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Solomon’s has lost more than 145lbs in his 2 year transformation from sickness to wellness!

“Learn to love slow progress. Learn to forgive yourself for the inevitable backsliding. And of course, expect to be uncomfortable along the way.”  
Steven Kotler


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  • Theme: Extreme Team Colors
  • Puzzle Challenge
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  • Placebos, Heart Disease & Kindle


SOLOMON’S STORY:  On Friday, March 1st, member Solomon Wilson completed his very first CrossFit Games workout and he did it RX! Sol started with Diablo in private coaching sessions with Coach Jackson 11 months ago. From time-to-time, he’ll jump into class as part of his training. If you’ve seen him, you’ve probably noticed his incredible physical transformation. He’s literally a different human. And his story is pretty amazing. Here it is in his words:

“I just completed my first Open: 24.1 and RX’d it! Got it done, barely at 14:45, but finished it with the help of the Diablo crowd!”

The Back Story

“In 2022 at age 39 I stepped on a scale at my Doctor’s office and watched it climb tot 387 pounds. I was comfortable and complacent. I also had high blood pressure, and was at risk of a stroke, diabetes, or heart attack. I immediately decided to act – for my family and my career. 

So I started with my diet. I gave up multiple daily soda’s, energy drinks, and sweet coffee.I scaled back on portion size. However, on my own, my progress was slow and eventually my health cost me my job – and almost my life.”

CrossFIt Saved My Life

“In April 2023, I was referred to Diablo CrossFit by my friend Phil who did some work for me at my home a few years back. His physical transformation was incredible and he raved about CrossFit and his Coach, Jackson. I literally drove to Diablo immediately, I was nervous, but walked in and was given a tour. I loved the atmosphere and vibe – no judgment – just positivity and possibilities. I signed up. 

I barely made it through my first scaled workout. After my first session my wife was concerned and asked “are you going back?” To be honest, I wasn’t sure. But I kept going back. And, three months later, I was hooked! The habit was formed and I did not feel right if I missed a session. I was feeling good, stronger and overall just better. I looked forward to the hard work and the weight came off, fast.  

What I did not expect was the change to my mindset. I came to understand what it took to be a better version of myself and the reciprocal benefits from doing so: a better husband, father, and leader. This was my new goal.  

I’ve now lost 75lbs since starting CrossFit and 144 lbs overall! I am healthier, my blood pressure is normal, I am stronger than I thought I’d be, and I am a better overall version of me. And, there’s more work to do: I can’t do a pull up, can’t do a handstand, can’t climb a rope, am just starting to hit a few double-unders. But I still hold on to what Coach Jackson told me on day one: “Just keep showing up, and we’ll help get you through it”.   

Oh yeah, and anyone who will listen to me talk for 5 minutes will know that I do CrossFit!”
Solomon Wilson


  • Team Challenge #2 – Bowling Was A Hit!  – Winners TBA
  • FNL 24.3 – End of The Open Celebration: Mar 15th, 3:30P – 7:30P. 
  • 24.3 THEME (changed): Extreme Team Colors – Bonus for “Glow In The Dark!”
  • Team Challenge #3 – “Solve The Puzzle For Time”
  • SCORING RESULTS: We will post Team Results and Rosters On This Webpage! on Tuesdays. 
  • This Week’s Spirt of The Open Award MUST go to Mr. Miyagi:


+ Healthy Habit Challenge Winner – Congratulations AMY ZHOU! 
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+ 24.3 Announcement: Thursday, Mar 14th at 12PM PT –
+ Friday Night Lights FINALE! – 24.3 – Friday, Mar 8th, 3:30P – 7:30P


March Focus: 
 1. Deadlift  2. Overhead Squat  Skill: Rope Climb & Accessory


  • Podcast: Huberman Lab: Placebo Effects Work  this is known, can be beneficial and must be accounted for during drug trials. Unfortunately, quite a few supplement companies leverage this effect as well. 
  • Article: Peter Attia – PREVENTING CHRONIC DISEASE – Removing race as a risk factor for cardiovascular disease? – Recently the American Health Association announced a new “race-free” assessment tool for Doctors & Hospitals, but eliminating this variable carries the potential to increase – rather than decrease – racial disparities in healthcare. It is commonly known that some races are more prone to metabolic, cardiovascular or other disease types. 
  • Device: Kindle Paperwhite – The majority of my reading these last few years has actually been “listening”. I’d like to get back to actual book reading, so I picked up a Paperwhite at the recommendation of a member. It’s pretty amazing – incredible battery life, very light, and a lot like reading an actual book, but I can adjust the font size and lighting. First Up:  A fictional repeat for me:  Pillars of the Earth (outstanding)

Make it a great week!