Best Open Ever. A Very Big List. How Much H20? Know Your ApoB. The Week Ahead 3.13.23

How important is the Intramural Open Draft?! Ask Code Blue Coaches Deb & Chad. Their draft picks grabbed an early lead in the Open and held on for 3 weeks! Their scaled athletes selections were the difference makers. 

“The journey itself is home.” Unknown

184 members registered for the CrossFit Games Open this year. This is the single largest number of participants from our Pleasant Hill location (we’ve had bigger totals.. but that included multiple locations). Our Intramural Open, combined with the new 3 week format brought the energy level to incredible highs! Each week was more raucous than the last. 

And, there is no denying that the biggest reasons for our very successful Open, was the work and energy of our Intramural Team captains. Yvonne and I owe them a great deal of gratitude for helping organize and run our Friday Night Lights events, and rallying their team members to show up in colors. They all created banners & signs and put together amazing “Team Tables” of snacks & drinks for their crews. So, we’re sending a big thank you to:

  • Code Blue Captains: Coach Chad and Deb Koepke
  • Baby Got Black Captains: Coach Herald and Dean Quiambao
  • Redrum Captains: Coach Corey & Kat Patterson

And, a special thanks to Coach Chad for managing and MC’ing the events and Coach Herald for his incredible, impromptu media work – capturing the spirit of the Open so well. And, if you haven’t seen any of the content we put out, please check out these three pieces:

THAT’S A BIG LIST!  26 Diablo athletes are moving on to the Quarterfinals – an incredible accomplishment for our community, coaches and Coach Jamie Lee’s programming. 5 of the 26 athletes qualified for the Open Quarterfinals AND their respective Age Group! If you see them in the gym, or online, send ’em a “congratulations”. They put in the work and it paid off!

  • Open Men:  Jackson Miller, Kristjahn Boyd, Sean Reifel, Coleman Gravitt, Sean Scott, Aaron Arnold, Nathan McCallion, Jeff Kindig, Sam Mendes, Martin Neira
  • Open Women: Emily Scott, Beth Stankevich, Kendra Watters, Cynthia Pammett, Brittany Benedetto, Stephanie Ma, Amanda Hari
  • Masters Men: Mark Mooney 55-59, Craig Howard, 60-64, Sam Mendes 35-39, Jeff Kindig 35-39
  • Masters Women: Yvonne Howard 60-64 (4th in the World!!), Gwen Holtan 55-59, Nicole Rogers 50-54, Melissa Chatterton 50-54, Kim Hilen 50-54, Erin Sutch 35-39, Brittany Bendetto 40-44
  • Teen: Taylor Madge 16-17

TWEET OF THE WEEK:  On this 3rd Anniversary of the Pandemic Declaration, we would like to remind lawmakers to: KEEP FITNESS LEGAL

March Focus: Deadlift. Overhead Squat. Rope Climbs + Accessory
March Newsletter


  • PODCAST: Huberman Lab: How to Optimize Your Water Quality & Intake BONUS CONTENT:- Deliberate Cold Exposure, Results from a recent study! (spoiler: 11mins a week total has tremendous benefits!) Dr. Huberman’s content has been incredible lately and really on point. In this one, he talks about the important subject of hydration, especially for exercise. How much? Divide your bodyweight by 30 – and that’s the amount of H20 to ingest every 15-20 min of exercise! 
  • RESEARCH: A protein test may be more accurate in predicting heart disease than cholesterol levels  – My Wild Health physician demanded this blood test for me last year: ApoB. The ApoB protein test is quickly becoming the most accurate indicator of heart disease. Unfortunately, many insurance companies will not cover the cost of this more expensive blood lab test. However, many Doctors agree that it’s worth the extra cost.  
  • RESEARCH: Exercise is Even More Effective Than Counseling or Medication for Depression. A recent study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine reviewed more than 1,000 research trials examining the effects of physical activity on depression, anxiety, and psychological distress. It showed exercise is an effective way to treat mental health issues – and can be even more effective than medication or counseling. 
  • !REPOST! PODCAST:  BEST SUPPLEMENT EDUCATION EVER! Guest Series | Dr. Andy Galpin: Optimal Nutrition & Supplementation for Fitness – This one may be the definitive podcast on supplements – what works, what doesn’t, how much should you take and more! Creatine, Vitamin D, BCAAs?, Beta Alanine…   Make it an awesome week!

Make it an awesome week!


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