CF for Mental Health. End of the Open Celebration. Amazing Aging. Hiccups & Sleep. Fentanyl. TWA 2.27.23

Congratulations to Coach Corey and our Teen class for winning the “Spirit of the Open” award for Team Redrum in our 2023 Intramural Open.

“People walk into a CrossFit gym thinking they are getting ‘just a workout,’ but they end up with so much more.”  Nicole Carroll, GM CrossFit


This week I came across an astonishing chart labeled “Deaths of Despair” taken from data from the CDC. Peter Attia, MD published it on IG. As the most developed country in the world with the largest GDP, we’re losing 200k people a year to suicide, drug overdose and alcohol. While there are myriad reasons for these seemingly senseless deaths, an overall decline in in-person community gatherings over the last 2.5 years has contributed to an almost 20% year-over-year increase in these senseless deaths.

There is a tremendous amount of data that indicates that longevity and happiness are directly tied to happy & supportive human relationships – similar to what many people find at a CrossFit affiliate. Having suffered from a bout of clinical depression a few years ago, I can tell you that my family and CrossFit community relationships helped prevent my depression from spiraling into despair. 

On Thursday last week, the CrossFit Games 23.2 Workout Announcement featured two members from CrossFit Bison in New Jersey with incredible life-changing stories. One of the members was New Jersey State Trooper Joel Trella who was suffering from depression, untreated post-traumatic stress and suicidal thoughts. In his interview with CrossFit, Joe said, “CrossFit allows me to clear the cobwebs out of my head when it starts to get dark. … (It) allows me to come in, work hard, suffer a little bit, and realize that it’ll pass. .. There are gonna be dark days, but that storm passes.”  CrossFit saves lives.

There are a number of fitness businesses that talk about their “community” – especially in advertising and on social media. “Community” is overused so much that it doesn’t do justice to what happens at CrossFit affiliates. As Nicole Carrol, GM of CrossFit training says in her excellent article on the Magic of CrossFit: The Community: “We never set out to create a community. Just like we didn’t devise our values or methods in a boardroom, that fierce sense of community and loyalty developed naturally. […] they show up, they put in the work, and the community — this human spark — keeps them coming back. In time, that community becomes something more than a bunch of good people sweating it out together. It becomes a lifeline.” And, in my opinion, for most people, the CrossFit community becomes a primary source of happy, positive, human connection that helps keep us mentally strong, eager to come back for more, and ready to support to anyone who needs it.  Read The Magic of CrossFit: Community article here.

Two very inspiring stories popped up in my IG feed this week that are worth a read, especially if you’re feeling a little beat up or to tired to make it into the gym tomorrow:

91 year old, Alida Kingswood shattered the 2000m indoor rowing world record in the 90-94yo category with a time of 10:33.30 – beating the previous record by over 90 secs!  “I do this for my children and my grandchildren,” said Kingswood after her record setting race. “I always tell them I’m not a mother who does crafts or bakes cookies. I like to compete and work hard. I want to leave them with something that inspires them.”

80 year old, Lee Creekmore did Open 23.2 Rx!  “The Open is for everyone and no one embodies that fact more so than our oldest athlete at 80 years old, Lee Creekmore. He is a true inspiration!”

Diablo’s Linda Lorenzetti hit a PR Thruster of #65 at age 70!  

The last 2023 CrossFit Games Open workout will be announced on Thursday this week! On Friday Night, we’ll all come together to do the workout AND celebrate the end of the Open. Our Intramural Team theme is “Celebration” so be sure to come dressed to party. We’ll have food, drinks and a lot of CrossFit workout entertainment. Be sure to catch our Teens at 5PM and our  Rx+ athletes who will be doing the workout at 6PM. 

TWEET OF THE WEEK:  “23.2 is now unofficially “23 point re-do”.


Mon4RFT – 12 DL, 9 HC, 6 Thrusters, 400m Run #135/95
Tue: Back Squat. Metcon: Amrap 8m – 200m Run, 8 Pull-ups, 12 Walking Lunge
Wed: 10RFT – 250/300m Row, 1m Rest
Thu: E3MOMx5 + 1m Rest – 2 Rope Climbs, 12 Alt DB Snatch, 24 Sit-ups
Fri: 2RFT – 20/30 Air Bike, 5 DB HSC, 15 DB S2OH,15 DB Thrusters, 100m Farmer Carry, Rest 2m 
Sat: SB Skills. Metcon: Amrap 9m – 200m Run, 10 Pull Ups, 8 Burpees to Target
Sun: Amrap 16m – 12 WB, 9 DL, 6 HSPU, 1m Rest


IG – Stop Hiccups Immediately  – Huberman Lab. Tried it. It works. lol.  

IG – Fall Asleep Faster – Dadbod Steve –  Gonna try tonight! 4,7,8 Breathing will help you sleep like a baby. Just a couple minutes can take you from “fight or flight” mode to “out like a light” mode.

URGENT!  – Peter Attia Podcast #243 ‒ The fentanyl crisis and why everyone should be paying attention with Anthony Hipolito. Fentanyl is an incredibly potent narcotic that is quickly becoming a favorite of illegal drug manufacturers. The problem, as Anthony Hipolito points out is that they don’t get the dosing right and people are dying. And, fentanyl is making its way into synthetic opiods, heroin, cocaine, and many other party drugs (60%!!). PARENTS: be aware!! Listen to this podcast – the stories are heartbreaking. Most fentanyl deaths are accidental. Get Narcan and keep it in your house. 

PODCAST:  Guest Series | Dr. Andy Galpin: Optimal Nutrition & Supplementation for Fitness – this is a continuation of the series with Andy – and they are all so damn good. This one may be the definitive podcast on supplements – what works, what doesn’t, how much should you take and more! So good. 

Make it an awesome week!