Añejo 24. Open Love. QuarterFinalists! M.O.R. STRENGTH. Ruck Easter. Brutal Sugar, IF Science & Magnesium TWA 3.25.24

Maddie Griffin, Cole Gravitt, Kendra Watters, Aaron Arnold

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” Jim Rohn


  • Love for the Open
  • All The QuarterFinalists!
  • Coming Soon: M.O.R. STRENGTH
  • Let’s Ruck on Easter!
  • Sugar is Brutal, IF will not kill you, Ivermectin & Magnesium
Many of our OG members agree that the 2024 Open was one of the best ever at Diablo. And, we’ve had some very memorable years (Purple Reign.. ugh). The workouts were easy to execute for Diablo and more approachable for all members, and excellent tests of fitness. Our Intramural Open was as energetic as ever and included additional events for the teams to score – including a bowling night!

Congratulations to Team Back In Black, led by pregnant Captains Cynthia & Shelby, who won the Intramural Open Competition with solid performances in FNL attendance, judging and workout scores. 

This year Diablo took advantage of a cool feature on the CFG score validation site: the ability to send athletes a message with each validation. For 24.3, I borrowed a cool idea from my friend, Tim at CF Palo Alto, and asked for feedback on the Open from our members. The responses were very cool. Here’s a couple:

Q: “What did you love about the 2024 Open at Diablo?”

Our Members:
  • “I am 64 and was doing all the WODs Masters 55+ scaled. I was going to skip 24.3 because I’ve never gotten a jumping chest2bar. But my box, Diablo CrossFit, was having an intramural team competition and I didn’t want to let my team down. Went in this morning, warmed up and got started, took it slow and hit 36 jumping chest2bars! Open magic is real!!”
  • “The coaches, the community, the spirit, the excitement!! And whoever brought Patron tequila to the final Friday Night Lights!”
  • “The people – the environment at Diablo is one of the most support and fun places I have ever worked out!”
  • “The coaches, the community, the spirit, the excitement!! And whoever brought Patron tequila to the final Friday Night Lights!”
  • “This is my fourth Open at Diablo and all of them have been nothing less than epic! This year though the energy was so special. You could feel the energy of the community circling the gym. I don’t think there is a better place on earth! Disneyland is a close second 🙂 Honored and humbled just to me a member of this Gym.”
  • “The unparalleled love and support of the Diablo community, the incredible PRs, the creative and funny costumes, the delicious food and drink, and just to call out the show of support for Chris… for once, not a misuse of the word ‘amazing’ ” (Editor: noted, lol)
  • “Everything. I f**ng love my gym. I’m proud to be a member at one of the best CF gyms on this planet.”
Thank you, Diablo family for another incredible Open adventure!

• 59 Athletes are moving on to Quarterfinals
• 50 Regional QtrFinalists
• 47 Age Group QtrFinalists
• 22 Athletes qualified for both!
• 1 Regional TEAM!


  • EASTER: THE GYM IS CLOSED! Join us for a Ruck in the Shell Ridge Open Space instead. Meet at Indian Valley Elementary School at 7:30A on Sunday. We’ll walk, hike or ruck 4-5miles in the gorgeous Shell Ridge / Mr. Diablo State Park Open Space
  • Team Quarterfinals: April 3rd – April 8th. Workout times TBA
  • Individual & Age Group Quarterfinals: April 17 – 22. Workout times TBA.
  • Coming in April: M.O.R. STRENGTH! Coach Jamie Lee and I have designed a Small Group private class & training program with a strength bias. Features:
    • Small Group (max 4!) CrossFit Classes with a Strength bias
    • Dedicated Coach with Custom Programming & Scaling (1st up: Coach Jamie)
    • Fixed & Guaranteed Class Times – no reservation needed


March Focus: 
 1. Deadlift  2. Overhead Squat  Skill: Rope Climb & Accessory

Make it a great week!