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Masters Athletes Carey Hummel & Angela Schneider made CrossOvers look easy in Masters Rx+ class on Sunday!
“Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.”  Lao Tzu

As we make the transition to a new head programmer for the CrossFit Games, Adrian Bozman, we’re starting to see new movements make their way into the programming. For the Open, we got burpee pull-ups, and for the Quarterfinals, Jump Rope CrossOvers, V-Ups and Wall-Facing Handstand Push ups. The Crossovers and Wall-Facing HSPUs were not a big surprise, since versions of both showed up at the CrossFit Games in 2022, much to the frustration of the competitors. V-Ups, were a complete surprise, however. 

My first reaction to the single-under, jumprope Crossovers and V-Ups, was admittedly disappointment. Crossovers and V-Ups don’t look like a representation of “elite fitness.” However, after giving them a test, and watching our athletes in action, I concede that I misjudged these movements. Included in the 10 Components of Fitness are “agility & coordination” – essential for the Crossover – and “flexibility & balance” – necessary for the V-Up… not to mention “stamina” and “endurance”. Many of our QF athletes admitted that the V-Ups were the most challenging part of the workout that included GHD situps! And, when I watched a few jumprope crossover videos online, like this dude, I realized that CrossFitters suck at jumping rope. Yes, Doubleunders are cool, and require significant fitness, but they are just the tip of the jumprope iceberg.

We have work to do. And, I’m excited by the new challenges CrossFit will be sending our way in the future. 

It was a wild weekend of Quarterfinals workouts at Diablo. Most QF workouts were completed during class hours with class athletes on one side of the gym and Quarterfinal athletes on the other – a necessity given the strict submission time requirements by CrossFit. Thank you to our members who were so accommodating and supportive! Our QF athletes loved the audience support & cheers. 

All of our athletes made significant gains within their region (Southwest). On average, Diablo athletes improved their regional rankings by 57% vs. the Open! Why? Because, Quarterfinals are a more comprehensive test of fitness with multiple workouts over 3 days with submission time requirements that discourage re-dos. Our athletes are more fit than the Open leaderboard indicated. Below is the list of our athletes who took on the Quarterfinals, their Open rank, followed by their Quarterfinal Ranking and % improvement. Give them a fist bump when you see them in class this week – they kicked ass. 

  • Amanda Hari – Open: 2116 > QF: 795  (+62%)
  • Cynthia Pammett – Open: 900 > QF: 218 (+76%)
  • Kendra Watters – Open: 437 > QF: 165  (+62%)
  • Aaron Arnold – Open: 1431 > QF: 1189 (+17%)
  • Cole Gravitt – Open: 763 > QF: 304  (+60%)
  • Sam Mendes – Open: 2213 > QF: 1177 (+47%)
  • Sean Reifel – Open: 503 >  QF: 375  (+25%)
  • Sean Scott – Open: 767 > QF: 153  (+80%)
  • Martin Niera (Europe) – Open: 5270 > QF: 2230 (+57%)
  • Nathan McCallion – Open: 2460 > QF: 748 (+70% – incl. no score entered for QF23.3)

Next up: Teams, March 29 – 31 and Age Groups, March 31 – Apr 2.

Head Oly Coach Carrie Olson, Oly Coach Amy Halperin & PRsAllDay Founder & Programmer Jamie Lee have come together to make our Strong program stronger with more programming & more classes beginning in April. Classes will be still be offered 3 days a week (Tue, Thu & Sat), but the format will change, and we’ll be adding class times on Tue & Thu evening. Additionally, PRsAllDay will have 5 days a week of Oly strength training available for members. Finally, Coach Amy (2022 Masters National Champion) will be taking on the role of Team Coach for Diablo’s USAW Olympic Lifting Team, “Diablo Strong.”

  • New Class Times
  • 5 Day Programming: include 3 class programs (Tue, Thu, Sat) and two Open Gym training sessions. Our new Strong Programming includes 8 week training cycles focused on peaking for competitions, especially the American Open.   
  • Diablo Strong Oly Team

TWEET OF THE WEEK:  “If you’re beginning a new fitness regimen with running,  STOP. Go for walks instead. You’ll get all of the physical & mental benefits and avoid impact injuries and unnecessary breathing stress. And, you’ll develop a healthy addiction much quicker.