Ramon School District Teacher Development Day – Special Guests: Diablo CrossFit & PRsAllDay.  On Tuesday, Coach Jamie Lee, Coach Brandon and I will be leading a Teacher Development Session for San Ramon Valley District PE Teachers – Elementary, Middle School and High School! We’re excited to talk about the benefits of CrossFit for young athletes. We’ll be teaching the CrossFit methodology and putting them through workout samples to give them a taste of the experience.

24HR CHALLENGE 7: Service To Community.
  • HHC 24hr Challenge 1: 24hours with NO SOCIAL MEDIA
  • HHC 24hr Challenge 2: Fast!
  • HHC 24hr Challenge 3: Register for the OPEN!
  • HHC 24hr Challenge 4: Go for a Hike! (1hr in nature, no headphones)
  • HHC 24hr Challenge 5: Meditate (A minimum of 15 minutes)
  • HHC 24hr Challenge 6: Connection (with a friend or family)
  • HHC 24hr. Challenge 7: Service. Clean Up Trash (10 items)
  • HHC Stack 1: No Alcohol!
  • HHC Stack 2: Turn OFF all screen electronics 1 hour before bedtime. 
  • HHC Stack 3: “PIiability” on SugarWOD
  • HHC Stack 4: Practice Gratitude
  • HHC Stack 5: No Ultra-Processed Foods
  • HHC Stack 6: 25 Burpees A Day
  • HHC Stack 7: 5 Front to Back Scales Left & Right
  • HHC Stack 8: Roll-Out, Theragun, or Lacrosse Ball 10mins


Feb Focus: 
 1. Technical Lifts  2. Squats. Skills: Open Prep Emoms


  • ** Scary Good AI:  Text to VIDEO!! ** – THESE ARE AI GENERATED VIDEOS! OpenAI just introduced “Text to Video” software that is truly revolutionary. The uses are infinite BUT the abuses could be equally large. 
  • Article: The Truth About Whoop & Other Trackers. Michael Easter wrote the books, Comfort Crisis and Scarcity Brain – both bestsellers and excellent reads. He’s big into outdoor training, especially Rucking. Here’s his thoughts on the value (and accuracy) of Whoop and other data trackers.
  • Reference Article: Beautiful 10 Mile Hikes in the Bay Area – The weather will soon be perfect for these amazing hikes. 
  • Article: Millions of Women Are Under-Muscled – NPR. It’s refreshing to see mainstream media addressing the benefits of protein and strength training. As the largest segment of our population enters their 70’s & 80’s, catastrophic falls are a leading killer. The bottom line: Protein intake should be .5g to 1g per 1lb of bodyweight. And strength training: 2-3x a week!

Make it an amazing week!